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Larry Melidis

Interdisciplinary Science Consultant


Passionate problem solver and project manager with a keen eye for optimisation and efficiency in interdisciplinary investigations. Over the past 8 years I have worked in research within academia in the fields of experimental mathematics, nanotechnology and molecular biophysics and consulted companies in commercial applications. With a never ending thirst for knowledge I have  a continuing education regime lately focused on behavioural neuroscience and applications in the commercial world. I seek the opportunity to undertake problem solving and research responsibilities where I can utilise and expand my education, experience and passion for investigation processes.

Work experience

Nov 2014Present

Creative content consultant
  • Contribution to original idea conception and algorithm implementation.
  • Design of the charging algorithm (influenced by neuroeconomics) and constant improvement through simulations of financial outcomes (similar to casinos). 
  • preliminary business analysis 
Jan 2009Present

Independent Consultant

Self employed

Consulting relevant to; mathematics, physics, criminal investigations, Intelligence, gambling, profiling.
Currently at 4Delta , a 3D Printing start up, aff. with National Physical Laboratory, UK



University of Cambridge, BP Institute
  • Achievement 1; Orders of magnitude faster and lighter computational algorithm predicting packing fractions across dimensions and spheres of different radius.
  • Achievement 2; Design and execution of a novel experimental technique that eliminates the brazil-nut-effect and allows for a straight forward measurement of packing fractions.
  • Achievement 3; Theoretical/mathematical investigation of multidimensional packings (Voronoi) and implementation to applications spanning areas from neuroscience to mathematical cryptography.
  •  I had the privilege to be invited to attend courses of the prolific and historic Part III Mathematics (as a researcher not a student). I focused on mathematical analysis courses from both the applied and the pure perspective.

Research Assistant

University of Surrey, Soft and Condensed Matter Group
  • Assistance to PhD students since my first semester as an undergraduate. Tasks included sample preparation, rotation to all the characterisation techniques and later specialisation to Raman spectroscopy.
  • Experimental design aiming to investigate chemical actuation of CNT followed by the engineering design of custom-made adjustable addition to Raman spectroscopy.
  • Production of porous on PMMA surfaces at the nano-micro scale that are used as trigger sites of protein crystallisation as well as computational investigation of the phenomenon based on two-step Ising model.




M.Res Molecular Biophysics

King's College London

MRes (master of research) Molecular Biophysics; Year long experience with advance molecular biology and biochemistry laboratory techniques. Dissertation on computational simulations of prion proteins and protein- protein interaction followed by extensive statistical analysis that achieved a new understanding of the fibril formation pathways in neurodegenerative prion diseases.


MPhys Physics

University of Surrey

I specialised in medical and theoretical physics at the Post-Graduate level. Also, I attended courses and seminars in the departments of Mathematics.


I have been volunteering to the Gifted Children Program that I graduated. When I am in Thessaloniki I teach/train the students for the International Mathematical Olympiad. Since 2007 I have been consulting the students regarding their education but more importantly in collaboration with a psychiatrist I provide counselling regarding their special needs. Also, I worked as a regional ambassador of Non-profit organisation helping people with mood disorders and their families. 

Continuing Education and General Interests

Visiting Scholar at Aristotle University, Dept. Mathematics, Creative Writing, Human Intelligence and Gifted Children, Healthy/Ill Behaviour and Communications, Criminal Behaviour and Investigations, Crisis Analysis and Management, extreme conditions Global risk (finance), Forensic Science, Intelligence, numerous online courses in Behavioural science, Big Data, Bioinformatics