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My objective is to find a job to make as my career.  I have a family that I would like to be able to support to the fullest one day,and not have to worry about anything.  My family is the most important thing in the world to me and I want to be the provider for them.


My name is Anthony Laudati,and I am looking for any job right now.  Pretty much I have experience in almost everything.  Those job descriptions are not everything but they are some samples of the work that I have done.  I am motivated and ready to take on any challenge that is given to me.  There is always more room to learn more skills as I go along because I do not know everything,but I do know enough to get me started on my next adventure.

Work experience

Sep 2008Dec 2008


BD Movers

My job as a mover for this company,was to move residents from their old home to their new location.  Wherever that might be,I was also responsible for the truck because I was the driver on the jobs that we were sent out to do.

Jun 2004Sep 2008


A and M moving

This was a more involved company to work for.  While I work for A and M Moving, I also learnd how to pack up a whole house,and wrap the furniture correctly.  A and M taught me how to become a mover before I started working for BD Movers.

Jun 2004Oct 2004

Ride Operator

Keansburg Amusement

This was an alright summer job for the most part.  Being a ride operator isn't exactly a hard job to do,but you have to make sure safetly comes first otherwise that would not be a good thing.  My job duties included,making sure the children were strapped in safetly and secure,and just to make sure the ride was operating correctly so that there weren't any mishaps.

Jan 2004Apr 2004

Overnight stock


My responsibilities while i wored overnight stock were to,unload the truck and basically restock all of the shelves.  Unfortunately,at the time that I was working there,Shoprite only needed people to help out with a sale they were having at the time which was called the Can Can sale,which im sure everyone has heard about it.

Feb 2004Mar 2004

Gas Attendant


This job didnt last very long,but it was still a job.  Exxon that I worked at went out of buisness shortly after I had left.

Sep 2000Sep 2002


Schiano's Pizza

This was my longest job besides the moving company.  I started off as a dishwasher then I worked my way to be a cook.  The cooking was a lot better,  I definately learned how to cook plenty of different foods, and not only that they were good people to work for.


Jan 1995May 1999


Southern Regional

I never made it to college or graduated high school,but I did go to school and get my GED.  Which to me that was an achievment.


I really dont have a specific type of skill.  Just about every job that I have done has taught me something.  So I guess I have a little bit of everything that i could do but there is always room for advancement and improvement for the skills that are required for the job that I get.