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Laura Fjeldmark student at Copenhagen Business School


My name is Laura and I am currently studying MSc Business Administration and Information Systems at CBS. During my studies I have acquired a thorough understanding of the interface between IT and business including IT strategy development, IT Project Management, Information Management, Digitalisation and implementation of Information systems. During my student job in Oticon, I have acquired thorough knowledge and experience in marketing, project management, regulatory compliance and the digital tranformation Oticon and William Demant is currently facing. In the next 5 months, I am working in Leo Pharma on a project to implement data analytics in their internal audit department. 

I have specialised in IT Management and Business Economics which has enhanced my technical and economical competencies. 

Finally, I have gained international experience by working in Oticon and by studying abroad in Monash University Malaysia. 

Work History


Data Analytics Student in Internal Audit

Leo Pharma

In this position, my main goal is to lead and be part of a project to implement analytics in the internal audit team to automate and make processes more efficient. This includes the following tasks:

- Discovery and coordination of accurate and complete data sources
- Design and implementation of an analytics architecture to handle current and future needs
- Identification and coordination of analytics tools and techniques to be used
- Development and roll-out of a consistent analytics approach


Master thesis collaboration with Telia


In collaboration with Telia, we want to investigate which strategic movesTelia must take before implementing AI into their business. To do this, we first want to look into possible AI use cases, data flows, data quality, as well as the maturity of the different departments within Telia to be able to identify where AI can be implemented to create most business value. When an opportunity for AI is identified within Telia, it is important to consider the costs and risks associated with the AI project.


Big data project in collaboration with Oticon and WDH Retail


Grade: 12. In the second semester of I chose the track "Big data". For the semester project I collaborated with Oticon and William Demant Holding Retail. The purpose of the project was to  predict resell of hearing aids. We were provided with historical and  sales data from hearing clinics in US. Through the dataset, we created machine learning models that predicted the likelihood of resell of hearing aids based on certain parametres. Through the identified patterns, Oticon and William Demant Holding got insight into which parametres that affect resell of hearing aids.


Temporary Social Media Channel manager


In 4 months I took over the responsibility and tasks for the Social Media manager. Those tasks include:

  • Assisting in various projects within the digital team and across departments
  • Monthly performance meetings with our sales companies 
  • Supporting our sales companies
  • Creating and controlling social media budgets for our sister companies
  • Creating master marketing material for our sister companies
  • Compliance of marketing material according to FDA requirements 

Student assistant


As a student assistant in Oticon I am a part of Communications & Digital Chennels, which is a part of Oticon Sales & Marketing.

My tasks include:

  • Assist in various projects within Sales & Marketing
  • Creating data reports in Google Analytics and Falcon in order to track data from our social media channels and improve results for our global pages and our sales companies' local facebook pages .
  • Stakeholder management - coordinating projects across geographical separated offices and departments
  • Supporting our sister companies with their digital channels.
  • Click Dimensions
  • Assisting in the content creation process for our two global Facebook pages Oticon People First (B2C) and Oticon Professional (B2B).
  • Engaging and publishing on our two global Facebook pages (People First and Professionals).
Aug 2016Dec 2016



As an intern in Oticon, I was a part of the digital support group, which is a part of Oticon Sales & Marketing. My tasks include:

  • Supporting our sister companies with web related issues, content development and translation of content to our websites.
  • Ad hoc support on our digital channels, as ex. Sitecore CMS.
  • Developing training documents to Sitecore for our sister companies and employees.
  • Coordinate and make sure that product Marketing elements are documented and approved according to FDA requirements.

Jul 2015Aug 2016

Voluntary work

Gate to Create

I was a part of Gate to Create, which is a voluntary organisation that promotes entrepreneurship at Danish Universities. My tasks was broad and included for instance  assisting with events, creating and sending our newsletters and recruiting new volunteers to the organisation. 

Jul 20152016

Digital assistant

Tradono - online loppemarkeds platform

In Tradono, I was a part of the digital team. My tasks include assisting in digital projects, Identification of consumer patterns to create targeted marketing, creating data reports and assisting in event planning



MSc Business Administration and Information Systems 

Copenhagen Business School

Grade point average: 9,3At the MSc in Business Administration and Information Systems you learn how to use information and information technology to add value to companies and organisations. You gain an understanding of how IT affects the organisational structure and financial results of a company – and how the organisational needs and economic reality creates possibilities and constraints on the IT architecture.


Study abroad semester - Master of International Business

Monash University Malaysia

Grade point average: 10,5

Courses: International business theory and practice, International dimensions of electronic business , IT Project management & Cross-cultural Management Communication


BA Information Management

Copenhagen Business School

The BA IM teaches you how companies work with data and information in a digitalised age. You will develop an understanding of digitalisation and knowledge creation in a business context - and learn how to develop and implement modern information solutions.