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Fashion Photography

Portrait Photography

Photography in general

Video & audiovisual pre-production, production and post-production


Audiovisual and Multimedial Communication 9th semester student from La Sabana University, with special interest in fashion & portrait photography and audiovisual project developement. Habilities on group work, leadership and incidental situation resolution. I have great willingnessto learnquickly,bothguidedby tutorsand bymy own.

I am completely aware of costumer - oriented service, I consider it the most important part of giving a service to someone, the 100% of a service is 70% customer service 30% product. The costumer is there to be satisfied having a great attention, answering questions and giving him/her what he/she wants, needs and deserves. 

Work experience

Jul 2011Present

Social internship on Promotion area

Colombian Red Cross - National Blood Bank

Social Internship is an internship in a non-profit organization with social or cultural purposes.

My job was to edit and record several video takes of the National blood bank to create an institutional video to help the promotion area to fulfill their tasks which are:

- Attract and preserve habitual and occasional blood donors

- Sell blood compound units (plasma,red blood cells, platelets) to IPS and hospitals

- Get the National blood bank to be known by Colombian Society

- Highlightthe quality of the products

- Show the internal processes of the National blood bank

Also creating several short videos (max. 1 minute) explainingthe myths aboutblood donation.

Sep 2011Present


Independent - Danzastudio

Portrait and group photography shoot session at Danzastudio dance academy.

May 2007Present



Social event Photographer for "Club Rotario de Occidente", Weddings, Parties, Concerts, Year Books (Gimnasio el Hontanar School 2006 & 2007) and product photography

Feb 2011Jun 2011

General Direction of the short movie "Café"

Universidad de La Sabana - Academic experience - Fiction audiovisual realization workshop

During the Fiction audiovisual realization workshop I had the opportunity to be the General Director of Café a short film realized during this class in which we had to create and produce a story.

My personal achievments in this project were:

- Lead the stage work with a group of about 20 people in front and behind scenes from actors to technicians.

- Manage and cash in on low resources.

- Plandays andshooting locations,so that theyadjustedto unforeseen eventsthat occurred.

- Timely completion of thefinalproduct

Jun 2009Jul 2009

Post - Production assistant

En pánico producciones

Summertime work assisting the post-production of the short film Sometamosomatemos. My job was to assist the process of creation of masks for crhoma keying in After effects software.


Jan 2008Present

Audiovisual and Multimedial Communicator

Universidad de La Sabana

Danzastudio Photo Shooting

Other photos


Language - Spanish
Spanish native speaker with neutral accent.
Language - English
I understand and speak fluent american English with vocabulary of advanced complexity. Read and write instructions, articles, essays and academic writings.   In the case of immersion into an English speaking culture I will adapt to the vocabulary and conditions I am in, willing always to learn more about language, culture and work issues.
Language - French
I speak and understand French, I can hold a conversation of average difficulty with common vocabulary also write and read documents of medium complexity.
Adobe Flash
Flash animation basic skills. Action scripts basics
Basic motion animation graphics. navigation with camera and keyframe animation.
Color correction and manipulation unification of takes and videos. creative color design.
Sony Vegas
Editing software. Basic edition and color correction   self-learned
Final Cut
Final Cut edition software, Basic and advanced edition process, filters, key frame editing, chroma.   I learned this software at university
Corel Draw
Graphic design and layout of different types of documents and graphic pieces, experience on designing CD covers.   I learned this software since I was 8 years old, it was part thought by my father who is a graphical designer and part self learnt through years.
Adobe Illustrator
Vector illustration to achieve medium compexity original graphic pieces   I learned this software at university.
Photoshop photo retouching
Photo Retouch in Adobe Photoshop Software, including basics to skin and eyes retouching also adding graphic elements and advanced edition with tools as liquify. I consider myself as a quick learner in this software because I know how to use most of the tools in an advanced way.   I learned to use this software at university, but my interest in photo editing and retouching lead me to learn most of the things by myself with tutorials and experience.


Sep 2011Dec 2011

Scriptwriting for film and television

Universidad de La Sabana
Jun 2010Dec 2010

Leadership Workshop

Líderes Visión Colombia (LVC)