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I am a very creative and artistic person who has carried these two traits with me my entire life. It wasn't until I got the chance to fiddle around with Adobe's Photoshop Elements program that I discovered that I had a very great talent for Digital Arts and Graphic Designing. My experience with Graphic Designing is very respectable, as I have worked for many companies performing Graphic Designing work for them and their clients, as well as starting my own services and accepting work from my own clients.

My name has quickly been spread around from client to client and I cannot even remember how many different clients and projects I have worked on. It is good to know that a very, very few amount of my clients walk away dissatisfied; most of them walk away with a web design or graphic design that exceeds their own expectations. With my assembly of extremely creative designs, logos and the blend color schemes, as well as my standard organized folders and labeled layers within the Photoshop Document, my clients are made to become extremely satisfied and impressed with the final version of my work. 

Work experience

Jun 2010Present

Lead Designer


When I was approached by a previous boss from JJJCOM Computer Sales & Services to help him start a new company, I immediately accepted the offer. My basic responsibilities are to manage all of the Web and Graphic Designing tasks which includes designing the main website layout, developing the company's branding, managing the Web Developers and managing the Search Engine Optimization staff.

My boss has essentially left me in charge of all of the choices, and what he does is provide the finances for getting the company started. He will also be handeling all of the paperwork and business-related tasks since he already has so much experience with this. Once everything gets finished and the website becomes public, my task then will just be to design roughly one new theme per week... At least three per month.

Nov 2004Jun 2010

Web Designer


At the age of thirteen years old, I started teaching myself the basics of web and graphic designing when my father bought a digital camera that came with Adobe Photoshop Elements. After roughly two years of "toying-around" with Photoshop and accomplishing all of the basic skills, I started offering my design services to online friends and accountancies of those friends.

Since that point in time, my client list has rapidly multiplied. And within those past eight years, I have learned so many techniques, developed my own design style and I have came to be recognized by many of my clients as one of the most talented and creative Web Designers that they know. 

Aug 2009Mar 2010

Lead Graphic Designer

WordPress Now

WordPress Now is a premium WordPress theme provider that myself and two of my online friends started late in the summer of 2009. I was in charge of designing all of the themes as well as our main website, social network websites, promotional videos and all of our promotional advertisements.

When our Web Developer found that he did not have the necessary spare time to complete the required work, the three of us decided to sell the website to a group of two interested buyers. In March of 2010 the deal was completed, however I still aid the new owners by designing new themes for them if they need my assistance.

Feb 2006Oct 2008

Graphic Designer, Web Designer & Computer Assembler

JJJCOM Computer Sales & Services

During a random visit to a local computer shop, I got into a conversation with the owner and we started talking about my graphic designing talent. I showed him some of my previous works and he was impressed enough to hire me as his first and only Graphic and Web Designer. Within the first few weeks of my employment there, I redesigned JJJCOM's website. After that we started earning local business clients who requested websites for their businesses.

I was also in charge managing the hosting servers that we had at the office and when there was no work to do involving designing or managing the servers, I helped my boss's other staff with building computers from the ground up. After the computers were fully built and functional, I installed the operation system and all of the pre-installed software.


Web Development
Video Creation
Website/Company Branding
Graphic Designing



Aug 2001Jun 2004

Art Instruction Schools

I submitted an application to the Art Instruction Schools in the summer of 2001 when I was fourteen years old. The application, besides providing my personal information, also involved completing and providing a pencil drawing which copied an image provided by the institution. Since I have been very talented with visual art-related things such as drawing, sketching and color schemes since I was a small child, they had high regards for my application and accepted me into the college.

The program I was enrolled into involved the institution mailing me all of the course/instructional books and art supplies then I completed all of the art courses and mailed them back to the Art Institution Schools in Minneapolis, MN. I also had a qualified personal instructor who I could call and talk to over the telephone if I ever ran into questions or needed help.

In 2004 my parents got a divorce and my father could no longer pay for the tuition so I had to leave the institution. Since I ended up teaching myself Graphic Arts and became extremely interested in it, I never ended up enrolling into the institution again. I did, however, learn and accomplish a lot from the time I spent being a student at the Art Institution Schools.