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The last 11 years has seen me predominately work in-house software development for telecommunications companies. This has provided me with a sound understanding in the development and support of information systems within the telecommunications industry as well as knowledge of the telecommunications business. It has seen me fulfil multiple roles at any particular time, which has been characteristic of lean IT environments I have been involved with.

  • 18 months mobile application development using the Android Java platform.
  • 11 years IT development using Java and Java based technologies and frameworks, performing analysis and design, implementation and rollout,
  • 7 years leading other developers in system and application development,
  • 4 years portal development.

Considerable projects included:

  • Porting an iPhone street navigation app to the Android platform,
  • Leading solution designs, customisation and development of a CRM package for global division of a top tier telecommunications company,
  • Development of a customer portal for the global division of a top tier telecommunications company,
  • Assisting in System and network integration/migration between two large telecommunications companies,
  • Assisting in the design and implementation of a network facilities and equipment database for a large telecommunications company.

Work experience

Oct 2010Present

Owner/Software Developer

Unsol Development Pty Ltd

Being interested in developing applications in a more autonomous environment I created Unsol. The initial sole project for this company was the creation of an Android port of the iPhone street navigation app by Metroview.

After having 12 months of success with their iPhone Australia street navigation, Metroview looked at porting the application to the Android smart phone platform. Unsol Development was contracted to perform a brief exploration to determine what would be involved in porting the application along with most its current features at that time. The initial time frame was 6 months not including marketing and support time for the application.

The exploration discovered a port was not to be purely Apple iOS to Android Java but rather porting from a combination of LUA script, C++ as well ObjectiveC to yet another combination of Android Java and Android JNI. Challenges also included having to support and test for different pools of hardware specs, precision of location services and general performance of iOS based hardware versus Android Hardware. Metroview had previously taken the approach of supporting every iOS device whereas this was would not necessarily prove productive for Android. Other development challenges also included working in a distributed environment where interactions with other developers and stakeholders were done primarily online.

The contract was mutually ended after 10 months before the app went to market. Metroview have since taken the app to market and are currently still developing it.

Feb 2007Jul 2010



Technical lead for a sizeable Siebel implementation/customisation and deployment for the global division of a top tier telecommunications company. Provided technical solutions for Opportunity/Quote/Order/Asset Management, Ticket Management, enterprise integration, batch processing as well as business Reporting. Also developed and deployed a Java based customer service portal system integrated with the same Siebel system.

A challenging aspect of this role was constantly having to design innovative ways to get around limitations with the Siebel package. Limitations associated with user experience requirements, object models or poor system performance usually required rebuilding Siebel applications within the same framework or in most cases externalising them.

Provided extra support for system administration tasks associated with Siebel application servers, Oracle databases, as well as Windows and Linux based servers.


  • Leadership in technical & architectural decisions;
  • Analysis of requirements from customers, product development and customer operations;
  • Specification of system requirements within the Siebel eCommunications package;
  • Working with junior developers to help grow their skills and confidence. 
Jan 2006Feb 2007

Senior Analyst/Programmer (Customer Systems)

PowerTel Ltd

Provide development and support of PowerTel's Portal System as well as being responsible for PowerTel's Portal Strategy for future portal application development and deployment, system architecture and system technology.

Development for the Portal usually meant being faced with interesting challenges with integration to key backend IT systems, network management systems and network elements. This usually required learning in detail these backend systems and in some cases learning in detail about the operation of network elements.

Projects for the Customer Service Portal included the design and implementation of:

  • Customised product documentation search;
  • Enhanced integration with PowerTel's Customer Resource Management System with specific support for a new conceptual model of customers;
  • Enhanced service information detail providing service type templated information from varying internal systems as well as live information from network elements;
  • Automated service feature modifications;
  • Web services development for customer B2B interactions for ordering and assuring DSL services.


  • Analysis of requirements from customers, product development and customer operations;
  • Design and implementation of customer service portal applications;
  • Specification of system architectural requirements for customer service portal applications;
  • Creation of development standards and high-level processes for customer service portal applications. 
Jul 2004Dec 2005

Analyst/Programmer (Network Management Systems)

PowerTel Ltd

Design and development of automation tools to support network migration projects usually involving the moving of backbone elements from Request Broadband network to PowerTel network.

Developed an interface for automated provisioning of services on PowerTel's ATM and DSLAM network, allowing integration with a DSL service provisioning system inherited from Request Broadband.

Updating of automation interfaces to provide support for new product development requirements associated with the network technologies.

Assumed responsibility of operational support of Network Management Systems/Tools during and after the Request Broadband and PowerTel Ltd merger.


  • Analysis, design and implementation of network management applications and tools;
  • Development and documentation of interface specifications;
  • Documentation of operational support processes for in house as well as vendor developed network management applications and tools;
  • Interacting with vendors during installation and integration of new network access technologies;
  • Installation, integration and customisation of vendor provided systems.
Jan 2003Jun 2004

Analyst/Programmer (Electronic Systems)

PowerTel Ltd

After completing the Graduate Entrants' Program I remained as an Analyst/Programmer in the Electronic Systems team. I was able to grow this position outside of Electronic Systems team, doing further development work for other teams in the organisation.

Relevant projects include:

  • Redevelopment of PowerTel's network statistics collection and reporting system. The main objective was to create a system that could be integrated with the newly deployed facilities and equipment database and provide a more flexible solution for developing reports that could scale with an increasing number of network elements and services;
  • Fostered the installation, customisation and operational training of a hosted email server system for external customers;
  • Played a lead role in the redevelopment of PowerTel's bill formatting system. Purpose for which was to overcome system resource/performance limitations associated with large bills and to remove PowerTel's dependency on vendor proprietary bill format feeds;
  • Worked with Product development to specify requirements for a hosted spam, virus and content filtering system and then executed an evaluation process of vendor solutions.


  • Analysis, design and implementation of applications for the customer service portal and outside the electronic systems team;
  • Web user interface design;
  • Vendor product evaluation;
  • Operational support of the customer service portal; 
Jan 2001Dec 2002

Graduate Entrants’ Program

PowerTel Ltd

Team: Network Management Systems (15 months)

Mainly worked as a programmer that was responsible for implementing:

- Script automation of common and time consuming network element configuration operations;

- Script automation for the retrieval of network statistical metrics;

- Reports for network performance and utilisation of both external and internal customer services.

Played an active role in the design and implementation of PowerTel's in-house built facilities and equipment database. Was given lead role for developing accompanying user interface.

Provided operational support for vendor specific network management systems as well as in-house built tools and scripts.

Performed analysis and design of enhancements to PowerTel's services reporting system

Team: Electronic Systems (9 months)

Performed administration, support, maintenance and development of PowerTel's Customer Service Portal (CSP). Took a lead role in a redevelopment project of the Customer Service Portal to provide considerable performance gains, enhanced look and feel as well building a process and programming framework for the development of future portal applications.

Assisted in the administration, support and maintenance of PowerTel's Internet and Intranet web sites.


Jan 1998Dec 2000

Bachelor of Computer Science

University of Newcastle