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ISBC solutions, LLC

Provide strategic communications and business management consulting services for academia,  biotechnology, pharmaceutical, life-science, and health organizations.

Past clients include the Washington, DC Public School System, GE Healthcare, BioInformatics, LLC, University of North Carolina, and Duke University.  


Director, Global and Project Communications

FHI 360

Directed a nine-member team creating strategic communications materials across a wide spectrum of subject areas and targeted for multiple audiences. Provided support to international country and regional offices. Created content for and produced print, web, and social media products. Drafted and monitored budgets, optimized business processes, and managed team performance.

  • Produced print and digital materials that established new branding to launch FHI 360, helping to establish the company as a powerful leader in the area of integrated human development.
  • After the unexpected need to shut down the ongoing FEM-PrEP clinical trial, created external outreach campaign materials and liaised directly with external stakeholders. This work protected FHI 360’s corporate reputation in an environment where intense media backlash forced the closing of a related non-profit under similar circumstances.
  • Directed FHI 360’s Knowledge for Health project, a $25 million collaboration with Johns Hopkins University that drives improvement of health services. Created content for five digital toolkits, three country government health web sites, and managed the HIPNet health network.
  • Over a six-month period, directed my team to complete over 375 strategic, fit-for-purpose communications products, thereby establishing the company’s extensive global capabilities.
  • Created presentation strategy and content for over 575 health, nutrition, and communications pages for the company’s new external web site (

Director, Communications

International Partnership for Microbicides

Led a 10-person international team accountable for all company communications in the area of HIV-prevention research and product development science.  Led print and electronic publications development, event and executive support, media interactions, technical writing and publishing, graphic design, R&D, and clinical communications.

  • Individually and through team direction, created and updated a set of over 100 corporate presentations, technical briefs, annual reports, talking points, Q&A documents, fact sheets, executive speech content, and backgrounders — enabling the company to achieve its business goals with key target audiences, including policy makers, donors, partners, and health ministries.
  • Produced the award-winning Hope Against HIV: Microbicide Trials in Your Community video that educated people in communities where microbicide research is being conducted. Created in five languages and distributed throughout sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Developed a suite of communications and business tools that increased efficiency, optimized quality and uniformity of work and enhanced business processes:included style/translation guides, document production and review systems, electronic media policies and a set of automated business systems.
  • Awarded two international communications awards for print and video products.
  • Wrote press releases and statements on behalf of the CEO. Strategically disseminated materials to international and African media outlets and company stakeholders.Hosted media-briefing events at key international conferences such as Women Deliver and the International AIDS conference.
  • Provided planning, materials, logistics and on-site management for all corporate events, including for internal governance bodies (Board of Directors and Scientific Advisory Board).
  • Launched a new Drupal-based public web site with highly enhanced design, dynamic content, navigation, and highly expanded capabilities ( 

Director, Business Operations, Global Drug Discovery


Directed business functions for the 3,000-person, nine-international site global Drug Discovery Division. Governed operations, policy, and communications as GSK constructed a new business model, creating 10 semi-autonomous divisions with disparate business plans. Proven track record of diagnosing gaps and developing change programs to create and implement novel business solutions.

  • Influenced policy making through Capitol Hill educational briefings. In one example, “Medicines in the Pipeline for Older Americans” attracted more than 45 Congress members and staff. Termed “a great success” by the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers Association (PhRMA) senior management. 
  • Developed and implemented a new accountability initiative to make critical pipeline decisions. Created objectives, plans, and educational strategies that ensured compliance with the new policy. This framework is still used to make all key research progression decisions throughout GSK’s pipeline.
  • As project manager for the 11-member global Drug Discovery Senior Executive Team, established team priorities, deadlines, objectives and deliverables. Built working coalitions and managed teams composed of senior executives across the corporation. 
  • Created a new seamless, electronic process that standardized and greatly streamlined the creation and approval of new external scientific agreements, including MTAs, CDAs, licensing agreements, etc.
  • Developed and implemented new global policies and procedures that, for the first time, assured the quality of research data used to support key pipeline decisions ⎯ placing the company in a much stronger position during regulatory and patent challenges.
  • Managed legal risk-reduction processes, including instituting quality assurance measures and driving compliance with internal and external regulations. Included readiness for and responses to 5 global audits (i.e. human tissue use under the newly-enacted UK Human Tissue Act).

Director, Operations and Communications


Directed operations and communications functions for a division of more than 350 employees at U.S. and European sites. Included internal and external communications, scientific policy and operations, compliance programs, operational effectiveness, and site management.

