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I have strong interests in the city of Toronto and its development over the next 20 years.I am involved in urban planning and smart growth within my studies at the University of Guelph.Skills and experiences gained through past work fits the real estate industry very well.I have travelled extensively throughout the GTA researching new home developments as a research associate for RealNet Canada inc.In doing so I carried organizers full of site information and product details while organizing 543 products at 147 sales sites.I am currently finishing my final year at the University of Guelph of a five year program for a Bachelor of Commerce in Real Estate and Housing Management.

My experience working with General Electric Canada as a Real Estate and Services Operations Intern has been substantial in building skills directed towards the land, construction, and real estate industry.Working directly with hundreds of leases analyzing their costs, future costs, and potential savings from relocating was a critical element to my development and offers beneficial experience to the position.Not only have I built skills in analyzing commercial leases and developing consolidation strategies, I worked directly with specific landlords in negotiating exiting terms.I have developed many skills such as delivering expertise, a high quality of work, communicational skills, and knowledge of Microsoft programs to deliver written reports.Specifically, In a short period of time I was able to learn, navigate, and utilize organizational structures and computer systems used by a large corporation to monitor and track substantial real estate portfolios.I work well in an office and outdoor environment.

Work experience

Research Associate

RealNet Canada Inc.
  • Navigated the GTA while collecting data through interacting with sales people
  • Maintained accurate monthly data for 147 sales sites with 543 products
  • Actively attended board meetings while reaching all deadlines
  • Increased efficiency of administration duties and data collection while assisting in the development of a training manual

Real Estate and Services Operations Intern

General Electric Real Estate
  • Participated in a Global team as the Canadian manager for the GE lease program
  • Developed strategies to extract value within GE’s real estate portfolio
  • Maintained relationships with commercial landlords while working through exiting and leasing agreements
  • Navigated and communicated appropriate clauses within GE leases with landlords and portfolio managers




Business Communication
Experience with maintaining communication among hundreds of residential sales reps across GTA while working with RealNet Canada Inc. Substanitial communication across North America with team members, Cushman & Wakefield corporate account managers, GE Real Estate & Services Operations department, HR executives, accounting, etc. while working with GE Real Estate. Experience working with local governments across Ontario while travelling between historical site locations.
Portfolio Management
Working alongside the Canadian Real Estate Portfolio manager at GE Real Estate, I dealt with a portfolio spanning the country valued over a billion dollars.  Tasks included locating and evaluating consolidation opportunities between GE owned assets.  Independently managed a portfolio of over one thousand historical sites for the restoration of dilapitaed marking plaques for an agency of the federal government, The Ontario Heritage Trust.
Team Work
Substantial group work in valuations through University courses.  Involved with Delta Upsilon Fraternity in Guelph where I currently have been active for five years and hold the title of President.  Working with a corporate team with General Electric Real Estate where team members were situated across North America created a situation where telecommunication was neccessary to complete Real Estate consolidation projects during the market slow-down.
Very familiar with excel functions involving all capital budgeting techniques such as IRR, MIRR, NPV.  Capable of building cash flow spreadsheets and deciphering results. 
Capital Budgeting
Experience using capital budgeting techniques including Discounted Cash Flows involving IRR, profitability index, calculating mortgages, NPV, etc.  Used in practice with General Electric Canada Real Estate.