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> 10 years of experience, Professional experience areas: National/Local Public Finances Management, Manufacturing Process Management B2B and B2C, Customer Portfolio Management, Advice and Secretariat.

Areas of research and academic experience:Innovation and Investment, Consulting, Outsourcing, Internationalization of Companies; Location of Economic Activity, Entrepreneurship, Intellectual Property Rights and Industrial and  Universities / Companies Comercial Relations.


Creation andprocess management for business innovation and institutional; Behavior corporate risk and joint ventures in the Portuguese economy, Creation of business ventures Start-Ups; Tracking transfer of academic research for the enterprise (ie business projects Spin-Offs); Development Spin-out business plans of large Portuguese companies and North American industrial clusters in the Portuguese economy and Europe; Intellectual property rights agreements and international investment, entrepreneurship and business environment, sources of financing for new high-tech companies and management of public accounts .

Style and Ideals

Executive Team = Success.Implementation(Vision + Leadership + Capital (Human and Financial)

·Team: Without it there is nothing, it all comes with achievement.

·Knowledge: The real wealth that allows everything changes and move forward.

·Strategy: Allows the program goals are the goals accomplished.

·Execution: practical, simple path that leads to success.

·Desire: A passion to win and win beyond all difficulties and hardships.

Language and Computer Skills


Speaking and Oral Reading:Experienced user.Conversation at the level of oral interaction and production skills:Experienced user.Writing:Experienced user.


Speaking and Oral Reading:Experienced user.Conversation at the level of oral interaction and production skills:Experienced user.Writing:Experienced user.

Personal Data

Date of Birth:02THOctober 1977Marital Status:Single

Household: Self

Management Tools

Management Tools:Domain Software Microsoft Office 2007 (Word 2007, Excel 2007, PowerPoint 2007, Access 2007, Publisher 2007, Windows Live Movie Maker).Field of software SPSS 17. Internet: Creation and management of Blogs and Personal Pages and the Internet with professional publishing and creating web-sites.Base: Knowledge of RDBMS and SQL. Knowledge of Sybase technology; Domain Software Base in Corel.Research Tools:Domain Construction of Prospective Scenarios - Method of Global Business Network.Balanced Sorecard field of methodology. Field of Innovation Scoring methodology of Cotec. Field of Innovation scoring methodology of the EIS. Field of methodology of Web Ceo. Field of Public Tableau methodology.

Orgazanitional Skills

Team spirit and like to share experiences and ideas with relentless pursuit of professional and personal challenges.Leadership and organization.Sense of professional responsibility and organizational.Ability to manage projects and teams.

Entrepreneur, facilitator and conciliator in terms of ideas and wills.


Poetry, Singing, Theatre, Swimming, Golf, Football.


Paul has been very successful in managing strict financial budgets with visible results in all projects that embraces business, whether state or private.Similarly, it has proved a driving forcein creating and developing new business ventures (i.e. design of the business idea to its commercialization) and B2B and B2C concepts in the Portuguese economy.


Manager national public finance / local. Creator and manager of corporate innovation systems IDI (Innovation, R & D) systems. Dealer (promoter) fromstart-up business ventures and academic spin-offs. Specialist B2B International,seeks new professional challenges in winning projects. It combines professional experience based on solid credentials with a constant updating in terms ofacademic and professional knowledge to find solutions that promote results.

Personal Skills

Ability to build consensus as a way to find solutions, excellent skills in verbal and written communication, ability to extract those who work with maximum profitability and creativity, and lifelong learning, leadership experience and a shared ground and above all a team worker and team. 

Work experience

Jun 2006Present

Manager of Local/National Public Finances

Portuguese Government

Manager of Local/National Public Finances

Stimulation of sporting activity and socio-cultural city of Barreiro within the Sports Division of the Municipality of Barreiro, withmanagement of public fundsand public-private relations between theLocal Authorityandinvestorsinstitutional andprivate.


