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As a student leader at UCSI University, I dedicate myself extensively in catalyzing social cohesion through holistic youth engagement and development. I am largely active in community outreach and humanitarian work, and a firm believer in global citizenship and social responsibility. I consistently strive to practice these values every day, and everywhere I go.


June 2016Present

Vice President, Holistic Youth Engagement

UCSI Scholars' Circle (U-Schos) and Scholar Enrichment Program (SEP)

I have led my team in designing and outlining the underlying framework and operational blueprint of the Holistic Talent Development Framework© (HTDF) which aims to achieve our vision to nurture competent and socially responsible future leaders, focusing on a progressive mastery building process that starts with personal, team and followed by the functional level. Measurable competencies under the umbrella of HTDF include leadership, effective communications, social responsibility, business acumen, creativity and innovation, critical thinking and problem solving, teamwork, and project management.

The program has a minimum two-year timeline for each participating scholar, which comprises of training modules, community projects, internship placement at partner organizations, the Campus & Community initiatives, alumni support, and a CEO series for high achievers. My team is made up of 5 departments — Operations, Project Liaison, Strategic Alliance, Scholar Affairs, and Administration.

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June 2016Present

Organizing Chairperson

"Journey to Belong" - Campaign on Statelessness

I have been leading this campaign alongside UNHCR, the UN mandated agency to work with refugees and stateless persons. After the campaign's official launch by Razali Ismail, chairperson of the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (SUHAKAM) and Richard Towle, the UNHCR Representative of Malaysia on August 4, 2016, we are now stepping into the second phase, where I aspire to establish a regional youth network in SE Asia that dedicates itself in tackling statelessness in coming eight years. The four pillars of operation that will be practiced in this network are capacity building, advocacy, legal aid and research, and social inclusion. 

May 2015June 2016

Vice President, Talent Development

UCSI Scholars' Circle (U-Schos)

U-Schos is a youth body made up of scholarship recipients of UCSI University. It is a platform for personal and professional development, community outreach, intervarsity collaboration and civic engagement.

As the VP of Talent Development, I execute, manage and oversee plans and initiatives that aim to develop young talents and leaders, providing them a consistent platform for skill acquisition and character building. Since November 2015, I began conducting a monthly personal development workshop inspired by Stephen R. Covey's book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

We are proud to have presented the following feats, among others, over the past year:

  1. Rise up with Leaders Series (featuring, among others, Khairy Jamaluddin, Malaysian Minister of Youth and Sports; Tunku 'Abidin Muhriz, founder of Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs [IDEAS]; Aireen Omar, CEO of AirAsia Berhad; Keeran Sivarajah, co-founder of Teach for Malaysia; Nicol David, world no. 3 squash player; and Joel Neoh, founder of Groupon Malaysia)
  2. Hands of Hope Charity Musical Night
  3. 'Bersama Kita Boleh' charity project with Together We Can Change The World, Microsoft and Leaderonomics
  4. Global Leadership Bootcamp with Together We Can Change The World, Microsoft and Leaderonomics
  5. U-Schos Leadership Lecture Series
  6. The UNIQVERSITY© Life Student Leader Summit

"We dedicate ourselves to create social impact by transforming ideas into action."

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September 2015June 2016


Scholar Enrichment Program (SEP)

SEP is a student-led developmental program at UCSI University, organized by UCSI Scholars' Circle (U-Schos). We serve as a platform for holistic talent development to nurture competent and socially responsible future leaders. Participants go through a minimum two-year journey on creating social impact, while at the same time garnering valuable experiences and obtaining much sought-after competencies.

