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My goal is to turn data into information and information into insight. I blend creativity, experience, and a team centered work ethic to produce exceptional work-products.

Work experience


Freelance Writer

Self Employed

Working with clients to create publishable content. 

Technical writing and copyediting. 


Radar Operator/Communications

US Army National Guard

Planning, preparation, and implementation of secure networked assets including RADAR and Tactical Operations Centers. 

Installation of mobile computers and workstations, IP phones, and satellite based lan/wan in office and austere conditions. 

Troubleshooting and maintenance on complex electrical systems including ANTPQ-36 AND -50 RADAR. 

Training new soldiers on all aspects of operations, maintenance, and troubleshooting. 

Presentation of data to command level troops up to and including General Officers. 


Fiscal Operations Coordinator

VCU Rehabilitation Research and Training Center

Oversight and management of federal and state grants, personnel management, travel, purchasing, and procurement coordinator, reconciliations and accounting.


Office Manager

Thomas H. Roberts and Associates, P.C.

Day-to-day business management.

Bookkeeping, Billing, Accounts Receivable/Payable

Legal research.

Drafting and Legal Writing 


Grants Accountant

Virginia Department of Emergency Management

Manage workflow, accounting, and submission of financial documents under the National Capital Region Grant Program.
Facilitated Close-out and Compliance Procedures for Grants.
Developed Desk Procedures for NCR Accounting and Grants Administration.


Computers Specialist

Best buy (Geek Squad)

Tier 1 customer facing and over the phone troubleshooting. 

Hardware troubleshooting and maintenance of desktop and laptop computers and tablets. 

Escalation of issues to manufacturer repair centers. 

Component installation and upgrades to laptop and desktop computers. 

Sales and customer interaction. 

Regularly recognized top 3 employees monthly. 

Attended company training events to bring information back and disseminate to department. 

Education and Certification

Jan 2012Present

Bachelor of Science in Information Systems and Data Networking

Advanced coursework in Management, Information Systems, and design, with a concentration in Networking and Data Security.

Jan 2013May 2013

United States Army Radar Operations Course

Professional Skills

Data Collection/Analysis

Several years professional experience. 

Microsoft Word

Several years professional experience.

Microsoft Excel

Several years professional experience.

Microsoft Publisher

Several years professional experience.

Acrobat Pro

Two years professional experience.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Several years professional experience.

Adobe Photoshop

Four years educational/professional experience.

Computer Repair and Troubleshooting

Two years professional experience.

Technical/Creative Writing

Four years educational/professional experience.

Web Design

Working knowledge of HTML/CSS as well as Adobe Muse and Dreamweaver. 


Four years educational experience.


Four years practical experience.

Awards and Organizations

Distinguished Honor Graduate, US Army Basic Training.

Soldier of the Month, HHB 1/111th Fires Battalion, VA Army National Guard.

Society for Human Resource Management, Member

Enlisted Association of the United States, Member

Military Experience

Active Federal security clearance. 

Intel collection, analysis, and presentation to superior NCO's and Officers. 

Establishes and maintains radio and wire communications.

Prepares for operation, operates, and maintains fire finder radars (AN/TPQ-36, AN/TPQ-37, AN/TPQ-40) and associated equipment.

Operates and performs operator maintenance on prime movers, radar systems, and associated equipment.