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Work experience

Matthias Lammel-Chehab


Born in Essen, Germany, April 5. 1962

Personal Situation: Married 1 child


Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Bochum

Professional Career

1985 Joined Siemens as engineer in the electrical field, Siemens AG Dortmund

Responsibilities: process instrumentation, automation and computer technology.

1987Sales Manager automation engineering, Siemens AG Dortmund & Erlangen

Responsibilities: Automation key customers automotive industry and public clients e.g. universities, GTZ (Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit), BMFT (Bundesministerium für Forschung und Technologie).

1992Sales / project manager, Siemens AG Erlangen

Responsibilities: Technical education equipment Industrial Solution and concepts covering the entire Siemens portfolio (e.g. projects like Auto Europe, in cooperation with Volkswagen und Ford), Implementation of training concepts for the Middle East with GTZ and local government.

1995Sales Manager (project leader), responsible for Russia, department Industrial Solution Responsibilities: airfield lighting, turnkey project airports in Russia.

1996General Manager for Automation & Drives, Siemens Guangzhou, South China

Responsibilities: Setup and development of Automation & Drives organization, starting from 0 to 80 Mio. Euro sales and 50 sales people, setup new sales offices and develop sales people / implementing sales strategy in South China / Hong Kong

1999     General Manager for Automation & Drives, Siemens Shanghai,East    China

    Responsibilities: development of business and setup of new sales offices in East China, from 20 Mio. Euro to 300 Mio Euro, 180 sales people, initial creation of a Balanced Score Card and implementation of measures, sales responsibility for several joint ventures.

2002President Siemens AG Region Hanover and East Germany

Responsible for 850 Mio. Euro sales and 700 staff members and the entire business groups; Industrial Solution , Power Transformation and Distribution, power Generation, Transportation Systems, Medical solution, Automation & Drives. Alignment of organizations to new business strategies, development of the service / retro-fit businesses, re-organization of all offices, development and implementation of the Balance Score Card including cost-target settings and set-up of proper

Human Resources Leadership programs. Representing Siemens to the local governmental public and private organizations

2005CEO of Siemens AG Libya

Responsibilities: 350 Mio. Euro sales and 150 employees, alignment of several Siemens local entities and implementation, setup of new businesses

for all entire Siemens AG groups. Implementing of cost target programs

Country speaker of Siemens AG to the government and their related organization

Head of different international business organization in Libya

Enforcement of Siemens AG corporate identity.

Project Leader for shared services over different countries in Africa.

2007-200xProject member/leader:

World wide new sales set-up for products, systems, solutions and services forthe new sector industries IA/DT Turnover 16 billion Euro

Languages: German (native),fluent English and basic Arabic

References:Mr. Prof. Dr. Klaus Wucherer

Chairman of the Board, Infinion, LEONI, Member of the University in Erlangen

Former Central Board Member of Siemens AG

               Mr. Helmut Gierse

………………Chairman of the Board KUKA former CEO of Automation & Drives Siemens AG

            Günther Papenburg, Chairman of the Board ,Papenburg AG

Strength:Assertiveness; strong drive for high achievement; high creativity strong customer orientation; global work experience in difficult markets

compliance conform; experience with entire whole Siemens portfolio;

long-term leadership experience clear target settings, appliance and clear fulfillments

Private contact:Matthias Lammel-Chehab,

Wennebostlerhof 22,

30855 LangenhagenGermany

Mail: Matthias.Lammel- [email protected]

Residence: +49 5118667872

Mobile: +49 15123016130



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