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Work experience

Jun 2005Jun 2008



Anhui University Hefei China  June 2007- june 2008

I was in Charge of the English Department teaching 3 levels of University IELTS English

My website was hacked and I lost that data

All Courses and StudentRecords were on the Moodle from Anhui and also Woosong University.

Huangshan Yellow Mountain..Video

Wuhan University  China 2002- 2003

I was Head of English and established the English School and Department and created the Courses in this new Department. I taught Students at one level preparing them with an University year of Intensive English prior to studying in Australia.All students were post graduate students.

All the students went to Australia to complete their post graduate studies

Jun 2005Jun 2007

Instructor English

Woosong University

Woosong University Daejeon Korea 2006-2007

I was Professor of English teaching first and second year students English

As Instructor I also taught Middle and Junior School students English at Woosong University Afte School Program. I also taught adults English.

I started with Active English and then started the Moodle format for the Courses and Reporting student progress and reports.

My website was which was hacked and ceased in 2008

The first website I started with was

Harvard English School Nonsan Korea 2005-2006

This was my first Korean Teaching job teaching English to students aged from kindergarten to High School. I used Art and a Creative approach to teaching English, as well as computer Programs with slides, movies and Power Point Stories that I created for the students. These were my first e-books called 'talking books' and wee utilized to created vocabulary for the students

Jan 2005Sep 2005

Art Teacher

Queensland Education Department

I was Teaching Art to students aged from Grade 1 to Grade 12.

Students had 2 hours of Art a week and I taught Oil Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture, Water color, collage, and explored all areas of the Curriculum both Primary and Secondary.

The Blackhall Community Art Festival was organised by me. I had Senior Students create their own Artist displays as part of the Art Exhibition, and displayed my own Art as well as Art entries from the Community. Art was sold with proceeds going to the School Council.

Art Show at Blackhall

Butterfly Dreaming  Butterfly Dreaming

Student Art was entered successfully in the Blackhall Agricultural Show and I won the Show Aggregate Blue Ribbon.

I worked with the Community Centre teaching Computers and was an active member of the Catholic Church.

Evenings I ran Adult Art Classes where I taught Painting, printmaking and Pottery to Community Members and Students from the school who attended for extra experience.


B Arts

Latrobe University

Bachelor of Arts : Latrobe University...

1975-1977 B.A. Latrobe University Victoria Student ID 73111003 with a concentration on Philosophy and English.

Majors Philosophy in Education, Philosophy is Religion, Philosophy is Psychology and History

Feb 1994Dec 1995

Dip Visual Arts Photography

Melbourne TAFE

I studied Photography

I also majored in Painting

and Printmaking

Mar 1978Dec 1980


Melbourne University

Master Of Educational Administration : Monash University...

1979-1982 M.Ed.Admin. Monash University Victoria Student ID 10256822

  Administration Studies  for Principal. I completed 4 Units in 1979and 4 Units in 1980 with 1st and 2nd Honors.

My Minor Thesis was on Transistion from Primary School to Secondary Schools.

My Major Thesis was on Leadership Styles... Education, Business and Military..A Comparison and Study

Bachelor of Education : Melbourne University.. 1978-1980 B.Ed. Melbourne University Student ID 780253 Post Graduate Degree, completed after completing 3 years Bachelor of Arts. Specialised and Majored in Community Education and Cultural Studies with first class honors and Equal First Place in Community Education.

Bachelor of Arts : Latrobe University...

1975-1977 B.A. Latrobe University Victoria Student ID 73111003 with a concentration on Philosophy and English.

Feb 1968Dec 1972


Deakin University

1968-1969 Trained Primary Teachers Certificate Burwood Teachers College Student ID 67750

I graduated with a TPTC 

the following two years I attended Toorak Teachers College where I completed a further 2 years study Education 1 and Education 2 for a 4 year Teacher Qualification.

Power Point Presentations


Travis O'Keefe

Head of Curriculum and Vice Principal at Cloncurry SS

David Fernando

Teach at Halls Creek WA

Art and Photography

Art Displays

Art Shows and Displays

Online Classroom Teaching


Online Presentation and Public Speaking    
Writing Articles
"Memories are Unforgettable" Memoirs Of A Soon To Be-ex-teacher » Who Stole The Easter Bunny ...easter 2008 » Cherie: Daredevil Darling Of The Skies » Secret To Raising Smart Kids Is To Be A Smart Parent
Podcasting and Voice
I started reading for the Blind at Radio RPH in Prahran in Melbourne in the 80's. My early blog has been created for Print Handicapped and ESL Readers   I started reading news extracts for Students at Wuhan in China in 2003, and have extended it to Poetry and Short Stories     I have created and made Ebooks for students using Power Point and also Desktop publisher and Onetruemedia using my voice and student voices.    
Before 2000 I worked with the Darkroom and processed my own Black and white Photography. I have run 3 teaching darkrooms and taught adults at night at the TAFE and School.  Some of my photographs used in Teaching projects for Vocabulary and language    Also   Photographic Blogs  
Website design and Creation
I have created every wesite I have and have been creating teaching websites every year since 1998 in new Zealand. My first website was at Angelfire and then Tripod. They are now under the base name http:// My early websites are                                                                               http//   From 2005 to 2998 I started using Moodle. I also had Drupal sites and epal sites.   2008 has seen courses utilizing Wikis and student wikis
Online Shop
Creating merchandise for selling. I had students creating their own merchandise wirth Desert Art. Ladymaggic Cafepress Shop 
Publishing Ebooks
I have been creating Ebooks on many sites and MicrosoftMovies  I created 18 Ebooks with Desktop Publisher in 2005-2007 and currently that website is being redone Ebooks   The current Ebooks are  Tianzhu Mountain, Tianzhu Temple, Quotes for Inspiration and Chinese Cooking.   My Early Ebooks were photographs and Music... Broome to Perth: Ebooks online


Teaching Academic Writing and Research Methodology to Students from Universities and Colleges and Schools20 Years Teaching in Melbourne and Victoria, Australia with a variety of Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, and Colleges and Universities, in leadesrhip roles at Head of Department and Principal Cremorne Street Richmond Vic. 8 years teaching in Outback Areas, in West Australia and Queensland, with a focus on teaching English as a Second Language, using Computer Programs and online teaching for Research and Development.Principal at Haasts Bluff, NT4 years teaching in Asia, China and South Korea, with a focus on Academic and Professional Writing using Power Point, slideshows and E-Books. 3 years teaching ESL students in Korea, utilizing voice recording, voice banks and student self paced programs in Academic Research and Writing.

5 Years teaching in New Zealand, Invercargill, and Principal at Mahia Peninsula and Dipton.

Developing and presenting teacher and student in-training workshops, and designing web pages that organize educational Internet Resources for Teachers, Students and ESL Professionals. Writing and Creating Programs and Newsletters.Extensive Knowledge of Instructional Strategies in teaching English for specific puposes and Program Development.

Online Presenter and Teacher at Active English Speaking anf WizIQ Virtual Classrooms


Online Classroom Presenter