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Lasse Astrup Jørgensen

Code Ninja, Unity Wizard, Games Enthusiast


Game developer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Specialized in C#, Unity3D

I've been working as a programmer both professionally and as a hobby for more than 10 years in which I've been responsible for both backend and frontend development for web, all consoles, PC, Mac, smartphones and tablets. I have been working with game development for 6 years - this include game jams, hobby projects, school projects but mostly contracting work for both big and small studios. I've been involved in AAA games as well as numerous games for small studios and I've also been developing prototypes in all shapes and forms for several companies.  

I have a background in Computer Science at Copenhagen University and a MSc in Game Technology at the IT-University of Copenhagen.

Work History

Lead Programmer

The Secret Games Company

Working on a game called Kim for PC/Mac/Linux and tablets which is currently out on Steam Early Access. It's top down 2D game written using Unity3D and C#. In collaboration with another programmer I was in charge of creating all core systems, creating the whole frontend and backend as well as platform integration.

Game Programmer

Noble Games

Been working with Noble games on various projects over the years. We developed two games for UK game distributor GAME called Christmas Shopper Simulator 1 and 2 which were both big YouTube hits with 100+ million views. Besides these games we've been developing a score of prototypes, several of which got further funding. I also helped port the hit pigeon dating simulator "Hatoful Boyfriend" to PC/Mac using Unity

Lead gameplay Programmer

Beatnik games

While living in London I worked as a programmer for Beatnik and worked on an unannounced 3D strategy CCG game for PC, Mac, Linux and all mobile devices. I was involved in pretty much all parts of the game. I did work on the frontend and backend and ended up implementing the majority of the gameplay mechanics of the game. I also developed Unity tools used by the designers to create new cards. I worked in C# using Unity3D.

Lead Programmer

Decent Machine

While doing my masters degree in Games Technology me and a group of fellow students started working on a small 2.5D platform shooter. We later got in touch with a publisher and published the game on Steam.


Zoe Mode

Worked on a game with Zoe Mode for Activision called The Voice based on the television show. Game was written using C++ and I did frontend work for all major consoles



Worked as an ASP.NET developer for nearly 4 years doing both backend and frontend.


MSc In Games Technology

IT-University In Copenhagen

In my thesis we explained how we developed a realtime bot using the Monte Carlo Tree Search algorithm. Our goal was to make it as humanlike as possible while still being able to move around in a stochastic environment at high velocity.

Computer Science

University of Copenhagen

In my bachelors thesis I created a 3D painting application. This was done by hacking a Kinect and using a homemade finger recognition algorithm to detect fingertips in 3D space. Software was made using XNA and C#



C# has been my go-to language for more than 10 years. While I've used other languages, C# has always been my preferred language and I've used it for nearly all big projects. 


I've been using Unity3D for about 6 years, so I have a deep understand of all things Unity, be it UI, Mechanim, the scripting API, 2D or 3D. I've used it to make single player games as well as multiplayer games using authoritative backend servers, but also realtime cloud services such as Photon Cloud


SQL, Pyton, C, C++, ASP.NET, Photon, UX, XNA, java, javascript, SML


Fluent in both Danish and English. Good at pretending to understand Spanish.


This section covers games I've been working on or tech demos I've developed in my spare time. Besides these games I've made a number of prototypes that are still unannounced and therefore can't be added here.


Kim is a topdown 2D RPG based on the book of the same name, written by Nobel Prize winner Rudyard Kipling. It has traditional survival mechanics with a big focus on dialogue and narrative. The world, events and NPCs are all procedurally generated, so no two playthroughs will be identical. Kim was written in Unity3D. It is currently out on Steam.


Development initially started as a hand-in for a course during my masters but later evolved beyond a school project. We got in contact with a publisher that helped us get the game on Steam. Gunjitsu has online matches developed using Photon Cloud, so all games are hosted in the cloud. We also have bots that uses a homemade Monte Carlo Tree Search algorithm to select moves. The levels are made using a custom voxel engine. Gunjitsu is made in Unity3D

The Voice

Developed with Zoe Mode for Activision, the game was written in C++ using an in-house library and me and two other programmers developed the frontend of the game. 

Christmas Shopper Simulator

CSS was developed for UK game distributor GAME as a free commercial game. Nearly all major YouTube gaming channels played the game and it has generated more than 80 million views. The game draws inspiration from traditional wacky Simulator games such as Goat Simulator with ragdolls and wonky physics.

Christmas Shopper Simulator 2

The sequel to CSS1, CSS2: Black Friday was also developed for GAME. This game had more focus on the chaotic shopping behaviors seen in various malls on Black Friday.  

Supervillain Simulator

Because of the success of the Christmas Shopper Simulator games, we wanted to make our own wonky Simulator game. SVS is an open-world 3rd person game in which the player plays a supervillain wrecking havoc in a big town. It has a lot of focus on precise movement, big bosses and crazy physics.

Hatoful Boyfriend

A weird pigeon dating simulator in which the player is the only human in an all-bird school. I helped with porting the game from it's original Korean version to Unity3D

Planet Hopper

I've always been fascinated with procedurally generated landscapes and art, so I started developing a framework that could generate small "planets". The system uses a homemade Dual Contouring algorithm as well as an octree data structure. I'm using a variation of Perlin Noise to generate the data that the algorithm translates into meshes. I'm very fascinated with the flat-shaded low-poly art style, so I configured the normals of all triangles to point in the same direction which produces a low-poly look. By calculating the normal normally using the gradients the surface becomes totally smooth, so if I ever get tired of the low-poly look I can quickly revert back. 

Plain Sight 2 Prototype

A small prototype to the sequel of a game called Plain Sight. Since the gimmick of Plain Sight is custom gravity, I wrote a generic controller that supports all types of custom gravity - classic spherical gravity but all types of mesh could be used to control the direction of gravity. Prototype was written in C# using Unity3D