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Aug 2005Present


Central Michigan University

Concentration in Commercial Recreation and Facility Management.

Two Minors: Event Management and Retailing

Work experience

Jan 2009Present

Campus Representative for Disney College Program

Walt Disney Company

Recruitment of Central Michigan University Students to the Disney College Program. Host one presentation every semester. Our jobs is to put collateral on boards around campus, make classroom announcement, hold class discussions on the college program, be creative and artistic with chalking and dry erase board designs.

Sep 2006Present

General Student Assistant

Fresh Food Company

Service to the East Quad for Resident Halls on Central Michigan University Campus. Food preparation and Sanitation are the main jobs I am assigned to during the weeks. Also I serve guest food buffet style.

Jan 2010Present

NASCAR Kinetics Team Leader


Market the NASCAR company to college students on Central Michigan University campus.

Develop and answer case study questions for several companies sponsoring NASCAR (Goodyear, M&M's, NASCAR Foundation, Michigan International Speedway, etc.)

Host a viewing party for the community featuring a NASCAR Race.

Feb 2008Aug 2010

College Program Alumni

Walt Disney Company

I worked in Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom in Magic Kingdom Restaurant Operations. My Location was Stands East (Toontown, Tomorrowland, & Fantasyland). My job duties were to stock locations for the day or the next day, help out locations that needed help, give support to management and coordinators for several jobs and tasks, keep all areas clean, and run registers when breaks were needed to be given out. (Seasonal)

Oct 2003Jun 2006

Specialty Clerk

Meijer Inc.

Work in the Deli/Cafe Coppa area doing various amounts of jobs. I started out make food for customers. Food varied from fries to burgers. Also served Ice Cream and made espresso for guests.Also work to put together party trays (meat/cheese trays to chicken platters) during the holiday season.

In 2004 was able to move into the deli where I would serve guests slicing deli meats and cheeses. Continued to work with party trays during the holiday season.

Disney College Program

Grand Rapids Griffins Marketing


My name is Christine Bukowski. I am a Senior at Central Michigan University. I have a major in Recreation, Parks, and Leisure Services Administration, with a Concentration in Commercial and Facilities Management. I also have two minors in Event Management and Retailing.

Through the many years of work experience I have obtained, I have gained a large skill set. My biggest accomplishment and skill set was received from the Walt Disney Company. My guest service skill set is one of the biggest skills I bring to the table for any company.

I have also grown to become a good leader in the work place. Currently, my task as the Team Lead for the NASCAR Kinetics team on Central Michigan University's campus is allowing me to guide my team to accomplishing a goal. We want to win this year and we are making sure we come up with the best and creative ideas for the case studies NASCAR has provided to us.


My interests lie in reading science fiction and fantasy novels. I love the creativity and allowing the mind wonder along with the journeys in the books I read. I believe that most of my creativity comes from out of the books I read. My goal every summer is to ready 10+ books to increase my imagination and creativity.

Drawing is another passion of mine when the creativity begins to flow. i love the colors blending together each time and creating another world outside of this one. It use to be my hidden secret until I created a large chalk drawing for the Disney College Program in Fall 2009. The drawing took a huge spotlight in the company and got recognized. I am currently working on the next big thing for our team.

I also love sports. I played basketball for over 9 years and I have learned much about team work and dedication. Dedication comes from going hard and continuing to give 210% for every practice, scrimmage, and game. I would also give me all to the sport i love the most and would never quite on my team nor my coach. Basketball is not about one person making the shot or the center blocking the shot. It takes all five positions to work together to make sure that shot is not good but great.