  • Authored content for the GSK presentation to high-level financial analysts in New York and London that built investor confidence for GSK’s pipeline in viral and metabolic diseases.
  • On behalf of PhRMA and GSK, wrote position statements, created educational documents, and hosted visits for more than 400 international dignitaries to raise understanding of pharmaceutical science and influence policy — including international health officials, U.S. senators and representatives, FDA and NIH administrators, medical professionals, and investors.

  •  Built diplomatic ties and established a relationship with the Singapore Minister of Health through one-on-one educational meetings, backed up by written and oral presentation content.
  • Defined potential collaborative opportunities on behalf of the North Carolina governor for the US-Japan Political Leaders Exchange Program, paving the way for the state to discuss novel joint ventures.
  • Created new operating practices required to solidify intellectual property claims and assure compliance with new regulatory requirements. Included data integrity, electronic laboratory notebooks, harmonization of policies & scientific practices and long-term data storage. Conducted business audits.
  • Conceptualized and implemented a new electronic review and approval system that cut scientific and legal review of external publications from up to six weeks to fewer than three days.

Director, New Drugs For Diseases of Aging (concurrent with operations responsibilities)


Initiated and built a new Diseases of Aging therapeutic area with over 30 scientists. Defined therapeutic vision, product strategies and research project plans. Initiated, prioritized and monitored discovery programs. 

  • Shaped an innovative portfolio including six small molecule and biopharmaceutical product categories, including two molecules that progressed to the clinic. Established and chaired an eight-member medical opinion leader/advisory board.
  • Built target product profiles for four classes of medications, including medical and commercial factors.
  • Based on combined technical, clinical, commercial and regulatory environments, designed optimal research project progression plans to achieve strategic goals.
  • From no activity, built a portfolio of seven active drug discovery programs employing over 25 researchers.
  • Pursued applications for existing GSK compounds for diseases of aging indications and led due diligence teams during in-licensing negotiations. Represented GSK to external biotech companies

Senior Research Investigator/Communications Officer


Managed internal communication efforts for the 600-employee U.S. Research Division. Supervised a 12-person scientific group contributing to multiple drug discovery projects. Chaired the Osteoporosis Core Group, managing a portfolio of eight drug discovery programs. Vice-Chaired the Rheumatic Diseases Research Group, governing three therapeutic areas. Developed disease-area, scientific, and commercial strategies for bone products. 

  • Conceived, wrote content and produced the educational video documentary, “The Science of Discovery, Improving the Quality of Life,” which educated key stakeholders about the drug discovery and development process. Produced impact in sales training, public policy advocacy, employee orientation, and federal/state government affairs. Won an international communications industry award.
  • As global drug discovery science content expert for internal education programs, developed course curricula and created content for GSKs site-based and online staff training programs.
  • Authored content for the Molecule to Marketplace multi-media learning module, which effectively simplified the complexities of the pharmaceutical business.
  • Contributed scientific and R&D content for GSK’s Value of Medicines program, a speaker’s kit that concisely highlights the value of pharmaceuticals in healthcare.

Positions of Increasing Leadership (Research Investigator II/I, Senior Scientist)


Vice-Chaired the Rheumatic Diseases Drug Discovery Group, governing product strategy and project implementation for three therapeutic areas. Chaired the Osteoporosis Core Group, managing a portfolio of eight drug discovery programs. Supervised a 12-person staff group contributing to multiple drug discovery projects

  • Crafted 5-year and 15-year osteoporosis research and development strategy, included creating and testing product profiles, prioritization of treatment modalities, creation of timelines and elucidation of milestones required to meet target product profiles. 
  • Led a 36-member interdivisional and multifunctional drug discovery team through drug-candidate selection and managed an additional two early-stage discovery project teams.
  • •Discovered the novel bone-specific protein RoBo-1, one of only two bone-specific proteins known at the time.

Senior Staf Fellow/NRC Resident Research Associate

National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS/NIH)

Executed U.S. government-sponsored research in the areas of immunology and allergy reporting to the Scientific Director, NIAMS.Forged cross-agency alliances to achieve research goals.Presented findings at national scientific meetings on behalf of the NIH.First to identify and exploit genes for the immunoglobulin E (IgE) receptor to recapitulate the initiation of the human allergy attack in the laboratory.Provided the basis to screen for a new class of allergy medicines.Termed a “landmark accomplishment” by the New York Times (1-12-89).

Forged cross-agency alliances to achieve research goals.




