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Analytic result driven MBA and commercial pilot with proven ability to leverage technical and process knowledge to deliver superior analysis, manage stakeholder needs and execute implementation plans. Strong commercial focus with success working at both a strategic and commercial level. Excellent industry knowledge and leadership skills.

Work experience


Aerospace consultant


§Designed and developed key parts of projects designed for Eurocontrol, SESAR and other customers related to the ecological and economic impact of the development of a unified European air traffic control system.

§Led chapters of projects related to airline and airport operations, impact of those activities on the global weather and co-designed advice regarding the optimization of  future development with senior environmentalists.


Strategy consultant

Airplus International

§Analyzed current business model and performed market and trends research in order to provide Airplus executives and board members with a new strategic and innovative business plan increasing sales by 20% within 2 years.

§Led a team of 5 working on developing dynamic business development capabilities based on core competencies and market research.


Operations manager

El Al Israel airlines

Controlled outflow of information to all relevant parties (customers, authorities and suppliers) to drive customer service levels, facilitate efficient processes, comply with regulations and meet PR requirement. Acted as central point for all communication to customers and authorities in regular and emergency scenarios. 

§Used specialist technical knowledge of flight processes, systems and aviation engineering to anticipate passengers expectations and flight crew needs, communicate effectively and provide efficient solutions.

§Managed all operational processes including liaison with airport authorities, legal and regulatory compliance, security and maintenance ensuring a proactive and flexible response to changing needs.

§Led and coordinated a team of 25 ground staff to provide efficient, seamless and calm support to customers, flight crew and other stakeholders.

§Developed and implemented operational policy and procedure balancing short term needs with long term planning.


Ramp coordinator

Aeroports de Paris

Ramp coordinator

Aeroports de Paris

Liaised between flight crews, airport authorities and handling companies to ensure smooth co-ordination and providing complete legal and technical documentation for safe conduct of the flight.

§Led team of 6/7 staff planning short and medium term activities and procedures to ensure smooth transit for a number of operators.

§Constantly re-evaluated and implemented best procedures for airport operations based on incoming flights, specific airline requirements, flight crew etc.


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Hult International

Airline transport pilot license

Institut Mermoz