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Work experience

Apr 2014Sep 2014

Master Internship in I2R-Astar Singapore

Sense and Sense abilities - I2R- Astar

Network communication

Xbee (Data link layer: implement new protocol (block-ack) to improvement through put)

Arduino and Beagle Bone Black

Jun 2011Apr 2012

Game Developer


Game Developer Process

Android platform

Java Native Interface (JNI and NDK), OpenGL

Source Control (SVN), Teamwork



Apr 2012Dec 2014

Master, option Network and System Communicating

Institute of Francophone for Informatics (IFI)

IFI is an institute collaboration between Hanoi National University with University Claude Bernard Lyon 1, teaching by French


                    + French (level DELF B1)

                    + Networking (Qos, Network Security)

                    + Linux

Sep 2004Sep 2007


Hanoi University of Science - Hanoi National Univesity

Faculty Mathematics Applied in Informatics


                    + Graph Theory (short test path, max flow, graph connected)

                    + Otomat Theory (state machine)

                    + Object Oriented Programming

First Prize in competition "HUS Algorithm and Programming" , language: C

Sep 2001Sep 2004

Chu Van An High School

Mathematics applied in Informatics


                     + Pascal

                     + Data structure and Algorithm

Network Projects

Puisance 4: Game power 4 implementation to demonstate how to communication between C and Java Simple FTP: Simple implementation FTP protocol by C Grill_de_calcul: Simple implementation of server and client to understand basic concepts of RMI(Java Remote Method Invocation)

Android Game puzzle

This is one project on master, a simple Android game that allow user to play with image on their device or can take real time picture More detail can be check out here:

Android Communication With Arduino

A small project that allow Android Device can communicate with Arduino Board One limit is that Android Device must be rooted More detail can be check here:

Gomoku Game (Play with AI)

One project in master (Artificial Intelligent course). This program is written by Java and allow people can play with computer. Repport (French version) and code can be check out here:



C/C++, Java, Pascal
Basic networking (OSI) Qos (Bandwidth estimation, Bandwidth control) Network tool on linux (iperf, tcpdump, iftop, netstart, etherape...)
Source control
SVN and GIT on linux
Vietnamese : Mother Language French: DELF B1 English: Work experience


Third prize in Algorithm and Programming

Ministry of Education- Lang Son Province
Competition of Algorithm and Programming for high school student in Lang Son Province. Language: Pascal

First prize in HUS Algorithm and Programming

Hanoi University of Science - Hanoi National University
Algorithm and Programming competition for student in HUS, language: C