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Work experience

Sep 2004Sep 2010

Operations Manager

Clear Channel Austin

OM of six station cluster as well as day to day programming of the two Country stations in the cluster. For two years served as Regional VP Programming for South Central Texas markets including San Antonio, Corpus Christi, McAllen/Brownsville and Waco. Local Areas of responsibilities include programming budget preparation and management. Programming strategy implementation for all stations in the cluster consistent with the budget plan and ratings goals. Supervision of production department. Accountability for weekly web audience goals for the cluster. Talent management and coaching for the two country stations as well as weekly music research and rotation adjustments. Supervision of music scheduling by both Country Assist. PD’s. Responsible for the imaging strategy of the two Country stations. Accountable for all ratings goals in target demos for the market cluster. Analyzing the PPM ratings on a weekly and monthly basis to insure each station’s performance is on target. Working as a team with sales, promotions and wed brand manager of the Country Life Group stations to develop promotions that  increase listening, increase web audience and produce revenue. Work with Brand Manager and program directors on quarterly marketing strategies consistent with the annual budget and ratings strategies. Manage local contract database that includes follow-up on all local talent contracts as well as any local programming barter agreements and cash contracts for programming services. Day to day Oversight of local Total Traffic Network programming and personnel as well as content across 5 HD2 channels.  


Operations Manager


OM of WYCD. Areas of responsibilities include managing/coaching full airstaff. Directed all research projects, weekly callout research, annual AMT for library testing and market perceptual studies. Analyze and track quarterly arbitron ratings. Supervised music director on music scheduling and public affairs show. Supervision of production department and all station imaging. Worked with the sales and promotion teams to monetize all promotions, on air, online and street level events. Also, worked with the sales/promotions teams to develop strategic direct mail and mass TV marketing. Involved with development and quarterly management of the departmental annual budget. 


Director of Country Programming

KASE/KVET/Clear Channel Radio

Hired as Director of Country Programming for the two Country Stations in the market. Areas of responsibilities include managing/coaching two air staffs. Implemented annual AMT’s for library testing. Implemented station/market perceptual studies. Tracked weekly call-out data, supervision of two Music Directors to schedule music. Supervision of the production department as well as oversight of imaging. Analyze and tracked quarterly ratings. Worked with sales and promotion teams to monetize promotions from on air to street level and event planning. Also, formed a promotion team to focus on the station’s web sites. Helped develop and then managed departmental budget annually.


Program Director

WMZQ/Viacom Radio

Hired as Assistant PD & Music Director with midday airshift (10a-3p). Promoted to Program Director in 1996. Areas of responsibilities included Direction/Coaching of full air staff. Music scheduling, assembling bi-weekly music call-out projects, tracking the results and implementing the weekly rotations. Organizing AMT music tests twice per year. Worked closely with consultant on listener focus groups and perceptual studies annually. Oversight of the production dept. as well as station imaging. Help develop and manage annual departmental budget. Implemented annual marketing plan consisting of mass media to street level marketing to drive ratings results. Analyze and track quarterly ratings results across key demographics. Worked closely with the sales and promotions teams to develop and monetize on-air and event style promotions. Helped develop station’s first web site in 1998.


Music Director / On Air Talent

KPLX/Susquehana Broadcasting

Performed on air all 13 years in all dayparts mainly early evenings 6p-10p.

Named Music Director in 1986. In charge of local call-out music research as well as music scheduling.

Named Assistant PD in 1990. Direct responsibilities included continued oversight of local music call out research as well as scheduling day to day music logs. Scheduling air talent. Involvement with on air and street level promotions.


Highly qualified broadcast media professional offering over 30 years of broadcast Operations Management, Programming and Marketing experience across terrestrial and digital platforms with positive ratings and revenue results.

Past Press Highlights

Local Community Engagement



Ratings – Revenue

Austin Texas  2004 – 2006 - Returned to the market as OM and Program Director of the two country stations. KVET was having ratings issues with persons 25-54. Increased ratings and placed the station consistently in the top 5 25-54. KHFI the market’s CHR was struggling with a new un-proven morning show and a music position issue. Hired a new PD for that station who knew the needed music direction and who also had the skill set to coach talent. The end result is the unproven morning show now dominates mornings in the market 18-34 and 18-49. The station as well has been dominating 18-34 and 18-49. KHFI has also grown 25-54 and 12 plus placing number one in all key demos 18-34, 18-49, 25-54 and 12+. The past year KASE, KHFI and KVET-F have consistently been 3 of the market’s top 5 radio stations. In September 2009 we changed the format of KFMK from Urban A/C to Rhythmic CHR/Hip Hop. Doing this and along with KHFI’s dominance we were able to successfully own the CHR format life group in the market. KFMK’s ratings increased over 75% in the first book out and insured our revenue share of 18-49 between the 2 stations. Combine that with the fact that we owned the Country Life Group in the market with the two country stations KASE on the younger side of the demos 18-49 and 25-54, KVET 35-54 and 25-54 our revenue increased. Currently 18-54 as of the spring diary book the ratings share for Clear Channel Austin have increased 15% year over year. Ratings 25-54 have also increased substantially year over year. Revenue has also rebounded well over last year’s bad economy numbers. So far not only is the cluster out-performing the revenue goals for the year,  the cluster is consistently out- performing the market. In July the market shifted to digital measurement wit Arbitron’s Portable People Meter (PPM). In the first monthly pre-currency book KASE ranked #1 persons 25-54 and persons 12+. KHFI outranked every station persons  18-34. 

