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Work experience

Jul 2010Mar 2011

iCase Computer Systems Administrator

Justice Canada

Server management and iCase Application support requirements in the Justice iCase network environment. Daily tasks consist of the following:Build and maintain lab, staging and production environments.Build and configure servers.Upgrade hardware and software.Monitor application performance and recommend improvements.Troubleshoot and resolve technical problems in non-production and production, environments.Develop and implement server administration procedures for application and database servers.Participate in the ongoing technical and application support in production environment.Participate in the ongoing technical and application support in VMware isolated lab environment.Carry out regular application/website data releases updates.Perform knowledge transferring to DoJ employees. Verify the logs of any other applications, databases, web servers etc on every server;Ensure that virus definitions are up to date on every server;Maintain master repository of all static IP Address Assignments for all Zones as well as External/Web Hosting pool of Internet Addresses.DeliverablesSystem AdministratorHardware and software troubleshooting procedures.Hardware and software monitoring procedures.Server configuration documentation, including best practices and standards.Knowledge transfer sessions.Microsoft Office Suite Version 2003 and up.Databases Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and 2008.Reporting Tools Crystal Report.Network Operating System Microsoft Windows XP.Server Operating System Microsoft Windows 2003 and 2008.Virtual Technology MS Hyper-V and VMware ESX 3.5 .Application platforms Microsoft IIS6 and IIS7, Microsoft. NET.BI tools SQL Server 2008 BI Tools.Generate Web Trend summary reports and analysis for the DoJ iCase websites.

Aug 2009Feb 2010

Network Infrastructure Specialist


Network Infrastructure Specialist    PWGSC (ISSB) Industrial Security Service Branch Server management and support requirements in a Secure-A/Secure-B WPGSC network environment.

Daily tasks consist of the following:-Verify the event logs on all servers.-Verify the logs of any other applications, databases, web servers etc on every server;-Ensure that virus definitions are up to date on every server;-Monitor databases and application response times;-Ensure that hardware components of each server are functioning correctly, implement performance tuning measures and address capacity planning issues as needed;-Verify if any patches, service packs or security updates are available for each component, Operating System, application, SQL database, etc. and apply new updates if available following proper, recognized cycle for staged deployment.-Carry out regular application/website data releases updates.-Perform data exchange export/import of CGP Database and Web site content.- Support and manage Developer workstations and  LaserJet printers.- Create, update and maintain all documentation for the LAN hardware and software including Visio drawings, schemas, user policies, administration and configuration documents for all IIS6 web/database servers, switches, firewall, etc.- Maintain master repository of all static IP Address Assignments for all Zones as well as External/Web Hosting pool of Internet Addresses.- Configure and manage the local/centralized TSM Express backup solution. Perform daily offsite media archiving.- Maintain configuration control of the LAN equipment and software. Coordinate vendor maintenance and support when required.- Plan, develop and coordinate adhoc backup and disaster recovery exercises.- Plan, develop and deploy enterprise virus protection measures, e.g. servers, desktops with Symantec End-Point Protection server.- Plan, develop and deploy enterprise software updates, e.g. servers, desktops using WSUS Windows Software Update Server.- Install and test utilities and applications and prepare implementation plans for all agreed upon deliverables to production.- Generate Web Trend summary reports and analysis for the CISD/ISS/CGD public information websites and the OLISS secure website as deemed required.- Participate in the review, update and creation of OLISS Security Architecture and ISS Applications Concept of Operations Documents.- Participate in the coordination and update of Threat Risk Assessments (TRA) and Statements of Sensitivity (SOS) for the OLISS Network components and ISS Business Applications- Assist in the Certification & Accreditation activities as they relate to MITS compliancy.- Maintain and update  DHCP and DNS server services.- Manual monitoring of server resources such as disc-space and memory usage.- Acquisition and installation of web and ISA security certificates.- Maintain and trouble shoot GPO Group Policy Objects.

Feb 2009Jul 2009

Operations Infrastructure Specialist

Vitesse Canada Inc

Provided systems and network infrastructure support services.

Responsible for the Operational and Systems Management of the Windows 2003 servers and XP workstations.

Installing and XP workstations with Office 2003, Acrobat reader and Internet Explorer.

Provided systems and network software installation, patch fixes and system upgrading for all servers and workstations using TCP/IP network protocol.

