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Work experience

Mar 2014Present

Dean of Engineering

S4G School for Games GmbH

B2B training, design of the curriculum, code review and consulting for the students, lectures in Structures and Algorithms, Code Patterns, Code Design, Network Programming, Database Programming, Version Control, Mathematics and Physics

Apr 2013Present

Game Developer


Game engine development (C++, OpenCl, GLSL, Lua)
Game programming (Lua)

Apr 2012Mar 2014


S4G School for Games GmbH / Games Academy Berlin

Code Review and lectures in Engine Programming, Rendering, Network Programming, Mathematics and Physics

Sep 2010May 2013

Game Programmer

Bigpoint GmbH

Database architecture, optimization and maintenance (MySQL) for an online role playing game with 10+ millions users

Development of data mining tools (C#, SQL)

Development of production tools (C#)


Apr 2008Sep 2010

Game Programmer

Games Academy Berlin
Apr 2008Mar 2009

Game Designer

Games Academy Berlin
May 1995Apr 2004

Violinist with concert examn

Hochschule der Künste Berlin
Mar 1995

Abitur (1,6)

Albert-Einstein-Gymnasium Buchholz i.d.N.


Programming Languages

Job experience in C++, C#, SQL, Haxe, php, HLSL, GLSL

Personal projects in Erlang, Go, HTML, JavaScript, Java


Job experience using MySQL, Windows Forms, WPF, Ogre, Bullet, curl, Unity, SFML, ZeroMQ, Linux system programming, OpenCl

Personal projects using CouchDb, Haxe / OpenFl, XNA / MonoGame, Farseer Physics, Android system programming, low-level DirectX programming


Work experience using SVN, Mercurial, Git, Visual Studio, NetBeans etc.

Personal projects using Fossil SCM, Eclipse etc.


Fluent in German (native speaker), English

Basic communication skills in French, Spanish, Japanese, Croatian