Tucker Mead

Tucker Mead


2008 Results

2nd place, USASA Nationals Halfpipe (ages 16-18)

2007 Results

1st place, USASA Nationals Halfpipe (ages 13-15)

2006 Results

1st place, USASA Nationals Halfpipe (ages 13-15)


I am incredibly interested in developing a partnership with you and your company. Through competing, photo shoots and filming I believe we can make a mutual relationship that benefits both your company and my skiing.


This past season I spent the majority of my time working on a movie with KGB Productions. Wyoming Triumph is a movie that showcases the rugged ski terrain that Wyoming has to offer. Dedicating my past season to this project taught me a lot about filming as well as backcountry skiing.

2010/2011 Season Plan

This coming season I am going to dedicate most my time to halfpipe competitions. I believe this next season will be a great opportunity because of the move I made to Salt Lake City this fall. With some of the worlds best halfpipes to train in I am hoping to be a contender in the Grand Prix events as well as the Opens.

KGB Productions is continuing to film their movie Wyoming Triumph, while this will not be my focus, I am trying to go on at least one or two film trips.

About Me

I am a Jackson Hole native and a 5th generation cattle rancher. Jackson definitely influences your riding style, and while I aspire to take my Halfpipe and Slopestyle skiing to a professional level, the backcountry has always had and always will have a huge appeal to me. I've grown up riding the entire mountain as well as getting a mix of park and pipe, its made me a very versatile skier.

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