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Work experience

Spectrum Engineering Officer

November 2015Present

This role involves the writing of technical documents related to the development of measurement protocols to be used within the UK to provide an efficient use of some bands of the radio frequency spectrum. The last one I have been developing includes a complete user guide to utilize a complex radio equipment in a daily basis.

Technical Office Engineer

Televes UK
January 2014November 2015

Provide technical/commercial presentations and training to both customers and staff, coordinate with Sales&Marketing department to position the product line and ensure comprehension of portfolio.

Milestones achieved:
• Creating the new marketing documentation and commercial literature published in relevant technical journals and magazines (last article published in Confederation of Aerial Industries feedback issue about GPON facilities).

• Improving the communication between the Central Office in Spain&Portugal and the UK´s subsidiary.




Certificate in Advance English with a 78/100 score

Documents and media translation

Either Spanish - English or English - Spanish. Underpinned by several years of professional development of technical and marketing documents in both languages.

Adobe InDesign / Scribus

Parallel to photography, I´ve gathered extensive graphic design training during my Masters Degree and have professional experience with both SW suites.

Adobe Photoshop / GIMP

Formal training from my Degree on Sound/Image engineering plus years of self-taught photography.


Master´s Degree on Signal Theory and Digital Communications, Telecom engineering

Universidade de Vigo

Covered the study of techniques of statistical signal processing, algorithmic technique systems for the latest digital communications, modeling and communication measurements and signal processing applications in multimedia communications, voice, image, remote sensing and security.

Telecommunications Technical Engineer (Image and Sound)

Universidade de Vigo

Topics included mobile communications, networking, voice and data networks, multimedia broadcasting, optical networks, New Generation Networks and remote sensing.

Who i am?

I was born in A Coruña, Spain, and have been living and working in the UK since 2014. I am passionate about the importance of communication, and I work as a Spectrum Engineering Officer for UK communications regulator Ofcom. As an extension of this passion, I would love to become more involved with language translation. I am a fluent English speaker, having started learning the language at age four. I communicate in spoken and written English on a daily basis and have done so for nearly three years in both my professional and personal life. I am also reasonably fluent in French and Portuguese, and I am presently learning to develop these languages.

I would love to use my language skills to help translate or write various materials, especially technical documents relevant to my field of study and my professional work, either at writing or proofreading stages. My main areas of experience involve EMC, wireless and wired communications and digital networks plus the basis of all the former: physics, maths and statistics. My availability in terms of timing would be 6 hours/week on a regular basis and up to 10 during a "peak period".

Organizations I´ve worked with

STEM  UK - Science ambassador in South/West Wales

Sustainable Bolivia - Online volunteering

UN System Staff College - Online volunteering

APADAN (A Coruña) - Eventual volunteer