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Work experience

Jun 2009Oct 2010

Interim Worship Pastor

Ethos Church

Church of 250+ members

Plan and lead worship for the Ethos adult contemporary service

-this service is in the postmodern/contemporary style and is geared toward young adults, post-college, and young families

-work closely with pastoral and volunteer teams to plan worship services and worship elements

-organized a four-fold worship arts team consisting of all volunteers: Music Arts, Visual Arts, Technology Arts, and Creative Arts.

-work with 10 different musicians and arrange a schedule/rotation so that all might be equally involved

-Design and arrange all weekly cue sheets

Aug 2005Jun 2009

Associate Worship Pastor

Pomona First Baptist

Church of 5,000+ members

Planned and led worship for the 11:11 adult contemporary service

-helped start the service four and a half years ago

-while in leadership the service grew from 200 attendees to 500-600

-chose and planned worship sets and worship elements

-worked with 22 different musicians and arranged a schedule/rotation so that all might be equally involved

-hired to help train musicians to be worship leaders, to read music, and to work well in a band/praise team

-discipled musicians in both a small group and individual basis

Planned and led worship for two Rising services (Sunday night young adult services)

-these services were in the postmodern/contemporary style

-helped start the service three and a half years ago

-while in leadership the service grew from 25 attendees to 200-250

-chose and planned worship sets and elements with the help of pastoral and volunteer based teams

-worship included emergent-style experiential elements

-worked with 20 different musicians and arranged a schedule/rotation so that all might be equally involved

-hired to help train musicians to be worship leaders, to read music, and to work well in a band/praise team atmosphere

-discipled musicians in both a small group and individual basis

-helped arrange, organize, and lead social events for church body

-created and designed weekly cue sheets

Supervised worship and worship team staff for all youth services

-directly responsible for the Wednesday night high school service

-selected set, organized worship team, coordinated with high school pastor

-supervised other worship leaders involved in youth ministry services that took place on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights

-helped train student worship leaders musically and administratively

-trained and taught students to read music, to work within a band/praise team setting, and to be worship leaders

          *I was hired to raise up a new generation of worship leaders*

Supervised the outreach and missions department for the youth ministries

-planned outreach events

-organized and led a three week missions trip to Brazil

          -responsible for 15 students and three adult leaders

          -responsible for VBS curriculum

          -arranged all flight and out-of-country transportation

May 2004Aug 2004

Worship Leader and Youth Worker

Valley Springs Presbyterian Church

planned youth group events

supervised and led worship

-organized sets, rehearsed band, and trained students

led and organized small group Bible studies

helped lead and organize a week long missions trip to Mexico

May 2003Aug 2003

Worship Leader and Youth Worker

Valley Springs Presbyterian Church

planned youth group events

supervised and led worship

-organized sets, rehearsed band, and trained students

led and organized small group Bible studies

helped lead and organize a three week missions trip to the Philippines


Sep 2008Dec 2010

MA in Pastoral Studies w/an emphasis in Worship Leadership

Azusa Pacific University

During my two and a half years in the Haggard School of Theology I have learned what it truly means to be a leader of worship.  I have truly learned what it means to be a pastor. I have been blessed to learn from some of the kindest, wisest, and most godly men in women and Southern California.

My degree is a theology degree but without the foreign language (i.e. Hebrew or Greek).  Instead of focusing on foreign languages I chose to direct those units to the theology of worship, church music history, church administration, and pastoral disciplines.

With this education under my belt I feel like I am much more well equipped to be a pastoral musician.

Sep 2003May 2007

BA in Music w/an emphasis in Church Music

Azusa Pacific University

During my four years in APU's School of Music I received experience conducting both orchestras and small choirs, arranging, song writing, and music recording.Voice was my instrument of choice, and I am classically trained.  During my fours years here I sung in many choirs and small ensembles.

Instrumentally, I have played the guitar 15 years; this is my main instrument.I also play the piano, accordion, and trombone.In addition, I have a great deal of experience with working with bands and large praise teams.

While studying at APU I also received in depth training in regards to music recording.  I am very familiar with Protools and Pro Logic, micing patterns, live sound, acoustics, etc.


Brian Holland

Brian was one of my supervising pastors while serving at Pomona First Baptist. He directly oversaw my weekly duties.

Rick Sisson

Rick was my mentor and supervisor during my two summer internships at Valley Springs. 

Dave Johnson

Dave and I worked very closely, and together we organized every element of the Ethos service. 

He was my supervising pastor.

Glenn Gunderson

Glenn was the senior pastor at PFB.  We worked very closely in regard to the 11:11 service.

He was also my main supervising pastor.

My Portfolio



I am a pastoral musician whose call first and foremost is to lead people to the throne of God. I am interested not only in being leader of worship, but also being someone who grows the kingdom of God and elevates people’s concept of who God is. I want to pass on to the next generation a noble, undimmed and undiminished concept of God. In addition, I seek to gather people around me who I can grow and equip to lead worship.

As a pastoral musician my main priority is not creating the most cutting edge band or praise team. Instead, I feel called to find people with a heart for worship who are willing to serve and who I can pour into. Musicianship, of course, is necessary, but at my core I want to pastor people. Lastly, I want to be the kind of worship pastor who co-pastors beside the senior pastor.I want to serve him and set him up as best as possible so that the ears and hearts of people are prepared and ready to respond. In return, after the revelation of God is spoken the only appropriate response is worship.