WYCD Detroit – Prior to my arrival in 2002 WYCD was in a serious state of ratings decline after inheriting some country share from a format competitor years before the station had slid to tenth in the market persons 25-54. The goal was to set the station back to a top 5 25-54 demo competitor. In the short 2 years of implementing the talent coaching strategy as well as restructuring the clock and music strategy the station managed to place in the top 5 25-54 3 times before my departure in the summer of 2004. 

KASE/KVET-FM Austin Tx. – KVET Ranked  tenth 12+ and twelfth 25-54 prior to my arrival in sp. 2000. We re-launched and rebranded the station with the strategy of placing KVET in the top 5 with both demographics yet insuring that KASE the mainstream country franchise station would be unaffected. The end result was that we grew the ratings share on both country stations. Fall 2001 the results were 12+ KASE ranked #1 , 12+ KVET ranked #2. Persons  25-54 KASE ranked #1 and KVET-FM ranked #4. I then departed for another opportunity in Detroit. 

WMZQ Washington DC – Consistently ranked top 5 with persons 12+ and 25-54 including #1 in sp. 1996 survey. In my last year with WMZQ (1999-2000) sales and programming  teamed to generate a net revenue of 20 million dollars. 



34 years of radio broadcast experience. 20 years large and major market programming experience  Dallas/Ft.Worth Tx., Washington DC, Detroit Mi. and Austin Tx. 

8 years experience as Operations Manager covering all aspects of managing the programming department including but not limited to annual budget planning, developing a strategic programming plan across stations based on the market composition, ratings and revenue potential. Communicating strategies, challenges/potential challenges and successes daily/weekly with the Market Manager and Director of Sales. Communicating and executing all corporate programming initiatives on the local market level. 4 years Regional Programming/Brand Management experience working with 6 to 8 markets to maximize product ratings potential by developing and executing local/national initiatives and strategies with market level programming and sales management.


Ratings- Most recently delivered consistent growth year over year arbitron sp 09 – sp 10 in each of the main target demographics 18-34, 25-54 and 18-54 for the 6 station cluster. Implemented PPM strategies including adjustments to talent, clocks, imaging and contesting/promotions late during the spring book to prepare for PPM in July 2010. July pre-currency PPM book indicated continued market strength for the Clear Channel Radio cluster.

Web- In 2009 exceeded local established company goals for weekly unique visits across 6 station cluster. Re-structured and redirected digital duties to better prepare for 2010. As of now the CC Austin market is out-pacing all regional CC markets percentage to goal for the year for weekly unique visits. Streaming audience and page views have also increased year over year.

Problem Solving:

Each day will have successes as well as challenges. Experience has shown me that a well thought out and communicated plan can reduce daily challenges and time spent. However, daily challenges will occur and are best addressed with a solution rather than frustration. Knowledge of the needs/goals/expectations of each party is key as well as communication in order to over-come the challenges. My belief is to be very pro-active with personnel as well as departmental problem solving. This cuts down on time wasted and for me has always been the most productive approach. 

Team Building:

Believe that personal engagement and ownership by each staff member is key to success. This can be accomplished by setting individual expectations and accountability then communicating to those individuals how their roles are key to the overall success of any goal. Attempt to have some incentive for goal achievement so everyone can celebrate the victories. This also gives management a better look at individual employee performance evaluation.

Knowledge of ratings strategies:

Working knowledge of all ratings methodology Diary and PPM.  The knowledge and experience of how everything about the air product is important. Music flow, air talent delivery of audience relevant content, the importance of setting listening appointments to drive more listening occasions. Imaging, stopset placement, stopset flow and the changing methods of on air promotions. I have a tried and successful plan for the important role of social media and how strategic use of this tool can increase vertical and horizontal listening occasions to increase AQH persons. I understand the importance of a great working relationship with the local arbitron representative. This can prove valuable to answer questions especially for sample/panel 

adjustments that occur.

Understanding of digital platform

A clear understanding of the digital platform and it’s provided advantage to instantly connect with the P1 user of the stations. This provides many ways for the P1 to interact/consume the brand which in turn does lead to digital revenue opportunities. It also provides another way to reach the audience and drive listening occasions. The digital platform is what can bring all the threads together and create even a greater bond with the brand.

Industry/Community Leadership

I have always worked passionately to position myself and the stations I program as a top entity in the industry as well as the community that is being served. These achievements allow the station a form of familiarity that enables the execution of promotions and community involvement that can enhance a ratings building strategy. It also provides something extra for the sales team to present and allows them to sell beyond the ratings. The following are some the industry/community achievements and accomplishments that I have been involved with.

Accolades Received In The Broadcast Industry

CMA Broadcast Awards

Music Director of The Year Major Market KPLX Dallas/Ft. Worth – 1989 and 1990.

Air Personality of The Year Major Market WMZQ Washington DC Morning Show (Murphy & Cash) -  1997.

Air Personality of The Year Large Market KVET-FM Austin Tx. Morning show (Sam & Bob) -  2006.  

Billboard Magazine Radio Awards

Music Director of The Year Major Market KPLX Dallas/Ft. Worth– 1987,1989,1990,1991 and 1992.

Music Director of The Year Major Market WMZQ Washington DC - 1994

Radio Ink

Top Country Program Director WYCD Detroit – 2002.

Country Aircheck

OM/Program Director Of The Year KASE/KVET-FM Austin – 2009



High School Diploma

Thayer High School