Support of the Sugar CRM system.

Install and configuration of internet wireless routers.

Jul 2008Jan 2009

Senior Project Lead

City of Ottawa

Desktop replacement feasibility study to determine the most practical thin-client technology to implement in the City of Ottawa “Employment Resource Area”.

Investigated three solutions to ensure system growth scalability, feasibility, and technology transfer to various City lines of business.

Solutions included in this study were Terminal Services, Blade Technology and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VMware & Citrix) .

Provided High Availability systems solutions for the implementation plan to include redundant network and infrastructure resources.

Comparative cost analysis of the implementation and deployment of each solution, including software purchasing, licensing issues and costs, desktop and network hardware upgrading requirements and costs.Implemented a Proof-of-Concept, Windows Active Directory network, evaluation test environment within the City of Ottawa computing systems test labs, using Windows Server 2003 and Terminal Servers to demonstrate the systems effectiveness

Installed, security hardened and tested Public facing Windows XP desktop remote access client with WordPerfect Office 2002 and MS Office 2003.

Tested and evaluated several HP thin-client hardware platforms for performance and effectiveness.

Microsoft Office 2007 Upgrade Implementation

Implementation testing of the MS Office 2007 upgrade path for the City of Ottawa.

Design and configured organizational unit (OU) and GPO structure that meet City of Ottawa guidelines.

Testing of network administrative install-points.

Installation and testing MS-Office 2007 group policy templates,

Configuration of MS Office desktop applications, Internet Explorer and Adobe Acrobat.

Installation and testing 3rd party MS-Office 2003 compatible menus.

Experience implementing Terminal Server with Group Policies.Create and execute test scripts.

Analysis of test results.

Tracking and reporting deficiencies.

Verify fixes for reported deficiencies.

Analyzed and assessed reliability of enterprise applications in a production configuration and articulated test result impact with project clients.

Knowledge of imaging technologies to for efficient system restore operations.

Hands-on experience implementing MS-Office 2007 suite.

Experience with Microsoft Office Migration Planning Manager toolset.

Oct 2007May 2008

Senior Support Engineer

Elections Canada

3rd level Engineering Support, for OS and hardware systems upgrade of 2000 plus, thin client Windows XP

workstations as well as 300, Windows 2003 R2, Citrix/Terminal Servers and SQL servers.

Installation and configuration of Nortel 2526 Switches and FortiNet router units.

Configuration/testing of MS Office Pro 2003 desktop COTS applications, Internet Explorer and Adobe Acrobat

Using Acronis imaging/cloning solution to create system distribution discs.

Systems, Active Directory, Global Policy, Network, Hardware and Application troubleshooting and tuning and security hardening.

Remote access, engineering support of 300 remote Elections Canada office environments.

Evaluation testing of IBM Director v5.2 and Nimsoft NimBUS, network monitoring solutions, for field deployment.

Evaluation testing of VM Ware EXS server solutions, for field deployment.

Performed 3rd line support using call tracking software ‘Support Magic’.

Feb 2007May 2007

Senior Migration Engineer

Public Health Agency Canada

Four month project as a senior migration engineer for 1000+ workstation rollout of Windows XP PRO, using

Ghost cloning software.

Configuration of Novell Zenware desktop application.

Computer Systems, network, hardware and application troubleshooting, as required.

Planning tasks to meet project deadlines. (New Standard XP Images)

Followed all rollout procedures for deployment of software, Word Perfect, Adobe Acrobat, Internet Explorer and

MS Office in addition to supporting desktops, laptops and setting up Wide Area Networks.

Planned and executed the accelerated the acceleration laptop imaging to meet project deadline.

Installing hardware and software, connecting computers and peripherals to the appropriate LAN segment,

Configure the appropriate operating systems so that PHAC domain operating systems standards are met.

Supported  e-mail, calendaring in Lotus Notes 6.5.5

Installed and configured MS Office 2003, Black Berry Desktop Manager, Adobe suite, SAS-9.1,  SAP, Third

Brigade security systems and  other proprietary health applications.

Experienced writing technical and user documentation for various application used by government departments.

Responsible for unlocking and configuring user accounts if needed when troubleshooting.

Coordinating moves and set-up of large numbers of PCs and offices

Configured client's accounts supporting Microsoft Office Suite and Outlook and Internet Explorer.