University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA)


Pharmaceutical disease area and project leader
Launched a de novo aging health and discovery organizational initiative with over 30 scientific and commercial staff. Shaped an innovative portfolio including six small molecule and biopharmaceutical product categories.  Two of these molecules progressed to the clinic.  Crafted therapeutic, regulatory, and clinical strategies, project plans, and deliverables.   Chaired an Osteoporosis drug discovery program. Crafted short-term (5-year) and long-term (25-year) disease area strategy, including treatment modalities, timelines, and deliverables.  Implemented the strategy across a multi-functional matrix of over 35 employees.  Managed a portfolio of eight drug discovery projects.
Line and matrix leadership
Seasoned matrix, project and line manager with proven ability to build and lead effective drug discovery, business operations and strategic communations programs. Effective multi-functional, international matrix team leader.
Creation and implementation of business processes
Extensive experience leading complex scientific, communications and operations projects in a large pharmaceutical setting at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). Directed operations and communications functions for the 3,000-employee global Drug Discovery Division at GSK. Established team priorities, deadlines, objectives, and deliverables as focal point and project manager for an 11-member global senior executive team.  Built working coalitions and managed teams composed of cross-divisional senior executives. Excellent problem-solver with budget-oversight responsibilities.
Communications Leadership
Led a 10-person international team contributing all communications functions for an international, non-profit, pharmaceutical product development company. Led print and electronic publications development, event and executive support, media interactions, technical writing and publishing, graphic design, R&D and clinical communications, including planning for a Phase III clinical trial in Africa. Directed operations and communications functions for the 3,000-employee global Drug Discovery Division at GlaxoSmithKline Accoutable for all operations and communications functions for a 350-person drug discovery division on three international sites. Built an internal communications program for a multi-site U.S. research division, with over 600 employees at GSK.
Communicating science for all audiences
An effective and strong external business liaison influencing and building coalitions among non-profit, government and corporate sectors. Key strength in translating complex scientific and business processes into understandable concepts to impact target audiences and achieve business goals.  

Professional Awards

Work Samples


Professional: Science communications, startup health and science businesses, external affairs and advocacy, science and health education

Personal: Sherlock Holmes, teaching science, teaching adult non readers, mentoring science students and postdoctoral fellows


Senior scientific, communications and management professional with extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry, the federal government (NIH), and the global, non-profit health sectors.

Key strength in translating complex scientific, health and business topics into understandable concepts.An effective and strong business liaison influencing and building coalitions with key external stakeholders. Directed global business functions for a 3,000-employee drug discovery organization and all communications functions for two non-profit organizations in the global health/product development arena. Seasoned project, team, and line manager with proven ability to create and build effective business initiatives.

Volunteer Experience and Causes

Taproot Foundation (Washington, DC): Strategic Communications and Business Management Consultant: 

Provide Pro Bono business and communications consulting services to non-profit startup companies in the metro Washington, DC area. With offices in five U.S. cities, Taproot Foundation provides the services of highly-skilled consulting teams for passionate non-profit organizations, helping move their businesses to the next level.

International Association of Business Communicators (Research Triangle Park, NC):  Vice President for Professional Development/Board of Directors:

Recruited speakers and designed programming to advance the careers of professional communicators in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area of North Carolina.  Monitored organizational budgets and participated in strategic business planning for the NC Triangle Chapter.

HopeLine, Inc. (Research Triangle Park, NC): Board of Directors:

Served on Board of Directors for the Raleigh, NC Hopeline, Inc., a non-profit organization managing 24 hour crisis hotlines. Staffed by a passionate team of staff and volunteers that interface directly with clients, offer referrals and train crisis intervention coaches.

University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA): Official Mentor For Science Students:

As part of the UCLA Science Mentoring Initiative, provide mentorship, support and career coaching for undergraduate science students. Help students build career and life skills to more skillfully navigate their futures.

Last Chance Animal Rescue (Waldorf, MD): Animal Care and Adoptions:

Provide healthcare and adoption services for animals rescued from throughout the mid Atlantic region. Last Chance Animal Rescue is dedicated to saving lives of homeless animals. The organization works through a central facility in Waldorf, MD and volunteer adoption centers throughout the Metro Washington, DC area.

Professional Associations

National Science Writers Association: Sponsored Member

Washington, DC Science Writers Association: Member

International Association of Business Communicators: Member and past Vice President of Professional Development

The Red Circle of Washington, DC-Sherlock Holmes Research Society: Member