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Working in Institute of High Performance Computing, which promotes and spearheads scientific advances and technological innovations through computational modeling, simulation and visualization methodologies and tools.

Possessing extensive experience in modeling and simulation for advancing materials science, and targeting leading edge applications relevant for industry, especially aerospace, and oil and gas.

Seeking an intellectually engaging technical career, where I can create solutions contributing to advancing society, by drawing on my passion and expertise in algorithm design and implementation, high performance computing, and applied mathematics, physics, and statistics.

Work experience

Sep 2008Present

Senior Research Engineer

Institute of High Performance Computing, Agency for Science, Technology and Research

Studying materials formation and properties.

Employing computational methods: kinetic Monte Carlo, molecular dynamics, time cone, moment reconstruction, population balance, cluster analysis, finite element method, and optimization.

Solving problems for industry partners, publishing papers and mentoring students.

Participating in committees and organizing events promoting corporate wellness and open source software, e.g. Linux.

Jun 2007Aug 2007

Bank Intern

Development Bank of Singapore

Edited credit policy documents.

Developed credit reporting database for faster report generation.

Summarized operating procedures in more accessible process maps.

May 2006Aug 2006

Research Assistant

Cornell University

Designed interferometer for noise reduction in single-molecule experiments.

Characterized lasers, optics, and microscopes.

Wrote LabVIEW code for data acquisition and analysis.

Jan 2002May 2004

Military Policeman

Singapore Armed Forces

Enforced military discipline through several team operations: anti-riot, spot checks, and offender arrests.

Trained for wartime operations: HQ security, traffic control, and prisoner-of-war management.


Aug 2007May 2008

M.Eng. Engineering Physics

Cornell University

GPA: 4.3 out of 4.0

Built Mathematica routines for optimizing wake compensation in particle accelerators.

Convinced department of need for additional components in Cornell's accelerator design.

Earned David Delano Clark Award for best project.

Aug 2004Dec 2007

B.Sc. (Summa Cum Laude) Engineering Physics

Cornell University

GPA: 4.2 out of 4.0

On dean's list every semester.

Earned Trevor R. Cuykendall Outstanding Senior Award.


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