Resolving LAN Security and PC issues by prioritizing and following policies and procedures by planning tasks to meet project deadlines.(Division moves)

Imaging PCs and Toshiba Laptops with XP for mass distribution for groups in an enterprise environment using Norton Ghost.

Performed 3rd line support using call tracking software ‘Support Magic’

Nov 1999Sep 2006

Infrastructure Engineer

EDS Canada Inc. (HP)

OPSWARE Enterprise Server Administration project.  Quality Acceptance testing Engineer, responsible for the functional testing of the Opsware Enterprise Monitoring system, as required for the specific EDS functionality requirements, as relating to Windows 2000, 2003 Enterprise server and Microsoft Terminal Server environments.

Detailed Technical documentation of all work submitted.

Training of new hire personnel.

Support Engineering, defining discrepancies and future system improvements to benefit the EDS Systems Administration personnel.

EDS Web Hosting project. Implementation of IIS and SQL servers and network infrastructure from conceptual Lab implementation to the Enterprise delivery of the operational, internet facing, Web Hosting system, plus 3rd level engineering support for problem management and resolution.

BMC PATROL Enterprise Server monitoring project.  Provided 3rd level engineering support, monitoring and problem resolution resources for EDS and its’ clients, problem ticket analysis and resolution solutions.

Canada Post (ECMS) Electronic Commerce Merchandise System project. Network and server Implementation from conceptual Lab implementation of the Enterprise delivery of the operational, internet facing, electronic e-post system. Provided on going 24x7 3rd level Engineering support to help achieve a better than 98% up-time availability.

Implemented and tested server agents for connectivity to EMC SAN storage and Veritas Backup over FDDI fiber network.

Performed 3rd line support using call tracking software Remedy and Infoman ticketing systems.

Planned, implemented and testing of Wise software packing utility to provide the OPSWARE project with completed software packages to meet client scheduling requirements

Jul 1998Nov 1999

Systems Engineer

SHL SystemHouse

Provided systems and network engineering services, supporting the Canadian Firearms Registration System (CFRS) Y2K project implementation for NT Workstations and Servers.

Provided systems and network engineering services in the position of Workstation Implementation Team Leader, supporting the DND Canadian Forces Supply System Upgrade (CFSSU) project implementation of Windows 95 and NT Workstations, across Canada.

Developed methodologies using GHOST software to reduce the installation time of Operating Systems and

Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) productivity applications, while ensuring a consistent and repetitive image during each workstation installation.

Developed WinBatch scripts to maintain installation consistency of the individual, site specific requirements of each workstation.

Produced customized CD-ROM disks to improve the automated installation of on-site workstations, reducing installation time from 1 hour to 7 Min.

Tested and verified all engineering installation notes for accuracy and exclusions.Providing systems and network support services to SHL in support of ICNO implementation of NT servers and Windows 95 desktop upgrade project.

Developed management tools for implementation and updating of SNMP error trapping services for automated paging.


Certification & Training

Certifications:2005    ITIL v2.0 Foundations Certification (EDS Canada)1998    Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) Certification - SHL, Ottawa1998    MCP Microsoft Exchange Server v5.0 Certification - SHL, Ottawa1997    MCP Windows 95 Certification - SHL, Ottawa1997    MCP Windows NT 4.0 Enterprise Server Certification - SHL, Ottawa1993    Novell v3.11 Advanced Systems Management Certification - SHL, Ottawa1993    Novell v3.11 Systems Management Certification - SHL, Ottawa, Ontario1991    UNIX Advanced Systems Management Certification - Algonquin College, Ottawa1991    UNIX Systems Management Certification - Algonquin College, OttawaTraining:2009    ITIL v2.0 Foundations Refresher Course (Vitesse Canada Inc)2009    Project Management Professional (PMP) training program (Vitesse Canada) Ottawa2004    SUN Solaris-9 Advanced Systems Management (EDS Canada) Ottawa2004    SUN Solaris-9 Basic Systems Management (EDS Canada), Ottawa2003    Microsoft Windows 2003 Server Boot Camp – G.P. Learning Technologies, Ottawa2002    Certified Cisco Network Associate (CCNA) – HiTek Training Professionals, Ottawa2000    Microsoft Windows NT 2000 Server Boot Camp – G.P. Learning Technologies, Ottawa

Sep 1983May 1985


Algonquin College