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About Me

I am 29, well educated and groomed male. I have attended different training and online workshops like massage and human mind behavior, Psychological impact of body therapy and Mind relaxation with body massage etc. Practically I have been working as massage therapist from last 5 years.

I also had affiliation with one of the good beauty saloon and health SPA for a massage therapy.

Services & Packages

Neck and Backbone massage

Duration: 25 Min, Type: Oil/Dry on choice, Price= Rs. 1000/-

Focused Areas: Neck Front/Back, Backbone, Shoulders

Mind Relaxing Massage

Duration: 45 Min, Type: Dry, Price= Rs. 1800/-

Focused Areas: Neck Back/Front, Forehead, Backbone, Thais, Legs, Tummy, Arms

Body Massage

Duration: 75 Min, Type: Dry/Oil on choice, Price= Rs. 3000/-

Focused Areas: Complete Body Massage with extensive relaxation. Including Legs, Butts, Tummy, Pelvic bone, Breast, Arms.

Thai Special Massage

Duration: 60 Min, Type: Dry/Oil on choice, Price= Rs. 2500/-

Focused Areas: Legs, Butts, Tummy, Pelvic Bone

Appointment Process

Process Steps

1.       Client needs to contact me through email.

2.       After initial discussion if client feel comfortable and want to proceed further I will send her an "Initial Screening Form" which will be used to gather some basic information for customize the session.

Note: You don't need to provide your real name in the form; screening form will contain simple questions based on your preferences like you need a session in light ON or OFF, any specific pressure points and about your general health.

3.       After filling the form client need to send me the filled form.

4.       Client also needs to make a call to me on my cell number. (Telephone call will cover the verification part at both ends) - This is mandatory as no appointment will take place without call verification.

5.       After verification call, client may share all the expectations clearly and discuss about the date/time/charges & location and finalize the deal.

Note:  client has to select one option according to her comfort level.

Option 1: At client's door step/ place, I will visit clients place on defined plan and timings. (Secrecy, security and confidentiality will be the responsibility of Client).

Option 2: Arrange safe place, I may arrange safe place with client's consent in suitable area and within reasonable budget. (Secrecy, security and confidentiality will be of my responsibility).  



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