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Value to a team
Considers the practicalities of any issue. Breaks down barriers to completion. Can perform several roles at once. Demonstrates leadership and involvement. Encourages down to earth realism. Likes to be in the thick of action. Is a forthright advocate for the team. Will see a project through to conclusion. Keeps other on track. Can focus equally upon "task and process".    
My Key Strengths:
I keep my finger on the pulse. Keen sense of priorities. Industrious and decisive pragmatic, rational thinker. Frank, honest, straight forward leader. Rapid oganization skills. Readily accepts authority and change. A strong work ethic. Can master technical subjects.   Microsoft word, Excel,Power Point, Outlook, (2007&2010) Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Final Cut Pro, and imovie

Honorable Acknoledgements


Mystic lake employee of the month for July 2008

Mystic lake employee of the month for November 2006


Globe university Fall Honer roll

Globe university Great Attendance

Community Experiance

MN SNAP Animal Care services

Banfield Animal hospital May

Cemila Rose Hospitality Home

Tubman Family Alliaince

Founding and co-directing a community choir, volunteer work at the Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley, Nanny work for friends and neighbors.

Work experience

Oct 2012Dec 2012

Sales Contractor

Satcom Marketing LLC (contract)
  • Out bound Calling 50+/ day
  • Inbound calling
  • Appointment setting
  • Promotions of cable packages
Sep 2010Jan 2011


Pro staff (contract)

Guest & customer service representative

Light industrial


  • filling orders
  • packing
  •  unloading

White house custome color

  • packing
  • filling order
  • printing pictures

Rust Consulting

  • inbound calling
  • consulting
May 2009Jan 2010

Room Attendant

Westin Minneapolis
  • Guest service representative
  • Cleaning Rooms
  • Inventory
  • Stocking Products
Mar 2006Dec 2009

Room Attendant

Mystic Lake Hotel
  • Guest service
  • cleaning rooms
  • Inventory
  • Stocking products

Child Enrichment center Associate

Y's Kids child care
  • Monitored children between the ages of 4-8 years of old
  • Assisted the event coordinator (field trips, work shops, etc)
Mar 2003Apr 2004


Pinewood Mortgage
  • Organized Data
  • Appointment setting
  • Consulting
  • Distributing data
  • Data entry


Growing Family -HCMC
  • Customer service
  • Photographer of babies
  • Inventory of film
  • Promotion Information
  • Accounting


Jan 2010Present


Globe University


North High School


Sherina D

Loved working with her a pleasure to be around very helpful.

Jamie Davis

Great to work has great skills and also good work ethic

Keisha W

She is a great friend and mentor specially when we work together and she know the ropes.

John Fulkerson

He showed me tips on making good sales and also the fact that you never stop learning.

Karyn Z

she was my supervisor, she helped me utilize my skill in planning and organization as a clerical and child care assistant.