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Work experience

Promotional Model


Act as a liaison for various brands at in-store promotions and events. Learn product attributes within one week or less time and be able to sell the product to the public. Hand out promotional materials and draw attention to product booth/table/event.

Mar 2009May 2010



Create and serve alcoholic drinks for customers by following the Washington State Liquor Control Board guidelines and laws while creating and facilitating a safe and fun environment in a very high volume bar.

Make transactions by cash or credit and use the process of "upselling" to meet personal and company sales goals.

Jan 2009May 2009

Living Assistant

Dreamworks Residential

If a client had enough physical mobility to bathe and dress on their own it was my responsibility  to supervise these tasks and assist when needed.

If a client could not perform daily tasks on their own it was my responsibility to bathe and dress the client as well as cook for them. Some clients had to be fed.

I was responsible for administering medication to all clients I was working with.

Jan 2008Dec 2008

Student Leadership Coordinator

Washington State University

Coordinate leadership materials and events for fellow students on campus such as a leadership website, speaking events, and leadership camps. 



I am a soprano singer. I have sang since I was in elementary school.   Spring semester 2008 I was a public relations officer for the God's Harmony gospel choir and in the 2009 fall semester I was the president of God's Harmony well as a singer in the soprano section. We performed at the Future Cougars of Color banquet, during an Up All Night event, the ribbon cutting ceremony of the Compton Union Building (the student union building at Washington State University), and we performed the national anthem at two men's basketball games, two women's basketball games and performed during half-time of one men's basketball game.   I sang the national anthem alone at a women's basketball game.
Microsoft Word
I have used Microsoft word since I was in middle school to create documents for projects and general homework assignments.



To obtain an entry-level position in hospitality, customer service, sales, public relations, promotions, event planning, talent-management or marketing.


I have held various positions ranging from residential care to food service. These various positions have allowed me to learn a lot about my strengths and to strengthen my weaknesses. I have held positions that have challenged me and taught me a lot about myself and others. I have gained a lot of confidence in my ability to offer a lot of positive things to any situation or environment I am placed in.

I have a strong customer service background and an appreciation for it. Working with people who share my passion for customer service is very enjoyable to me; I thrive in a team environment. I am a very hard-worker, a multi-tasker and a self-starter. I would like to use my ambition in the entertainment field as a singer, model and actress.