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Work experience

May 2012Present

Sr Product Manager


ZOLL is the leading provider of software and medical device solutions that help hospitals, fire and EMS organizations of all sizes optimize their people, processes, and technology, leading to clinical excellence and business success. Our automated dispatch, billing, field data collection, mobile communications, and scheduling and deployment planning solutions are the result of more than a decade of hard work, partnering with our customers, and strategic planning.

Jan 2012Present

VP Marketing

Rocky Mountains Chapter of Product Development & Management Association (PDMA)

RMPDMA – Where innovation thought-leaders go to connect, energize, and prosper. Our mission is to improve the effectiveness of individuals and organizations in product development, product management, product marketing, project management, portfolio management, agile software development, program management, organizational leadership, and career development. You will find the most active product innovation discussions that challenge you to think differently and expect greater results. It is an open forum for members to share ideas and solve problems related to your daily organizational challenges. Whether your business has struggled with poor product performance, delayed product launches, lagging sales, low profitability, or decreasing marketing share, you are sure to learn innovative marketing and product management strategies and best practices that will turn your business around. Training include best practices, benchmarking, leadership, trends and technology, processes and forms, and career development. Join & network with brilliant minds from around the nation. Receive exclusive invitations to our monthly training and networking sessions held the third Thursday of every month throughout the Denver Front-Range, and recorded live via webinar featuring world-renowned innovation experts & gurus. This group is open to all interested in developing and launching innovative products and services. Participation ranges from fortune 100 companies to start-ups. Industries represented include technology, manufacturing, service, financial, education, retail, B2B, B2C, medical device, software, consulting, consumer package goods, and many others. The Rocky Mountain PDMA LinkedIn group is brought to you by the PDMA - Product Development & Management Association. Ask about the internationally recognized New Product Development Professional (NPDP) certification study group that starts periodically throughout the year.

Jan 2009Aug 2012

VP Marketing & Product Development

Maximum Performance Marketing

MPM Receives Rave Reviews From Clients

Customer Profile: Consulting firm helping organizations bring innovative products and services to market faster and more effectively. Drive customer experience throughout sales funnel and customer lifecycle. Delivered results in all areas to the following clients, specifically:

RosterWire (Information Technology Company):

  • Nominated for “Technology-of-the-Year” award within 90 days of consulting.
  • Leverage customer insight and organizational competencies to focus innovation efforts.
  • Use customer research to produce on-point product positioning & messaging for greater ROI.
  • Coordinate all online and offline marketing to include social media, email, and direct marketing.

I’ve Got U Covered (CPG Manufacturer):

  • Execute sales and marketing initiatives that grew revenue 32%.
  • Grew e-commerce revenue 47% through new website that integrated social media marketing.
  • Penetrate profitable B-B market, producing 17% more revenue, with greater profitability.
  • More than double organization over last 2 years during difficult market.
Nov 2007Dec 2008

Director of Marketing & Product Development

Star Power Systems

Star Power Connects With Market to Improve Product Performance

Customer Profile: Leading provider of solution-focused training products and services for the real estate industry. Responsible for development and execution of innovation strategy including product development and marketing plan, strategy, processes, and campaigns. Provided leadership, direction and coaching to team of 10, reporting to the CEO.

Challenge: Reconnect with real estate market to determine needs and understand pain.

Solution: Attend industry events, speak with industry experts, and survey/observe current, former and competitor's clients.

Result: Identified and prioritized new product projects.

Challenge: Improve product performance.

Solution: Survey market to determine product and brand perception and identify unmet needs. Evaluate product portfolio to determine performance and identify product gaps. Create a formalized product development process that included best practices and voice-of-customer input throughout process.

Result: Product launch revenue increased by 41%. Time-to-market decreased by 31 days.

Challenge: Improve monthly cash flow.

Solution: Created online monthly membership site.

Result: Produced over $30k/month in recurring cash flow.

Challenge: Regain momentum lost from struggling industry and declining market.

Solution: Developed affiliate program to improve word-of-mouth marketing.

Result: 6 month revenue of $85k.

Challenge: Improve lead generation and conversion efforts.

Solution: Improve web design. Launch social media marketing campaign including blog, webinars, seminars, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

Result: Improved lead generation by 29% and conversion by 31%.

Challenge: Reduce new product development expenses

Solution: Improve new product forecasting. Create digital membership site with high profit margins and minimal expenses.

Result: New product expenses reduced by 42%.

Challenge: Reduce excess inventory

Solution: Determine value of inventory. Create packages that add value to clients and sell through excess inventory. Market new product packages.

Result: Excess inventory reduced by over 72% with acceptable margins.

Challenge: Excess inventory - improve inventory management process

Solution: Improve product forecasting by upfront research, more accurate projections, and accounting for product cycles and seasonality. Set min/max levels for all products and review levels weekly. Automate inventory processes. Offer products in digital format.

Result: Offering digital products reduced inventory levels while improving overall profitability.

Challenge: Improve seminar ROI

Solution: Convert seminars to webinars.

Result: Generated 650k in revenue while dramatically cutting costs.

