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      I am a 58 year old registered nurse, currently enlisted in furthering my education to include a psychology degree. It is my intention to focus on criminal psychology as my goal is to work with the borderline mentally challenged youth and young adults who might otherwise fall through the cracks of our justice system, ending up in jail. It is my belief that, with proper guidance, these individuals can become responsible citizens of our communities.

Work experience


Conva Rest Nursing Homes Inc

I was a floor nurse, caring for the elderly and disabled, giving medications, doing treatments, and trying to meet their daily needs as well as keeping up government mandated paperwork.

Sep 2008Jun 2009

RN Medical Supervisor

BioLife Plasma Company

I was an RN responsible for interviewing potential doners, getting their medical histories, and checking their vital  signs if they were not in range when taken by techs.  I was also responsible for being sure the paperwork was up to date and in exactly the right format.

Apr 1998Apr 2008

RN Supervisor

Ellisville State School

I was an RN, working in varoius areas, always in charge of LPN's on a daily basis.  I worked in the group homes, in the Pecan Grove Unit and at Parkview, where I took care of severely retarted amd physically handicapped people from 8 months old to 98 years old.  Several were on Ventilators  I was also resopnsible for paperwork.

Mar 1991Apr 1996


Private Duty Nursing, Inc

I worked in the home of a ventilator dependant child, caring for her and entertaining her during the daylight hours.  I was there from the time she was 13 until she was 18.

Apr 1986Oct 1990


Wesley Medical Center

I was a night shift LPN on the orthopedics ward at Wesley for four years.  I took care of people who were in the hospital because of a skeletal injury or surgery.


May 1992May 1996

Associate of Applied Science, Nursing

Excelsior College

I took challenge tests and on, line courses to complete my associates in Nursing.

May 1987May 1994


Jones Jr College

I took classes at Jones to get the core requirements fpor my associates in nursing.

Aug 1981Aug 1982

Licensed Practical Nurse

Pearl River Jr College

I spent 12 months learning the basics of being an LPN and getting prepared for state board exams.


I can start an IV, draw blood, clean an IV site, Give IV push medication,  or hang a piggyback.
Catheters, Urinary
I can insert, remove, clean, get a sample from, or flush a urinary catheter, male or female, urethral or suprapubic.
PEG tubes
I can clean, insert, remove, care for, and feed through a PEG, a G tube, an NG tube or a J-tube.
Tracheostomy care
I have cared for and cleaned many trachs, can suction proficiently
Ventilator controls and operation
For five years I cared for a child on a ventilator, learning the ins and outs of ventilator care and operation.
Use of Dynamap
I can use Dynamap vital signs equipment to get vital signs
Using IV pumps
I can set up and use an IV pump, designed to maintain an even flow of fluide or medications into a vein


May 1997Apr 2002

Gerontological Nursing

National League of Nursing