Notably, we are proud to have managed, supported and executed various student-run community/social projects in collaboration with experts in the various fields that we partner with. Some of these projects include:

  1. Journey to Belong : Ending Statelessness by 2024 (with UNHCR) — ongoing
  2. Statelessness Toolkit for Teachers (with UNHCR) — ongoing
  3. 2-4 Drifters : 24-Hour Homelessness Simulation (with Kechara Soup Kitchen)
  4. Save Anne the Elephant : Awareness Campaign on Animal Cruelty (with Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots)

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February 2015Present

Co-Founder and President

UCSI – Malaysian Invention and Design Society (MINDS) Student Chapter

The UCSI-MINDS Student Chapter is the pioneering chapter in Malaysia. MINDS was founded and is currently chaired by the Father of Malaysian Palm Oil, Academician Emeritus Prof. Tan Sri Datuk Dr. Augustine Ong Soon Hock, and its patron is Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, former prime minister of Malaysia. Since its establishment in 1986, MINDS has one of the biggest networks of inventors and innovators worldwide. Its furthest extension to date is the California Chapter.

The student chapter at UCSI University envisions the importance and necessity of design thinking and innovation among university students. We are dedicated in achieving that by organizing programs such as design thinking bootcamp, intellectual property and patenting workshop, professional dialogues and forums, industry site visitation, and above all, the annual International Innovation and Technology Exhibition (ITEX).

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March 2016Present

Co-Organizing Chairperson

Bersama Kita Boleh

Initiated by Together We Can Change the World, an NGO dedicated to improving the well-being of disadvantaged children and women in SE Asia, in collaboration with UCSI Scholars' Circle (U-Schos), Microsoft and Leaderonomics, Bersama Kita Boleh (literally Together We Can in Malay language) aims to raise no less than 5,000MYR for ten charity organizations in Malaysia, at the same time sustaining the relationship between corporations, youth and charitable NGOs. An event on May 22, 2016, had brought together 50 CSR and volunteer teams from Malaysia's businesses, nonprofits, and service communities, uniting to give back and make a difference for the less fortunate. The next phase followed after which continues on right now, where a university student network is now being formed to continuously sustain our provisional and educational support for the refugee homes and charity centers.

February 2016

Youth Delegate

Symposium on Operationalizing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and Malaysian Economic Planning Unit (EPU)

I was selected as one of the 50 youth delegates at the symposium of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), along with 350 other leaders and representatives of various nationalities from corporations, NGOs, public sectors and education institutions. The symposium was held at Putrajaya International Convention Center (PICC), Malaysia, and was themed 'Malaysia's Commitment to SDGs and A People-Centered ASEAN'.

February 2016Present

Student Representative

Focus Group on Internationalization, UCSI University

I was nominated by the university to be one of the three student representatives of a six-man focus group that is led by the Vice President of Student Affairs and Alumni (SAA) at UCSI University. This dedicated and crosscutting, cooperative focus group aims to draft, strategize on and implement the blueprint and policies on campus internationalization.

December 2015

Youth Delegate

Better Understanding for a Better World Conference (BUBW) Indonesia Conference 2015, Civilizations Exchange and Cooperation Foundation (CECF)

I represented UCSI University to this international youth conference on global peacebuilding, interfaith and intercultural exchange. This conference was held at Yogyakarta, Indonesia from December 2nd to 6th, 2015, and I was the only Malaysian youth delegate at the conference, which was participated by over 300 young individuals from 25 different nations. I am honored to have been selected as the best participant and was awarded a cash prize of IDR 1.5 million.

February 2016May 2016



In conjunction with The UNIQVERSITY© Life Student Leader Summit 2016, I returned to the team to direct the IDEAS Challenge, at both state and national levels, crossing over three cities in Malaysia. The IDEAS Challenge allows young student leaders at high schools to understand, analyze, brainstorm, and debate on feasible and innovative solutions to social and environmental issues. 

March 2015July 2015

Co-Organizing Chairperson

The UNIQVERSITY© Life Student Leader Summit 2015

The UNIVERSITY© Life 2015 is a two-day student leader summit jointly organized by UCSI Scholars' Circle (U-Schos) and UCSI University. In its first founding year, the summit was participated by 136 student leaders from 16 high schools in Malaysia. Themed "Discover, Change, Impact", this summit aims to inculcate leadership values among young individuals. Various activities and sessions were carried out for them to discover their talents and potential, to challenge their body and mind, and explore on ideas that bring change and impact to the society.

