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Educational background


Onward high school

Onward high school was my junior secondary school and i offered 12courses combination of ART,SCIENCE AND BUSSINESS.I liked the rest but i had more interest in Business and so in my junior Western african Examination.i got 4 credit in ENGLISH ,HOME ECONOMICS ,AGRICULTURAL SCIENCE AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION And distinction in Mathematics,Basic science,Bussiness studies ,social studies,techology,french,Yoruba and christian Rel.knowledge

This also was of 3years


Saints Mary and Alfred college

I was given an opportunity to make decisions on my on and i gladly went for commerce after the 3year courses i wrote an exam FOR Western African Examination making B3 in COMMERCE AND ECONOMICS,Distinction in ACCOUNT C4 in ENGLISH and A1 in GOVERMENT, C6 IN BIOLOGY.

Studied Business for 3years




This was a business owned by my aunty in front of my fathers house,it was a small store where various things were sold example were combs ,extensions for hair ,make cosmetics and many more ,i would say i got my interest from there .i most times stay there when am less occupied or feel like it.My aunty made alot from the little shop she has. She sales almost every thing needed apart from household provision like soups,food and co,but she was a very good lady and knew exactly how to communicate with her customers ,i learnt it alot.

Skills:singing ,chatting ,Studying

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Am a young lady of 19.who loves God and very diglient with the business of my Boss.Am disciplined and serious when it is the proper time for so and like to go straight to achieve my goal.Every one has an aim so do i ,i want Business to be a place of trust ,focuse,trust and Freedom in the sense that all should be opened to another.i hate unseriousness in a business ,Laziness and boredom.

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Am in a family of five ,am the fourth child of  my parents .They own businesses of which my DAD is the managing director,i find errors in his business and have decided to a person who is so discipline and free in a business ,i need you opinion such as you need mine .Am a person who gives you my point of view concerning the structure of a business.i tell you what you need ,as well as studying the eniviroment which a business is established in ,in order to know the profit and risk of that business.

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