(1)To revitalize and energize the relationship between the Authority and the Associative Movement site. (2)accurately manage the financial support given by the Authority to clubs and associations in the county. (3)Applying for Structural Funds (ESF and NSRF) state and community. (4)Manage the entry of new players (institutional and private investors) in the Municipality.

MAIN consumed objects

  • New relationshipbetween the Authority and the Associative Movementthe county, with the construction of direct channels of communication, which led to the emergence of new clubs and associations in the Municipality (about 35) and new modalities practiced like Kick-Boxing, Futsal or wall and scale.
  • Strict budgetary control among the items provided in eachlocal authority annualbudgetand the support provided by the Local Authority to clubs and associations of concelho.
  • Entry of new players (institutionaland private investors) in the county, with the dynamics of the relationship Municipality / Civil Society that led to the construction of new sports facilities in the Local Authority (three indoor soccer rinks, four basketball courts playground, two athletic fields, among other sports infrastructure and social).
Mar 2001May 2006

Manager and Head of Corporate Production Process

Fristads S.A.

Manager and Head of Corporate Production Process

Coordination of shipping and logistics SMEs Fristads SAwithrespect toexports and contacts with domestic and foreign customers.Internal management of thecompany's innovationprocessin terms of the production process.(A Fristads SA is a Swedish SMEs in the economic sector of the footwearand work clothing).


(1)Making the link between the parent branch in Sweden and in Portugal (English communication). (2)Management indirectly (through the Administration) of the relationship with domestic and foreign customers (Business2Business) and (Business2Consumers), heading a team of 10 people regarding the dispatch of products and logistic stocks. (3)In 2004, the result of knowledge gained in the field, Paul instructed the Administration to manage the internal process of production, reducing costs by implementing an innovative system of internal production.

Consumed objects

  • New communication process between the parent and subsidiary in Portugal, with the elimination of bureaucratic protocol and encouraging the use of new technologies in the management of the company's communication process (use of direct mail in the experimental stage, economic reports and briefingson digital media, etc.).
  • Increased by 25 percent domestic market share (with acquiringnew customersin Braga, Porto, Aveiro, Santarem and Faro).
  • Overseas, conquest (through home mom thanks to the excellent work done internally) markets such asFrance, Belgium and Spain (with direct link to the Spanish market fruit of good communication skills).
Sep 1998Jan 2001

Client Portfolio Manager

The Ideal Glass, Ltd.

Client Portfolio Manager

      Management of client portfolio of businesses and acquire new strategic partners for  company. (TheIdeal   Glass.Ltdwas a company that was in the business of providing materials for construction and public works).  


(1)Portfolio management customers. (2) Acquiring new customers (especially taking advantage of the boom that the construction sector was living at the time).

Consumed objects

  • Maintenance of all portfolio clientsequal to the input in the company,with only two complaintsrelate to delays in delivery of material.Achievement (shared by a team of 3 elements) of new works (about 15) in Almada, Montijo, Barreiro, Setúbal and Pinhal Novo.
Sep 1995Mar 1998

Administrative Assistant / Secretary Management

Tradingteam - International Trade, Ltd.

Administrative Assistant / Secretary Management

Labor administrative/secretarialandlogistic managementcompany in the Portuguese export Tradingteam - International Trade, Ltd.


(1)Working hours, registration of contracts (B2B and B2C), secretarial management.

MAIN consumed objects

All accomplished with professionalism and dedication to a remarkable career first job.


Aug 2008Present

Master Degree

Institute of Science in Labor and Employment (ISCTE)

Title of Thesis:Creating business in Portugal through the University Intellectual Property:An empirical analysis of the topic.

Jan 2005Jun 2008

BS degree in Political Science and International Relations

University of Lusophone Humanities and Technology of Lisbon

Title of Final Degree Thesis:The Third Sector and its implications in modern societies,approved with the final grade of 18 points.Advisor:SeraphFerreira.Year: 2009.