October 2014May 2015

Awards Director

Malaysia's Top 10 Most Impactful Young Leaders Award

The Malaysia's Top 10 Most Impactful Young Leaders Award was featured in the 3rd U-Schos Leadership Lecture Series (ULLS 2015). I led the Awards team through an eight-month process of drafting the award criteria; forming the nomination, review and selection committees with our strategic partners from 1 Malaysia for Youth (iM4U), Empowering Youth Endeavors (EYE) Project, Junior Chamber International (JCI) Malaysia, as well as YouthsToday; and the final voting process which involved youth and higher learners from a total of 27 universities and colleges from all around Malaysia. More than 10,000 votes were received nationwide in the one-month voting duration, and ultimately 10 winners out of 25 finalists were awarded during the award presentation ceremony on May 9, 2015. The awards were presented by Datuk Paul Low, Minister of the Prime Minister's Department.

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March 2015Present

Council Member

UCSI University Student Council

My council membership in the Student Council of UCSI University is effective for the following positions I hold:

  1. Co-founder and president, UCSI-MINDS Student Chapter
  2. Vice president, UCSI Scholars' Circle (U-Schos)
May 2014May 2015

Director of Public Affairs

UCSI Scholars' Circle (U-Schos)

U-Schos is a youth body made up of scholarship recipients of UCSI University. It is a platform for personal and professional development, community outreach, intervarsity collaboration and civic engagement.

As the Director of Public Affairs, I establish and strengthen the Circle's connection and relations with different universities, youth bodies, and other organizations. 

July 2014February 2015

Organizing Chairperson

'War on Dengue' Community Project - Collaboration with iM4U, in conjunction with U-Schos Camp 2015

War on Dengue is a value-added initiative to U-Schos Camp 2015, and a collaborative mission with 1 Malaysia for Youth (iM4U) in spreading awareness on dengue prevention among schooling children in rural areas.

This project is especially useful at that point of time as it was just right after the worst flood in the east coast of Peninsula Malaysia. The rise of dengue cases had been very worrying.

October 2015May 2016

Weekend Builder

Build for Tomorrow – Earthship Biotecture

This unparalleled project aims to build the very first Earthship in Malaysia. This initiative pushes the boundaries of recycling and sustainable building. The team has been empowering a local indigenous community known as the Temuan people in the district of Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia to replicate systems never before seen in the country.

The structure consists of one shared community hall and two dome-shaped houses. The design is a mixture of earthship and vernacular principles. It is perfectly sustainable as it features rainwater harvesting, water filtration and recycling systems, passive cooling, renewable energy production, sewage treatment on site and organic food production. Plus, it is 100% environmental friendly and pollutant-free.

The building materials are all recyclable and natural. They include tires, bottles, cans, dirt, construction waste, palm oil byproducts, bamboo, recycled timber, etc.

June 2015Present

First Aid Trainer

St John Ambulance

I am a certified first aid trainer of St. John Ambulance of Malaysia (SJAM). I consistently conduct first aid and pre-hospital care training to both members and the general public. I am also responsible for invigilating basic first aid examinations among the members as well as the general public.

September 2015Present

Training Coordinator

Kuala Lumpur No. 3 Combined Adult Division, St. John Ambulance

Previously the Operation and Training Coordinator at Kuala Lumpur Pudu Combined Adult Division, I now handle first aid and leadership training at this relatively new division. 



B.Eng (Hons) Chemical Engineering

UCSI University

I was enrolled into UCSI University in January 2013. This is a four-year degree program with honors. I am expected to graduate by April 2017.


