Lally Ladores


A role in a working environment where I can fully utilize my skills and experience in a fun but dynamic team-oriented atmosphere.I demand to provide high quality standard of administrative and operational support skills and experience keeping in mind my legal background and professionalism in all my dealings.

Summary of Personal Qualities and Key Skills

  • Works independently and has sense of leadership
  • Optimistic outlook particularly on challenges
  • Maintain high work ethics and considered by peers as hardworking and proactive
  • Takes full responsibility for actions and accountability for work
  • Extra-ordinary ability to multi-task even under extreme pressure
  • Methodical, well-organised and self-managing
  • Handles priorities effectively that can add value to the organization
  • Has 80wpm typing skills and can take down notes using shorthand
  • Has extensive experience in performing administrative investigations
  • Knowledgeable in administrative and operational support roles
  • Computer literate in MS Word, PowerPoint, Internet Explorer
  • Analytical and prioritizes matters that need immediate attention
  • Can drive automatic vehicles, loves to read, sing and dance

Relevant Trainings and Certifications

  • A civil service professional eligible under P.D. 907
  • Certified Stenographer
  • English Proficiency for Professionals’ Course
  • Igniting the Best in People Workshop
  • Managing Oneself and Relating to Others
  • Project Management Course
  • Supervisory Development Course (Tracks I and II)
  • Basic Technical Report Writing Seminar

Volunteer Work:

Administration Assistant and Follow-Up Assistant

Volunteer Wellington

Wellington, New Zealand

Paralegal Volunteer


Foundation, Inc.

Quezon City, Philippines

Work History

Work History
Aug 2000 - Present

Human Resource Management Officer IV

Bases Conversion and Development Authority
  • Provides overall administrative and operational support  functions to the Manager of the HR Management Department and the Vice President for Corporate Services.
  • Recruits applicants, schedules written examinations and interviews, conducts employment orientation and facilitates compliance with employment requirements of newly-hired employee/s.
  • Prepares/Writes initial legal opinions relating to employee discipline, issuances/orders on compensation and benefits and labor relations.
  • Writes reports, policies and procedures relating to HR matters and programmes.
  • Prepares the Minutes of the different Committee Meetings such as the Personnel Development Committee, Personnel Selection Board, Investigation Committees, Sexual Harassment Committee, using audio cassette tapes and shorthand skills.
  • Transcribes the stenographic notes (verbatim) taken during administrative hearings and conferences where the testimony of the witnesses and/or the person charged is vital.
  • Coordinates activities of the ad hoc committees within and outside the organization.
  • Monitors employment and compensation benefits and facilitates their timely release.
  • Manages leave administration.
  • Coordinates employee benefits and other personnel-related concerns to other government agencies.
  • Represents the BCDA-HR Department with the Civil Service Commission cluster meetings
  • Responds to queries through formal Memoranda on HR-related policies and procedures.
  • Ensures implementation and observance of HR and other related corporate policies.
  • Answers/responds to calls from clients and applicants.
  • Files and safekeeps the 201 Files and other relevant employee files.
  • Confirms/approves employee loans from the Government Service Insurance System.
May 1996 - Jul 2000

Attorney III/Project Development Officer

Legal Services Department, BCDA
  • Reviews  and prepares Memorandum of Agreement and Understanding.
  • Provides Board Secretariat functions in support of the General Counsel-Asst. Corporate Secretary during board meetings.
  • Prepares minutes of board meetings during the tenure of the General Counsel.
  • Coordinates meetings and other organizational activities with the other government agencies and private sector counterparts.  The coordination sometimes is for purposes of discussing the possible strategies and techniques in winning the cases for the organization.
  • Assists the senior lawyers in doing research work for the applicable law and jurisprudence on legal matters.
  • Provides initial legal assistance to clients.
  • Prepares initial legal opinions and contract review for further action by the General Counsel.
  • Prepares reply-letters and correspondence.
  • Provides general administrative support to the senior lawyers and the General Counsel.
Feb 1989 - Nov 1993

Graft Prevention Officer

Office of the Deputy Ombudsman for Luzon
  • Prepares Minutes of the Selection Committee meetings for the selection of Ombudsman Investigators
  • Prepares initial evaluation reports on the complaints of walk-in clients as well as those filed against public officials and employees.
  • Transcribe the stenographic notes on the hearings/conferences conducted by the Ombudsman Investigators.
  • Coordinates activities with government and non-government organizations on the campaign to prevent graft and corruption.
  • Encodes/types the resolutions/decisions/orders/pleadings prepared by the Ombudsman Investigators.
  • Provides support administrative roles to the Deputy Ombudsman for Luzon and Ombudsman Investigators.
  • Facilitates the issuance of Ombudsman Clearance for retiring and/or resigning government employees.
May 1987 - Jan 1989

Senior Stenographer

Commission on Human Rights
  • Records and takes down notes of the proceedings and/or hearings conducted by the Commission en banc and transcribes the same.
  • Participates in jail visitations, field investigations, meetings and conferences with other government agencies
  • Prepares reports and minutes of the meetings.
  • Calendars hearings and meetings of the Head of the Legal Department.


Jun 2003 - Dec 2005

Master's in Management

Technological University of the Philippines

This a 2-year course master's degree in Management.  Some of the courses studied were topics on strategic management, public administration, behavioural organization, human resources, etc.

 This representation has finished the 45-course academic requirements which will lead to the degree.

Jun 1989 - Apr 1994

Bachelor of Laws (Ll.B.)

University of the East

Bachelor of Laws in the Philippines is a 4-year course with a pre-requisite of a 4-year Bachelor's Degree in any field provided one has complied with the necessary number of units in particular subjects such as, Mathematics, English, Social Sciences and Spanish Language.  The law course is a study of the laws, procedures and jurisprudence in the Philippine setting, though, recourse to other case laws in foreign jurisdiction as well as other international laws are also studied.  Government licensure examinations or the bar exams has to be passed in order to become full-fledged lawyer or solicitor.

Jun 1984 - Nov 1988

Bachelor in Business Education, Major in Distributive Arts

Polytechnic University of the Philippines

This is a four-year bachelor's degree course in Teacher Education to be able to teach secondary level students in office administration, bookkeeping, typing, stenography and marketing subject. 

This representation has been on a full scholarship and graduated with honours from the university.



Rizalito L. Fabula

Joey L. Narvasa