Challenge: Create fresh new scripting product

Solution: Interview market to determine scripting needs. Interview clients who purchased past scripting products to determine likes, dislikes, and areas for improvement. Write product requirements, create product road map, and develop new product.

Result: Sales of over 140% of plan.

Apr 2006Sep 2007

Product Development & Marketing Manager

Serck Services Inc

Improved Product Development Process Increases Revenue by 14%

Customer Profile: International manufacture and service provider of aftermarket parts and services to the automotive, agriculture, mining, over-the-road, oil and gas, transportation, and construction industries. Responsible for development and execution of innovation strategy including product development and marketing plan, strategy, processes, and campaigns. Provided leadership, direction and coaching to team of 2, reporting to the CEO.

Challenge: Improve product development process.

Solution: Evaluate current product development process (what's working, what's not), compare with industry best practices, and instill new process and strategies that combine best of both systems.

Result: Reduced time to market by 43 days. Reduced defect rate by 28%.

Challenge: Grow manufacturing

Solution: Evaluate current manufacturing capabilities. Forecast projected growth. Determine if current manufacturing can handle growth, and if not, what is needed.

Result: Moved manufacturing of high-profit, high-volume product to Dubai.

Challenge: Grow manufacturing revenue

Solution: Research fastest moving, highest profit products. Negotiate best pricing with new factory in Dubai. Begin producing product.

Result: Revenue grew $1m within 18 months

Challenge: Reduce overhead expenses.

Solution: Moved manufacturing from Denver to Dubai.

Result: Saved over $90k/year in overhead and expenses.Reduced manufacturing costs by 24%.

Challenge: Penetrate new markets.

Solution: Research industry, attended industry events, speak with industry experts, review competitive environment, and develop and execute marketing plan.

Result: Obtained 5 new accounts with projected first year revenue $495k.

Challenge: Reduce discontinued, slow moving, and excess inventory

Solution: Created separate company that sold excess inventory directly to end consumer at higher profitability.

Result: Generated $842k at 19% profit margin. Freed up resources for high moving product.

Jun 1992Apr 2006

Product Development & Marketing Manager | Sales | Service

Pentax Imaging Company

Pentax Imaging Turns To Market Niches For Increased Market Share

Customer Profile: International manufacturer of electronic and optical products sold to the B2B and B2C markets. Responsible for development and execution of innovation strategy including product development and marketing plan, strategy, processes, and campaigns. Provided leadership, direction and coaching to team of 3, reporting to V.P. of Marketing.

Challenge: Change product development focus from engineering-driven to market-driven.

Solution: Research market needs and write requirements for U.S market. Bring Japanese engineering to the United State to better understand US market. Create a customer-focused product development process.

Result: Niche products that increased sales by 7.4%.

Challenge: Grow market share in each category.

Solution: Produce differentiated product with strong branding and targeted messaging.

Result: Increased revenue and market share in each category over 3 year period: (medium format: 8%; SLR: 3%; point and shoot: 11%; digital: 7%).

Challenge: Grow brand awareness in each category.

Solution: Stronger customer-focused website and internet marketing campaign.

Result: Strengthened brand awareness (see above market share increases).

Challenge: Maintain price integrity in highly competitive environment.

Solution: Create niche products. Monitor competitive environment and develop strategies to correctly react to changing environment. Develop strong promotional program.

Result: Remained profitable even during difficult times.

Challenge: Help product sell even when salesperson is not present.

Solution: Study market needs. Create packaging that speaks to those needs. Test reaction to packaging to ensure sell through.

Result: Products that sold strong even when sales help was not available.

Personal Achievement Awards:

 - Peak Performer Award for service and leadership excellence

Product Innovation Awards:

 - IQ Zoom 115m: Best Compact Camera of the Year (TIPA)

 - 645N: 3 international awards including: Best Professional Product (TIPA)

 - IQZoom 200: Best 35mm Compact Camera (TIPA)

 - ZX-5N: SLR Camera of the Year (TIPA)


Colorado State University

B.S. Psychology

Minor: Human Development

Numerous business courses

Attained a B.S. in Psychology with numerous business courses that have built the customer-centric foundation which I currently use to develop and market innovative, voice-of-the-customer (VOC) products and services.

My learning has never stopped as I devour 10-20 business and personal development books per year. This strategy of constant and never ending improvement (CANI) has pervaded my whole life as I try to stay on the forefront of trends, strategy, technology, tools, and innovation.

Product Management & Marketing Toolbox


Affiliate Programs

Agile Project Management


Best Practices




Business Case

Channel Training & Support

Competitive Analysis

Database Marketing

Direct Marketing

Email Marketing

E-Learning/Online Learning

Financial Analysis

GAP Analysis

Global Marketing Initiatives

Internet Marketing

Lead Generation and Conversion


Lean Product Development


Market Definition

Market Research & Analysis

Marketing Communication Plan

Marketing Management

Marketing Plan

Marketing Strategy

Needs Analysis


Performance Training

Portfolio Management

Post Launch Review

Pragmatic Marketing


Process Improvement

Product Launch Checklist

Product Lifecycle Management

Product Plan

Product Positioning & Messaging

Product Roadmap

Project Management




Public Relations (PR)

Reporting, Metrics & ROI

Requirements Documents (business, functional, technical, market, user, etc.)

