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Professional Summary

  • Global Supply Chain Analyst (Intern) – Executed global supply chain initiatives for a Fortune 500 Company
  • Life Cycle Analyst - Subject Matter Expert in Life Cycle Analysis & Supply Chain Sustainability modelling
  • Industrial Engineer (Intern) – Led and executed Lean/Six Sigma projects for global process improvement initiatives
  • Summa cum Laude graduate, Bachelors in Electrical Engineering – Best Student Award Recipient


Industrial Engineering professional seeking a position in the field of Supply Chain, Sustainability, Continuous Improvement and/or Lean/Six Sigma

Academic Honors

  • Scholarship & Research Assistantship – US Department of Agriculture
  • Research selected as one of the top 15 at the Institute of Industrial Engineers Annual Conference, Jun 2010
  • University Rank Holder (2004 – 2008) from Anna University, India
  • Gold Shield and Cash Awardfrom Anna University, India
  • Best Student Award at undergraduate level for the academicterm 2004 – 2008.
  • Merit Scholarship Cash Award at undergraduate level for 3 successive academic years

Leadership Skills & Activities

  • President, Indian Graduate Students Association, Penn State University
  • Liaison Officer, Industrial Engineering Graduate Students Association
  • Event Organizer, Two Cents of Hope – Penn State University Chapter, a charity organization
  • Member, Pennsylvania State University KARATE Club
  • Sessions Chair, Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE) Annual Conference, Mexico 2010

Research Publications

Anil, Sebastian K., Charles D. Ray and Gul E. Okudan Kremer. “Life Cycle Assessment Comparison of Wooden And Plastic Pallet Supply Chains in Grocery Logistics,” Wood and Fiber Science (2010) – In Review

Anil, Sebastian K., Charles D. Ray and Gul E. Okudan Kremer. “Comparison of Treatment Methods for Pallets Using LCA and Dynamic Programming,” Proceedings of the 60th IIE Annual Conference, Cancun, Mexico, Jun 5-9, 2010

Anil, Sebastian K., Charles D. Ray and Gul E. Okudan Kremer. “Pallet Life Cycle Comparison Using LCA and Dynamic Programming,” Proceedings of the American Society for Engineering Management Conference, Arkansas, USA, Oct 13-16, 2010

Career Interests

  • Management Consulting
  • Lean / Six Sigma
  • Supply Chain / Logistics
  • Life Cycle Analysis / Sustainability


  • Global Supply Chain Analyst (Intern) – Fortune 500 Company
  • Life Cycle Analyst - Supply Chain Sustainability 
  • Industrial Engineer (Intern) – Lean/Six Sigma 
  • Best Student Award Recipient

Work experience

Jun 2010Present

Global Supply Chain Analyst - Intern

Bristol-Myers Squibb
  • Project Leader – Global Supply Chain Security & Risk Assessment
    • Conducted a security & threat assessment & identified 15 critical suppliers out of 100 suppliers within 6 regions
    • Implemented new CT-PAT supply chain security compliance criteria with 7 manufacturing sites and 15 suppliers
    • Aligned with Corporate Security, analyzed security gaps & developed action plans ensuring supplychain security
  • Project Leader – Importer Security Filing (ISF 10+2) System
    • Created standard work instructions defining terms and metrics included in the bi-monthly ISF filing reports
    • Designed a performance tracking system and measured ISF filing performance of BMS of 6 BMS sites
    • Identified areas for improvement and recommended actions to ensure 100% on-time ISF filing
  • Project Coordinator – Global Freight Forwarders RFP
    • Surveyed 6 US and 9 Latin American sites as part of requirements gathering for $30 million RFP

    • Contributed to the development of Customs & Trade’s qualitative RFI/RFP questions
    • Coordinated with Technical Operations department and scored and reviewed 13 suppliers
  • Designed and programmed a system using Visual Basic to assess and review capabilities of 32 suppliers
  • Conducted market research, identified 15 suppliers and shortlisted to 7 suppliers for compliance software sourcing
Dec 2008Jun 2010

Research Assistant - Life Cycle Analyst

School of Forest Resources, Penn State University

  • Developed supply chain sustainability and operations research models to optimize pallet type selection
  • Established life cycle analyses of various pallet types and phytosanitary treatment methods
  • Investigated and evaluated carbon footprints of wooden and plastic pallets supply chain
  • Quantified and examined the environmental impacts of pallets from cradle to grave
  • Presented research findings at the Institute of Industrial Engineers Annual Conference, Mexico, 2010
  • Presented research results at the American Society for Engineering Management Conference, USA, 2010
  • Presented research results at the National Wood Pallets & Container Association Board of Directors meet, 2010
May 2009Aug 2009

Industrial Engineer - Intern

Guilford Mills Inc.
  • Project Leader - Style Setup Process Kaizen Event
    • Conducted 3 Time Study analyses, Mapped Current State using Value Stream Mapping
    • Mapped Future State and reduced process levels from 32 to 18
    • Reduced Process Time from 400min to 150min (Improved Process Time by 63%)

    • Achieved to date Cost Savings to the tune of $42,000
    • Voted as “Most Valuable Player” during the event
  • Project Coordinator - On Time Delivery Metric Kaizen Event
    • Project standardized on time delivery metric across all global locations of Guilford
    • Identified cost savings of $40,000 for FY09 by designing a cost savings tracking system

    • Created standard work for the new on time delivery process and trained 15 associates
    • Designed an audit process and ensured 100% transition to future state
  • Project Leader - Process Standardization (83% Process Improvements)
    • Reduced number of processes being used in “Design Development Request” entries from 8 to 1
    • Reduced number of processes being used in entering a Manufacturing Order into the system from 5 to 1
Dec 2007Apr 2008

Research Intern

  • Designed an Air Fuel Ratio Controller for optimizing Boiler Operation
  • Developed a simulation program using LabVIEW v8.0 to simulate the controller operation
  • Built and developed a working model to implement the design
May 2006Jul 2006

Automation Systems Intern

Digitcom Smarthomes

  • Studied and designed locations for Motion Detectors for entry/exit at the entrance
  • Learned working of sensors such as Smoke sensors, Motion detection sensors, Infra red sensors
  • Planned the features and locations for installation of sensors for 5 residence complexes 


Sep 2008May 2010

Master of Science

Penn State University

Overall GPA: 3.58 / 4.00

President, Indian Graduate Students Association

Research Scholarship from US Dept of Agriculture

Published one journal paper and two conference papers

Pursued two internships in Lean/Six Sigma and Supply Chain

Sep 2004May 2008

Bachelor of Engineering

Anna University

Overall GPA: 3.95 / 4.00

Best Student Award

Gold Medal Recipient

University Top Scorer

Pursued two internships, received various academic honors


MS Office 2003, 2007, 2010
Visio 2007
Designed an inventory management system using C++
Modules: SAP Production, SAP Global Trade Services