Malaysian Higher School Certificate (STPM)

Methodist Boys Secondary School Kuala Lumpur (MBSSKL)

Subjects taken:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Pure Mathematics
  • General Studies

CGPA: 3.50

Malaysian University English Test (MUET): Band 5 (out of 6)



I have proven my leadership ability by successfully chairing in a few organizing committees of several events in the university, especially in UCSI Scholars' Circle (U-Schos) and the Malaysian Invention and Design Society (MINDS) Student Chapter. Also, throughout my work in St. John Ambulance, I have been entrusted with leading my team towards accomplishing great achievements.

Strategic Planning

I currently hold the vice presidency in talent development at UCSI Scholars' Circle (U-Schos) and is currently also holding the directorship of the Talent Acquisition and Development department, where I am responsible for human resource development.

The teams that I have conducted training for so far include the Executive Committee of 2015/16, Hands of Hope (a charity subsidiary of U-Schos that aims to academically educate the underserved community), Scholar Enrichment Program (SEP) department, and the Task Force department, which comprises of a group of young junior scholars that are constantly active in facilitating in our programs.

As U-Schos aims to empower impact-driven and socially responsible youths, strategic plannings are extremely important to pave ahead a future direction based on our vision.

Strategic Alliance

In UCSI Scholars' Circle (U-Schos), one of my duties is to explore for, identify, and secure external collaborations for our events and projects. In order to achieve this, I constantly lead my team to attend public events involving social entrepreneurs, organization leaders, youth leaders, etc. and in the process we are able to initiate connections. 

Project Management

Having garnered a decent list of experiences from working on various projects and initiatives, I have gradually equipped myself with the ability to apply processes, methods, knowledge, skills and experience to be able to achieve project outcome and objectives.


I have the ability to work and cooperate well in a team, thanks to the experience I have garnered through my extensive extracurricular involvements.

Engineering Software

I am currently entering my final year as an undergraduate of Chemical Engineering. My experience has allowed me to be able to carry out mathematical and basic engineering operations related to my studies. Besides that, I am able to operate a few related computer applications including:

  1. Aspen HYSYS
  2. UniSim
  3. AutoCAD
  4. SolidWorks
  5. Matlab
  6. SuperPro
Public Speaking

I have developed experiences in public speaking by having been, for example, the master of ceremony for a couple of major events in the university, and also carrying out presentations in many instances.


Recently, I have been the Master of Ceremony for the following occasions:

  1. UCSI University Trust Awards and Scholarship Presentation Ceremony
  2. Rise and Aspire with YB Khairy Jamaluddin
  3. Student Entrepreneurial Experience (SEE) Conference 2015
  4. UCSI Orientation Days (August 2015)
  5. UCSI International Welcome Party (May 2015)
  6. UCSI Orientation Days (April 2015)
  7. (U-Schos) Hands of Hope Charity Musical Night (Dec 2014)

Three years of experience in giving academic tuition to children and teenagers have honed my teaching skills in effective information delivery.

Microsoft Office

I have garnered a decent level of experiences in dealing with Office Tools, namely MS Word, MS Excel and especially MS PowerPoint. 


I am able to proficiently converse and write in the following languages:

  1. English (US/UK)
  2. Mandarin Chinese
  3. Malay Language (Bahasa Melayu)

Other than these, I am also able to converse fluently in Cantonese. Also, I have a beginner fluency in Spanish.

First Aid

I am an Advanced First Aid (AFA) holder via the St. John Ambulance of Malaysia. Also recently, I have acquired my First Aid Trainer title, henceforth rendering me with the eligibility to conduct first aid training to members of the general public.

Awards and Certifications

March 2016

Outstanding Extracurricular Award

UCSI university

This award is given to only one student annually at UCSI University. It aims to recognize the contributions of the awardee in areas including global citizenship, community service, youth leadership, and civic engagement, of both regional and international involvements.

