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Best Work

Lincoln is more than a vampire-killerTo me, this article is one the best essays I've ever written in any class. The hook was very different and creative. I used the organization of the piece in a way I had never tried before and I thought it worked out beautifully. A major focus on this piece was the use of a more complex and developed vocabulary.

Euclid Entourage Article

I thought I took a very sincere approach to the article. I didn't sensationalize nor did point out only the negatives. I took everything that had happened, both positive and negatives, and exposed them without letting my own personal opinion seep through.

“Please, make yourself at home.”

One of the most mature things I've written. I thought it was a perfect combination of humor and maturity. It helped convey a message while still maintaining a very entertaining reading. The response I got from the community was phenomenal and very refreshing.


I am a part of Hayes's basketball program and an active supporter of all Pacer athletics. I am a member of the Ultimate Frisbee Club at Hayes and often play with the other members. For the previous two years, the basketball team participated with the Shop With Sheriff event, and this year are making an effort to discourage drunk driving in respect to the passing of Heidi Hecker.

My Highlight

The best thing to happen to me this year thus far was the reaction I got after the Rants with Ralph in the 3rd issue. I had people I didn't even know read the newspaper congratulating me and thanking me. The most notable person was Jeff, one of the custodians. It made me feel real good about article.

Personal Initiative

One very notable example of me taking initiative was designing the nameplate for the October edition. I thought it was a sweet and noble thing to do and for a good cause. Another would be the change of Rants With Ralph to be more of a soapbox type column. I was afraid that it wouldn't be as funny, but it turned out to be even funnier which made me happy. An example of me stepping outside my comfort zone was the way I edited/revised others work. Previously, I had not been very comfortable advising others, but by the end of the 1st term I have become comfortable giving people extensive feedback.

Goals for 2nd Semester

One goal that I would like to accomplish would be to write one, very well written news story. For the first four issues I have been content with writing in the opinion, sports, and humor section. I think that I have the ability to write an exciting story, but have yet to prove it thus far. I have written a couple of news stories, or non-opinion, but they were more of summaries rather than investigations.

Staff Improvements

First thing I think we can improve on as a staff is our revision process. When we are checking the pdf file the day before we send out to the publisher, people are checking for errors in a very unorganized manner and because of it, things get missed. I think if we designate a certain job for each member, they can focus on checking that and only that so nothing gets missed. For example, have one person check all of the photo captions and have another check all the text fonts, ect..The cutouts could use a little more work on their quality. I plan on making a tutorial to show people a fool proof way of doing them.

Lastly, I think people should make more of an effort to make headlines for their own articles and then the designers can change them at their discretion. This will make for more accurate headlines and easier designing.


Journalistic Writting
Passed sophomore journalism class. Currently a writer on the school's newspaper. Often read the New York Times and analyze writing as part of the AP Lang course I'm currently enrolled in. I have a solid understanding of journalistic writing. Reading and editing others' writings for Talisman has helped me to expand my own knowledge of the writing style.
Graphic Designing
I have one year of graphic designing under my belt and have been independently designing for roughly two years. I have a copy of Photoshop cs5 on my personal laptop, but used Paint.NET and Gimp when I first started. I have often went to YouTube videos and other forums for tutorials to better my skills. I designed a lot over the summer with the excess amount of time, but that time drastically declined once the school year began.