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Work experience

Sep 2018Present

Sr. Software Engineer

Tradelab India Pvt. Ltd

Trading Platforms

CMS- Client management system for all clients logging in to the platform.

Manages profile information, Market Watch details, Account details and Payment details.

Gateway- A gateway to authenticate all incoming API requests using "Branca" tokens and OAuth authorization codes. Also responsible for RBAC and Hierarchy management for Admin, Branch, Dealer and Client types(so far).  Whole purpose of this project is to take care of RBAC and AUTH for all incoming requests and be as customizable as possible. 

Octopus  A pub/sub server over TCP and WSS to allow clients to subscribe to specific instruments with "scalability" in mind.

Uncharted- A GoLang based project to take in stream of OHLC Candles and generate the color based on multiple market based strategies for over 100K instruments. This project has to work in a distributed environment as per the complexity of strategies.

Nightswatch- An elixir based project to enable users to run predefined strategies over their selected instruments and generate alerts that is communicated over Octopus's web sockets and firebase's push notification service.

Feeds- A simple C++ based project to read multicast data from network and forward it to Octopus for further distribution to clients.

Portal- A golang script to read multicast data from forwarder and unicast it to agent via GoNATs server.

Scarlet- A POC using PureScript + React to determine if writing functional and static typed JS enhances maintainability and reduces production bugs (Still in progress)

PyCrypt- A python project to run strategy for making market in crypto-currency Trading platforms. Where buy/sell happens based on certain predefined parameters and make small amount of profit at the same time.

Mar 2018Aug 2018

Software Engineer

Lithium Technologies


Message Posting & Editing: Developed new features and maintained old features for the lithium community solution. Worked on both back-end(Java) & front-end(AngularJS) to design new features such as Mentions, product tags, content search, advanced image behaviours. 

Wrote custom plugins for TinyMCE editor such as mentions, product tags & content search

Notifications: Developed new features for notification service in lithium for internal and external communications. Modified the current structure and integrated with third party services.

June 2017Feb 2018

Software Development Engineer

Arvind Internet Ltd

Pricing & Promotions Engine

Worked on Pricing & Promotions engine from very early stage of its design & development, developed a lot of features such as multi-tenancy promotions and charges. Developed end-to-end flows for promotion creation, calculation & modifications.  

Marketing engine

Worked on marketing & analytics service from scratch, to push data to third party services such as Facebook & Google marketing APIs. Created an interface based system for integration with other services such as wooplr, voonik etc.

June 2016Dec 2016

SDE Intern

Arvind Internet Ltd.

Worked as  a back-end and front-end developer for various services of an E-commerce website

Maintained existing applications and designed and delivered new applications. 



Master of Computer Applications

University of Pune

Graduated with 3.3 GPA on Scale of 6


Bachelor of Computer Applications

Jaipur National University

Graduated with 78% Marks

Skills and Projects

Prophecy & Highlights

FB Prophet based statistical time-series data analysis for Indian Stock market with news feed word by word scoring system for impact analysis


A MQTT Server implementation in Haskell


A web chat application, which can also be used as a mail service or both. This project is highly expandable yet sophisticated. Written in Python using apache's mod_python module. Real time messaging using reactive design and websocket.

Advanced Knowledge of C

Wrote a virtual FS as a semester assignment in C

Functional Programming

Wrote a C parser in Haskell to learn concepts of functional programming.

Wrote a basic load-balancer in elixir.


Designed, Developed a device for IoT to control home appliances at your fingertips, using Beaglebone and Infrared technology.

About Me

I like to think myself as a nerd who likes spending most of his time learning new skills, reading autobiographies and watching big bang theory :)

Tech Stuff

Programming Languages Python, Java, C, Elixir, C++, Haskell
Web Development HTML, CSS, JSs(jQuery, Angular, React) & node.js
Tools Git, SpringBoot, RabbitMQ, Android SDK, OpenGL, Redis, Tapestry, Pheonix, Adobe Photoshop, GIMP
Databases: Mongo DB, SQL, Basic Knowledge of Elastic Search
Others: Experienced With Google and Facebook APIs for Shopping and Google Analytics

Proficient in DS and Algorithms, Fundamental understanding of Neural Networks 

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