March 2016

SJAM Five Years Service Medal

St. John Council of Malaysia

In 2004, the National St. John Council of Malaysia introduced the Five Years Service Medal to recognize members and officers who have performed efficiently for at least five years, continuously. This medal was introduced in recognition of the efficient service of St. John Ambulance of Malaysia (SJAM) members and officers who have been diligently discharging their duties. This award precedes the Service Medal of the Order of St. John, which is awarded for ten years active and efficient service.

Dec 2015

Best Participant Award - Better Understanding for a Better World (BUBW) Indonesia International Conference 2015

Civilizations Exchange and Cooperation Foundation (CECF)

I have represented UCSI University as the only Malaysian delegate in the BUBW Indonesia 2015 global conference that took place in Yogyakarta from December 2 to December 6, 2015. This conference was participated by more than 300 youths from 25 different countries. The main features of this conference include leadership, global conflict resolution, and intercultural and interfaith dialogues and exchanges. Along with this award was an incentive of IDR1,500,000.00.

Jan 2014Dec 2016

UCSI University Trust Scholarship

UCSI University Trust

The UCSI University Trust Scholarship is offered to Malaysian and International students who demonstrate outstanding academic achievements and participate actively in extracurricular activities.

The scholarship is opened to students who enrolled in any of the foundation programs or any diploma or any degree programs at UCSI University.

This scholarship award offers full (Malaysian only) or partial tuition fee waiver throughout the student's undergraduate study period at UCSI University.

June 2015

First Aid Trainer Certification

St. John Ambulance

Lai Hao Cherng (WP00-109972) was certified as a first aid trainer after completing and passing the Training the Trainers (TTT) course. This certificate does not expire.

Feb 2014Feb 2017

Advanced First Aid Certification

St. John Ambulance Of Malaysia

Lai Hao Cherng (WP00-109972) was certified to have passed the Advance First-Aid (AFA) course. This certificate is valid for three years.

The AFA certification allows one to further pursue the certification of being a first aid trainer, subsequently via the Training The Trainers (TTT) course.

Dec 2013Present

Grand Prior's Award

Venerable Order of Saint John: Order Secretariat of London, England

The Grand Prior's Award, also called the Grand Prior Award, named for Grand Prior of the Venerable Order of Saint John, is the highest award that a cadet in the St. John Ambulance Youth Program can achieve. The Grand Prior's Award recognizes a self-motivated and capable young person's ongoing commitment, compassion, and support. It is recognized and awarded internationally by various branches of the program. The Grand Prior's Award is recognized in many countries, including England and the Islands, Wales, Canada, Malaysia, New Zealand, and Australia.

I have been awarded the Grand Prior's for successfully passing twelve (12) cadet proficiency courses in total. These include Knowledge of the Order, Citizenship, Animal Care, Outdoor Pursuit, etc.

June 2012

The Allahyarham Y.A.B Tun Haji Abdul Razak Bin Dato' Haji Hussein's Trophy

St. John Ambulance of Malaysia

Named for the second prime minister of Malaysia, Tun Abdul Razak Hussein (1922-1976), the award is given to the champion of short case (ambulance adult category) in the National First Aid and Home Nursing Competition, held annually among Malaysian state champions.

May 2012

The President's Cup

St. John Ambulance of Malaysia, Wilayah Persekutuan

This award is given to highest achiever in the State First Aid and Home Nursing Competition held annually among the three Federal Territories, i.e. Kuala Lumpur, Labuan and Putrajaya.

Jan 2014Apr 2014

Dean's List

Faculty of Engineering, Technology and Built Environment (FETBE), UCSI University

The Dean's List is awarded to students who have made excellent academic achievement on a semester basis.

Apr 2013Jul 2013

Dean's List

Faculty of Engineering, Technology and Built Environment (FETBE), UCSI University

The Dean's List is awarded to students who have made excellent academic achievement on a semester basis.

Jan 2013Apr 2013

Dean's List

Faculty of Engineering, Technology and Built Environment (FETBE), UCSI University

The Dean's List is awarded to students who have made excellent academic achievement on a semester basis.