I am highly creative designer, I am a visual communicator with more than 10 years of experience within graphic design, editorial design, typography, photography and illustration. I am hugely motivated, creative, and versatile. Committed to incorporating the desires of the client with a design solution. Friendly, supportive, curious about learning something new, inquisitive, hardworking and optimistic.

Work experience

Work experience
Oct 2014 - Mar 2015

I moved to London

Pret a manger

As a Team memeber Star, I have two main responsabilities: working at the kitchen and serving at the front house making hot drinks, as well as standing at the till attending costumers.

Sep 2005 - Oct 2014

Founder & Art Director

Pampalona Studio (Barcelona, Spain) 

· Graphic design: Logo and Brand Design, as well as printed and online applications.
· Editorial design: Page Layout with InDesign, Book Cover Design, print-ready files creation and text correction.
· Illustration: Editorial Projects (Children's Books, Magazines, etc.) and customization for individuals and start-ups.
· Translation and correction: English-Spanish and Spanish-English translation and document correction.
· Interpretership: English-Spanish and Spanish-English interpreter that provides service to internationally-oriented companies and organizations.

Nov 2013 - May 2014

In-house Freelance Graphic Designer

El Merkat  (Barcelona, Spain)

Communications Agency. We were dedicated to creating, planning and handling advertising, or other forms of promotion, to sell our client's products or services. We also handle overall marketing and branding strategies for our clients.

Sep 2009 - Nov 2011

In-house Freelance Editorial Designer

Refresca'm Comunicació / Mixos Agency  (Barcelona, Spain)

Magazine Editor & Publisher. Art direction for three publications: Ben Fresc, Lollipop Magazine and Va-yes! magazines from briefing to commissioning illustrators, directing photo shoots and creating layout. Accuracy of direction from start to release.

Jan 2006 - Dec 2006

Graphic Designer and Printing Services

Figuerola Copisteria  (Barcelona, Spain)

Digital Printer Shop. Involved in every aspect of print production. Specialised in magazine design and layout, also leaflets, posters and brochures. Responsability for quality control in a pre-printing system.

Sep 2002 - Nov 2005

Graphic Designer

Cèl-lula Studio (Barcelona, Spain)

Graphic Design studio specializing in brand design, books and posters. Working with typography, drawings and photographs to design collections of books, book covers, posters and other graphic stuff.





Graphic design

Corporate identities, branding, advertising campaigns, brochure design, flyer design, illustration, folder design, post card design, large format graphics, typography, CD/DVD sleeve design, magazine design and layout, book cover design, corporate guidlines, catalogue design, poster design, merchandise, exhibitions, leaflets plus much more.

Editorial design

Experience of designing book covers and layouts and creating new series. Design of entire books including covers and layouts.


Effectively using type as a design element for print, logo design and brand identity.
Making the right typographic choices is as important as any other design option.

Freehand Skills

Sketching, drawing and painting skills.
Illustration and colour theory.


Liaising with the printer to achieve optimum print solutions.
Solid understanding of printing and production processes.
Ability to recommend new formats, finishes, sizes etc.

Computer and Software Proficiency

Full proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite (CS5 and CS6) and other design/production software programs.
Adept at Mac an PC platforms.
Adobe Photoshop (10 years of experience)
Adobe Illustrator (5 years of experience).
Adobe InDesign (5 years of experience)
Adobe Acrobat X Pro (10 years of experience).
Adobe Dreamweaver (5 years of experience).

Creative thinking

Strong conceptual skills.
Ability to quickly develop creative solutions to visual communications problems.
Excellent brainstorming skills.
Retouching and image processing.
Strong knowledge of composition, color, imagery and typography.

Soft Skills

Positive attitude and a good sense of humor.
Attention to Detail.
Ability to communicate effectively with clients.
Ability to work effectively under pressure and meet deadlines.
Collaborate effectively and efficiently with product management, creative management, development, clients and other agency partners.


Spanish: Mother tongue
English: Advanced level