Risk Reward Bubble Diagram

Sales Collateral Development

Sales / Sales Management

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Social Media Marketing Tools

Strategic & Tactical Planning

SWOT Analysis

Team Building & Performance

Technical & Soft Skills Training

Technical Assessment

Trade Show Management


Value Innovation

Waterfall Software Development

Web Content Management

Web Design Strategy


Win/Loss Analysis

Writing White Papers

My Strengths

The following is the list of my top 5 strengths according to the Strengths Finder 2.0 Assessment:

1) Achiever: I have an internal passion that drives me to achieve more. It's the energy I can count on when undertaking new challenges. It allows me to set the pace and define new levels of productivity.

2) Focus: I set goals, prioritize, and discipline myself to follow through. I take great pride in my accomplishments. My goals serve as my compass, helping me determine priorities and make mid-course corrections.

3) Responsibility: I take ownership of everything I commit to. I feel emotionally bound to follow through to completion. My obsession for doing things right and my impeccable ethics, creates my dependable reputation.

4) Relator: I develop close friendships. I deepen relationships that are important to me. Relationships have value when genuine.

5) Learner: I love to learn. I am energized by the journey from ignorance to competence. This strength enables me to thrive in dynamic work environments.

Professional Recommendations

“Since Larry took over operations, revenue increased over 32% in 2009, and 40% in 2010. His attention to detail and process improvement efforts have reduced costs, streamlined operations, and improved overall operational effectiveness. Mr. Malloy is also a gifted sales and marketing professional who used innovative strategies to drive traffic, convert leads, and close sales. His tireless effort led to over 25 successful shows in 2009, and freed my time to focus on creating unique and differentiated product.”

 - Carol Malloy, CEO, I've Got U Covered

“I worked with Larry for over 12 years. First as one of my direct reports, then as a co-worker when he was promoted to the marketing department as a product manager. In that position, Larry was instrumental in working with our factory in Japan to be more customer focused towards the U.S. market. He was also an extremely focused and hard working employee who always gave his best and cared deeply for the job he was doing and the people he was servicing. He was also ALWAYS in the mode of "continuous improvement" in everything about his work AND his life and I was always impressed with the way Larry studied and applied all that he learned in his life and work. He's a very diligent and hard working man and I was honored to have worked with him during that time.” - Phil Kerswill, Manager, Pentax Imaging Company

 “For more than 10 years when I worked with Larry Malloy, he always worked well with our sales force and management team. He developed messaging and support material which enabled and enhanced success in our jobs. He also participated in numerous tradeshows and sales presentations throughout the year, and was instrumental in the product training process. He had a strong sense of what the market wanted and he helped create market growth. Larry is very innovative and thinks strategically.” - Don Flaten, Senior Sales Rep, Pentax Imaging Company

Areas of Expertise

Leadership Development | Strategic and Tactical Planning | Team Building and Performance Improvement | Product Lifecycle Management | Portfolio Management | Requirements and Roadmapping | Business Case | Global Marketing | Pragmatic Marketing | Product Launch | Product Positioning and Messaging | Competitive Analysis | Lead Generation and Conversion | Direct Marketing | Marketing Communication | Market Research and Analysis | Social Media Marketing | Web Design and Usability | Brand Development | P & L Management | Project Management | Internet Marketing | SEO | Sales | Management | Internet Marketing | Agile Project Management | Financial Analysis

Results Summary

"We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win."

John F. Kennedy - Address at Rice University on the Nations Space Effort

Innovative product management and marketing executive with 10 successful years driving product and service innovation strategies in uniquely challenging situations and diverse industries as consumer electronics, software, transportation, construction and agricultural, government, consumer packaged goods, and education. Successful in global manufacturing as well as service environments during all business cycles including start-up, high-growth, downturns, and mergers and acquisitions. An established record as a leader and business partner who collaborates with others to use technology, tools, and resources to improve business processes while delivering bottom-line, measurable results. An energetic leader with a passion for people development, a track record for recruiting and retaining top talent, and a demonstrated ability to effectively lead and work in a matrix, global environment.

Social Media Stats

Professional Affiliations / Acknowledgements

Professional Acknowledgements:

 - Peak Performer Award Winnerfor service and leadership excellence (Pentax Imaging Company)

 - New Product Development Professional (NPDP) currently working on NPDP Certification.

Product Innovation Awards:

 - RosterWire Merchant Program: Nominated for Technology-of-the-Year Award

 - IQ Zoom 115m: Best Compact Camera of the Year (TIPA)

 - 645N: 3 international awards including: Best Professional Product (TIPA)

 - IQZoom 200: Best 35mm Compact Camera (TIPA)

 - ZX-5N: SLR Camera of the Year (TIPA)

Professional Affiliations:

- Product Development and Management Association (PDMA)  - Past President, Rocky Mountain Chapter, Current: VP Marketing

 - American Marketing Association (AMA)

 - Pragmatic Marketing Seminar Attendee

 - Effective Product Marketing Certification