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        I am an aspiring photographer, starting a new in Austin, Texas. Born and raised in Louisiana, my love for photography started when my father turned my bathroom into a darkroom when I was in highschool.  He was a photographer in his 20's back in England.  His appreciation for the art form was what inspired me to learn and come to love it.  I started messing around with it in while in highschool and gravitated to do it on the side while studying theater production at UNO.  I eventually decided to change my major to fine art photography after one year in college; my true passion for it took over my desire to work in theater.  After only one year in New Orleans studying, Katrina forced me out.  I returned to my hometown, Lafayette, and finished up my degree at UL.  I finished with a focus on film photography, mostly using different types of development processes.  I enjoy manipulating the image by using certain chemicals, techniques and most importantly, my hands.  I like to mix  film and digital images and processes as well.  Although, my true love still lies with black and white images captured on film, be it 35 or 120mm.

        Upon graduating, I got the travel bug and decided to move up to Portland, Oregon.  There I made friends with an aspiring local band named Bear & Moose.  I was asked to help promote them by being their booking manager/photographer.  We got a few shows booked together and I shot every one of them.  We also took some promo shots to help build a press pack that I later dropped off all around town to local venues.  I also met a young lady who was starting up a small bimonthly magazine called ButtonMag.  It focused on fashion, sex and music in the Portland area.  I did some unpaid interning for her briefly.  I shot two fashion shows,  one at a first issue bash that included a party with a local tv station and the other at a recently opened hip hotel by the airport.  The magazine was not as successful as her online blog but it was a great experience to be asked to shoot for it. 

        After about a year and a half in Portland, the south was calling me home.  I'd always loved Austin and it seemed to be a city with the same potential as Portland, the same thing I was looking for, so here I am.  I plan on becoming more professionally known in the photography world while in Austin.  I want to expand my skills here, get into the scene and network.  I want to get work up in galleries, get in with a group show, get asked to shoot at venues for bands or anything really, I want to be commissioned to shoot life in Austin.  Can you help me get my foot in the door? 


My goal is to start my own career in photography, either by freelancing or working for a business.  My one dream is to work for a company/business that is involved in the music industry.  I love concert photography, band promo shots, album covers etc. 


Music Photography.  Photojournalism.


Work experience

Jul 2011Present

Senior Photographer

Prestige Portraits/LifeTouch

I work in the studio and on site at schools as a senior photographer taking portraits ranging from tux/drape, cap and gown and of course casuals.


Jan 2006Dec 2008

Bachelor of Fine Arts

University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Aug 2003Sep 2005

University of New Orleans

Start of my education in the arts, until I was relocated to UL after hurricane Katrina.



I have my BFA in Photography.  Have been an avid photographer for many years of my life.  I am most fluent in film but carry my skills into digital just the same.  I shoot life.  I am open to all kinds of mediums and subjects from photojournalism and music to portraiture and wedding.