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Laetitia Fatela

HR Manager/IT Recruiter (B. FR/ENG)


I have 6 years of professional experience in HR : IT recruitment, HR management (generalist, HE Business Partner), HR data analysis, Employees administration. Since 2 years, I am specializing in Global mobility and immigration processes for foreign skilled workers to Canada.

I've worked in different environments, sometimes alone sometimes with a team: multinational organizations, public sector, consulting company.

I am looking for a new opportunity in recruitment, generalist HR management or coordination, global mobility.

Work History

June 2014Present

HR Manager & IT Recruiter / Responsable RH & Recruteur TI - FR/ENG

ACENSI (Montreal, QC)

Context: I took part on ACENSI’s Canadian subsidiary building, created in November 2013 in Montreal.

  • Recruitment: My main role is to recruit consultants for our clients.
    • Sourcing on LinkedIn,
    • Online displaying of the job offers, on website, on job boards and on Social Medias,
    • Driving phone and face-to-face interviews, submitting candidates to technical testes and writing the competences portfolio,
    • Updating the CRM with the new applicants profile and following-up activity reporting,
    • Organizing ACENSI Canada participation at the Montreal IT Employment Convention (Biannual): registration, strategy, communication & goodies, profiles forms, logistics…


  • Global Mobility: I hire several specific competences temporary workers from Europe. I’ve learned by myself how to hire foreign workers and handled their Working Permit application. I’ve succeeded all the recruitments (3 external and 1 internal) of foreign workers.
    • Building the Foreign worker file: Labour Market Impact Assessment and Quebec Acceptance Certificate with all the supportive documents,
    • Weekly monitoring the application process with Quebec and Canada governments,
    • Integrating of the consultant in Montreal: Administrative support, help finding the first flat.
    • Immigration Law surveillance,
    • Designing the process of incoming mobility for both external and internal recruitments.


  • Processes and HR Management:
    • Creating ACENSI internal processes and practical files for the Canadian subsidiary (recruitment, training plans, administration, communication, immigration, main HR laws, best networking events in Montreal)
    • Supporting Business Managers activity,
    • Employment / Outsourcing contract writing (in collaboration with the lawyer), Administrating the timesheets, the contractors billing, the employees’ payrolls, the clients’ billing,
    • Answering to employees day-to-day questions.
    • Subscripting to the company’s Insurances (Professional and Health complementary).
    • Creating (IT) Networking partnership with AQT, Réseau Action TI, CCI (“Chambre de Commerce et de l’Industrie”), and AQIII. Helping Business Managers to found the best IT networking events in Montreal. 

Seasonnal jobs

Décathlon, Charleen, Galeries Lafayette (Paris, France)

WH Visa process + Preparation for experience in Canada


HR Business Partner

Orange Business Services (Paris, France)

Context: Collaborating with the HR Director of ITSS Department & Cloud Computing Team and the HR Business Partner of ITSS, I assisted them of the management of both of those teams. I became gradually responsible of the Cloud Computing Team, turning myself into the Principal HR Business Partner of the Team.

Team size:             ITSS Department ~ 1 000 employees (France, Hong-Kong, Singapore, USA)

Cloud Computing Team ~ 25 employees

  • Operational HR Management:
    • Staff roadmap and compensation: following-up of the biannual employees review with the manager, of the bonus attribution regarding the budget, consulting for managers on operational, HR and compensation actions;
    • Training plan : collecting requirements, analysis regarding the budget, consulting for managers and employees on internal and external trainings attributions, plan arbitrage, follow-up of the trainings actions;
    • Internal communications: collaborating with Internal Communication Department on the HR newsletters for managers;
    • Administrative: managing employees’ individual issues;
    • Autonomous management of interns: recruiting, administrative management, constructing integration process for managers, trimestral individual interviews;
    • Labour-management dialogue: managing monthly meetings reports for staff representative.


  • HR Project Coordinator (25 to 50% of my time)

Context: OBS has created the Orange Cloud for Business subsidiary on 2013. This subsidiary’s objective was to sell Cloud standard solutions at its professional clients. I’ve actively participated to the recruitment coordination. I was the exclusive intermediate between the Directors and the recruiters.

  • Actively participating to the HR Steering Committee;
  • Organizing weekly meetings with the targeted Directors to follow-up the recruitments;
  • Constructing and weekly updating the recruitment reporting;
  • Constructing communication support for managers and HR for package negotiation;
  • Participating to recruitment interviews as a HR Manager, with the Compensation Manager.

Seasonnal jobs

Aleven, City One, Charleen, Université Paris Descartes (Paris, France)

Worked as an hostess for different clients (Printemps, Baccarat, ...).

Worked as an administrative agent for Business Trip Expenses Reimbursment Department at Paris Descartes University for 6 months.


HR Data Analyst

Paris Descartes University (Paris, France)

Context: Voted in 2007, the “Pecresse Law: Liberties and Responsibilities of Universities” has given Financial autonomy to Universities. For that matter, each University has to do a rigorous control of its budget. Contrary to Financial Accounting (cost by Departments), the Management Accounting has helped the Universities to have a real visibility on the cost of each activity of the University. I was involved in this project as a Payrolls Management Controller.

  • Introducing financial indicators for Annual Payroll Budget Management on Excel (almost 13 500 employees);
  • Controlling those indicators collaborating with the Administrative Managers of the University Faculties and with the CEO of the University;
  • Controlling particular elements on the payrolls to establish warnings in case of unusual increase;
  • Creating the internal process for the Payrolls Management Control and implementation of this process on each entity of the University (trainings for Managers)
  • Actively participating to a Change Management Project – change of the Information System to SAP:
    • Implementing Management Accounting, traduced for the Payrolls Management;
    • Creating the process for the payrolls analysis and control with warnings in case of exceeding or unusual consumption;
    • Training Managers on this new process.



HR assistant

Renault SAS (Paris, France)
  • Managing individual employees situations (attestation of employment, sick leave, maternity leave, parental leave, payrolls, holidays);
  • Managing subrogation in collaboration with “French public welfare Services
  • E-Mail and Phone hotline



Master in HR Management in Multinational Corporations

IAE Gustave Eiffel, Paris (France)


Languages written/spoken

French (native), English (fluent), Spanish (intermediate), Portuguese (mother tongue)

Microsoft Suite Office v. 2007 to Office 365

Advanced Level on Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Skype for Enterprise

LinkedIn Recruiter

Bolean search, Files organization, Reminders, Automated Saved Searches


Indeed, Bullhorn, Emploi-Quebec


As a user: SAP RH / Fi-Co,

As an administrator: BoondManager (CRM)

Cloud Storage - Team work

OneDrive, Google Drive, iCloud