The synergy of musical ability, educational and pastoral experience, spiritual gifting and God’s unending grace uniquely enables me to lead people to the throne of God.I am trained to incorporate many different forms of worshipful expressions so as to embrace a more holistic engagement of congregational worship.

In addition, I have a deep passion for the worship of God.  I long to see people not only grow in their communal worship life but also in their everyday, Monday to Saturday, worship life.  I want to educate and equip the people of God so that they live a life of unceasing praise.

Spiritual Gifting

After many spiritual gifting tests and the continual confirmation of those around me I have discovered that my spiritual gifts include leadership, discernment, and exhortation.  I believe these gifts are crucial to any worship ministry.  They enable me to wisely lead and supervise my areas of ministry while spurring my partners on to do what I feel God may be calling them to do.  In addition, these gifts can be seen in my passion to raise and train up the next generation of worshippers and worship leaders who will someday take my place.  According to the Strengths Finder book my strengths in the workplace include Belief, Achiever, Includer, Connectedness, and Responsibility.



Doxazo: All I Am Is Yours(personal arrangements of popular worship songs)

Vertical Call: Sacrosanct(acoustic funk rock and folk)


Various Studio work for commercial use; Use of digital sequencing and live applications.I have been well-trained to use Pro Logic and Protools. 

About Me - The Testimony of God's Work

I was born and raised in Sacramento, California by two loving parents - Joe and Dianne Walsh.  They were missionaries in Brazil the decade prior to my birth, and so a love for Christ and the desire to serve others has been instilled in me from a young age.

During my formative years my mom used to host an after-school program she called "Backyard Bible Club."  She invited all the children from the school across the street where she worked as a nurse.  After school the children would come to our house and eat snacks, learn about God, and read fun Bible stories.  It was during one of these meetings that my mom explained to me what it meant to accept Christ as my Savior and repent of my sins.  She led me in a simple prayer and since that day I have never been the same.

Around 5th grade I became increasingly interested in music.  Contingent on the promise I never join a rock band my dad bought me my first guitar when I was 11 years old - an old beater guitar from a pawn shop down the street.  To my dad's dismay, though, I started a ska band with a few friends in junior high school and continued to play with that group until the end of my high school years.  Sorry dad!

In 7th grade I finally entered junior high and discovered the beauty of the church youth group.  Surrounded by an incredible staff and an amazing worship leader my love for worship and the church quickly blossomed.  Encouraged by the junior high worship leader to put my guitar playing to good use, I soon joined the worship band.  Each week I met with this leader as he invested, trained, and encouraged me to not just be a musician but a worshipper and leader of worship.  It was due to his godly support that I eventually found my way into worship/church leader.

To be quite honest, though, it wasn't until I entered high school that I truly understood the dynamics and importance of my relationship with Christ.  For whatever reason, I found the favor of the high school pastor who took me under his wing and mentored me.  During the next four years he taught me what it meant to be a pastor - to humbly lead, to selflessly give, and to live in godly manner.  

As can be expected with most teens, my high school years were a roller coaster; there were lots of high and lots of lows.  I can recall one period that was especially dry.  Both mentally and spiritually distraught I remember calling out to God for encouragement, for help.  Blindly, I opened my Bible to a random passage that read the following: "Because Your love is better than life my lips will praise your name" (Psalm 63:3).  Ever since that day this has been my life verse.  Not every day has been all roses, but everyday - no matter my circumstances - I still have a reason to praise Him.  I still have a reason to worship.

Well, since then a lot has happened.  After high school graduation I studied at Azusa Pacific University for four years and received a BA in Music w/an emphasis in Worship Leadership.  This was an exciting (and stressful) time for me as I took 18 units every semester until I graduated as well as interning at a church (Valley Springs Presbyterian) for the first two years of college and serving on full-time pastoral staff (Pomona First Baptist) for the final two years!  

Two weeks after graduation, though, it all paid off when I was finally able to marry my beautiful wife Becky.  A year later she also graduated from Azusa Pacific University with a BS in Nursing and quickly found a job at Children's Hospital Orange County.  Meanwhile I continued to work Pomona First Baptist as the Associate Worship Pastor.

Soon, I felt that God was calling me to learn more.  Though I considered myself equipped to be a worship pastor in the musical sense, I became increasingly convinced that I would need more if I was going to truly pastor people.  With this new conviction in mind I left Pomona First Baptist to pursue grad school full-time.  And indeed, grad school proved to be the most transformative educational and spiritual experience of my life. During these years I, more than ever, wanted to worship God and lead others to His throne.  Eventually my desires were given an outlet - Ethos Church in Covina.  Here I have served as an interim for the last year and have been given the opportunity to worship alongside an incredible body of believers.

In December I graduate from Azusa Pacific University with my MA in Pastoral Studies w/an emphasis in Worship Leadership.  My wife and I look forward to whatever God has in store.  For we know that God has an amazing plan for us - plans to prosper us not to harms us, plans to give us a hope and a future!