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Work experience

Feb 2000Present


SEO in Texas

Owner of SEO in Texas, and complete source for web development and Search Engine Optimization Solutions.

I have built this from the ground up, designing and developing websites, blogs, and forums. Performed marketing strategies with Google Adwords, researched and built seo into sites, maintained all hardware and software in the desktops and laptops used for the day to day  schedule.

The main job was performing monthly and 1 time SEO jobs for clients. Utilized various tools, including the Google , Yahoo, and Bing tools of course, Advanced Web Reporting, and other softwares. I also began writing my own SEO software which is going to be completed soon.

We also designed and developed websites for clients, which I attained from various sources.

Utilized LAMP online server, and WAMP local server to build several websites for clients.



Webmasters in Texas

Built and operated web development company, built client list, and built websites from concept->mockup->code/program->SEO->delivery. Utilized LAMP online servers system, WAMP local system, utilized Adobe Master Suite Up to the current CS5. Maintained customers seo and continued website maintenance work. Produced and Developed video for website



Trendy Vision Clothing

Started company Trende Vintage, online clothing store with partner. Built website, online store, ebay store, from concept to launch. Performed marketing via email, and SEO/SEM methods.

Various duties included:

  • Building photography scenes with mannequins for shooting clothing
  • Managing purchasing department to assure profitable purchasing
  • Designed clothing sets for digital photography and sales
  • Digitally photographed clothing sets, uploaded/manipulated/ managed images
  • Created ads for online store, including specific targeted SEO, and marketing strategies
  • Managed email marketing program to maintain customer base


Oct 1996Oct 1998




CMS Joomla Drupal Wordpress
I have a great deal of experience wtih Joomla. I conitinually work with the core, as well as building and working with templates.
My real SEO training began about 4 years ago, I worked under a professional SEO architect, learning skills with Google tools, Yahoo tools, and some MSN/Now Bing. I learned the tedious task of maintaing accounts, reporting, building and maintaining Adwords campaigns and much more. At one point we purchased and installed 10,000 domains, and I was given the task of not only building the landing pages(which I did with php and javascript), but also to build proper SEO for them, each of them being in different cities across the US. I built a program with javascript and php to populate the sites with keywords on the fly, utilizing geocoding from Google, then submitted and worked them with Google. My last task there included translating a complete website to Spanish by hand. Even though translators are available, the client was determined that hand coding it was the only way, so I utilized Babelfish, and Google translator, along with the Adwords keyword tool, and hand coded from the back end for seo, again, utilizing my javascript/php program for geolocated seo. I now maintain SEO for companies as a freelancer.
PHP   PHP is a hard one to call, there are several utilizations of PHP, including creating web pages, and then there are advanced web apps built with php. I am fairly good with utilizing php for website development, using it to produce HTML on the fly, but my advanced skills, are still in training. I am currently teaching myself Zend, Cake, CodeIgnitor, and occasionally just plain PHP from ebooks. I thoroughly enjoy handcoding php, and building my skills with it. I have built a couple of MVC content management systems from tutorials, and enjoyed it immensely.
CSS I work with CSS mainly in Dreamweaver or Eclipse. I have built several of my own custom style sheet libraries for continued use. I enjoy utilizing grid systems, and other css tools.
HTML/XHTML I work with HTML/XHTML with several tools, including Dreamweaver, Notepad, Eclipse, and several front end CMS programs. I started with HTML several years ago, moved into XHTML/CSS and am teaching myself HTML5/CSS3  now.

Jerry's Mini Portfolio


Professional Web Developer | SEO Architect | Graphic Designer with several years in each.

SEO/SEM Information

  • 2 years of strictly internet marketing training/experience on the job
  • Experience with Local and National markets
  • Develop and use Google API/Bing API/Yahoo API for utilization with SEO work.
  • Development is under way on an SEO software project
  • Experience with reporting/analytics tools
  • Trained to monitor and maintain ranking for keywords on several sites
  • Experience working with several social networking applications


  • Adobe Dreamweaver, Flash, FIreworks, Photoshop, etc.
  • Eclipse, and hand coding experience
  • Online server preference LAMP | Local WAMP
  • Working with Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress learning the core, how to build onto the framework, and have utilized each to build custom dynamic websites that offer easy customer updates and utilization.
  • Build sites from concept to deployment
  • Working with javascript, preferably Jquery, also Mootools, Prototype, and javascript
  • Front end and back end development and maintenance
  • Customer experience, working via Skype, Groove, in person, on the phone, etc.
  • Great marketing skills
  • Management experience over art department, and SEO department

Bottom line is this. I have been freelancing for several years, I have also worked for a few companies, at this point I can do either one, but if I find the right company, I would be happy to call it home. I am extremely loyal, hardworking, (I work 18 - 20 hours a day with 6 hours training daily), and I want my next choice to be the right choice. I can work in any department, whether it be developing websites, building SEO, or helping manage the team eventually. I am comfortable with PC, can work on Macs, I work in windows, but am training myself in Ubuntu desktop, Centos 5.5 online, and several other great  applications.

There is so much I could write, (as could any web developer) our jobs contain several jobs within themselves, I won't waste space on all the details of hosting, domains, emails, etc. I assume it will be assumed those things are second nature to me.


My interests are simple.

I love building websites, learning new techniques, developing my own apps, etc.

I also own 2 guitars, a Gibson Les Paul, and  a  Jackson, as writing and playing music are my 2nd love.


My objective is to do exactly what I am doing now. I love my job. I would be interested in working for the right company however, as I enjoy being a part of something larger than myself. I love code, and I love learning new technology, I would really enjoy an environment where at least some of the time that would be encouraged.