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Jan 1974Jan 1977

High School

BO. DAS BHS (Lutopan, Toledo City)
Jan 1968Jan 1973


General Pedil Rosario Elem. School (Lutopan, Toledo City)


All around heavy equipment operator, familiar earth moving and road construction openpit mining operation. Both (Local and Abroad)

Work experience

Sep 2012Present

Heavy Equipment Operator

Balcon Construction (Balamban Cebu, Philippines)
  • Operate Motor Grader Model Komatsu GD-375H and Model Komatsu GD-5HA and Mitsubishi LG2H.
  • Rental by Carmen Copper project service road maintenance openpit clearing on main road.
  • Ditching reshaping spreading gravel shouldering for sub-base.
Jan 2010May 2012

Crane & Heavy Equipment Rental

Nasier Co. Bharain
  • Operate Crane all Terain-Krupt KMK & Grover 250Tons Heavy MPT Rent, Bapco Shutdown.
  • Opeate Loader 966G-Rental for rig moving.
  • Operate Motor Grader Model 140HCAT rent by TAT WIR Pitrulume Jabal Project. Making new road ditching leveling and screping for HP rig new location.
  • Operate Bachoe Dosan-Korea made excavator breaker rock and excavating of damage pipe for chimical storage hole and canal.
  • Operated Bulldozer D76 & D7H-fro rent slumburgr for rig new location ripping-clearing cutting living and filing smoothing of rig leveling of new location (Job Site).
Sep 2008Apr 2009

Crane Heavy Lift Operator

Kentz (Pty) Ltd. )(Madagascar)
  • Operate Cobelco Crane CKE 20500 crawler crane lifting heavy materials for Fonton project.
  • Operate Motor Grader rental CAT 140G Model.
  • Ditching spreading stock file for sub-base materials shouldering of service road QMM project.
Jan 1997Dec 1999

All Around Heavy Equipment Operator

Manila Heavy Equipment Operator (M.J. Cuenco Ave., Cebu City, Philippines)
  • Operate road Grader model LG2-H Mitsubishi Rental by Altercon for road shouldering maintenance provicial road Altercon Construction Project, Cebu Province.
  • Ditching reshaping of Sibonga Road 42KM at Sibonga, Cebu Provice.
  • Operate road Grader Model Komatsu GD-375H road widening Tabuelan, Cebu Province, Rented by ALTERCON FINISHING GRADER.
  • Operate Bullduser D9GCAT road widening project by ALTERCON stock filling cut and doseng rock ripping cutting access road leveling offroad final elivation.
Apr 1991Apr 1992

Payloader Operator

ABV ROCK GROUP K B (Jeddah KSA)( AH Site 5)(SSD Project)
  • Operate-998B CAT Wheel Loader Macking of Blusted Rock.
  • Loading of Uclid truck from Tunneling project.
  • Operate Motor Grader CAT-12G for final elivation of tunnel access road for shaping smoothing of service road.
  • Operate Bullduser CAT D-7-H-II Ripping rocking soil for road elivation.
  • Scrape stock file of dumping area cutting filling of new road widening spreading stock file posting filling for road repair.
Sep 1986Dec 1989

All Around Heavy Equipment Operator

ATLAS FERTILIZER CORPORATION (Austurias Cebu, Philippines)
  • Scrape stock file for sub-base road and finishing topping of new road for asphalt.
  • Operate Michigan Wheel Loader for loading stock file of excavationg materials loading of Dumptruck for back filling road materials.
  • Operate bulldozer CAT L6 PTY PE DGB for cut down of dike for bottom final elivation.
  • Operate Komatsu D85 fot stock filling of bust materials.
  • Operate Truck Mounted Crane for lifting congrite for dike and drain canal free-SIAB installation.
Jul 1977Dec 1984

All Around Heavy Equipment Operator

GEO-TRANSPORT & CONTRUCTION, INC. (Mandaue City, Cebu, Phillipines)
  • Operate Earth Moving Road Grader LG2H Mitsubishi and Komatsu GD-31-Grader for National Steel Corporation Project, Iligan City.
  • Spreading Gravel for road concreting preparation.
  • Ditching service road project spreading base course road stock file.
  • Scraping leveling for smooth road for hawling of dumptruck.
  • Crawning the road making detour road-shoulder the road ways mixing and scrapping for road finishing for asphalt road.
  • Operate Bulldozer D-155A Komatsu D85A cutting and filling for leveling of jobsite ripping and scrapping for road widening project of Iligan -National Steel Corporation Project.
  • Operate Payloader for loading stockfilling of gravel from crusher to bathling plant loading waste stock file scrape mudddy road.
  • Operate excavatore ISHICO 466-excavating and digging of diversion canal for project National Steel Corporation, Iligan City.

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