Haley Stuart

  • Hattiesburg US-MS


I am a respectable individual who enjoys a challenge and am always friendly. I am very goal-oriented, and strive to work my way up in the world. I want to make a difference for myself and others, and take pride in my accomplishments. Making a good life for myself has been my goal, and I will work towards it as hard as I need to. As long as it's not unreasonable, I am willing to do anything to help someone in need, and I will always do it with a friendly attitude.

Work experience

Work experience
Aug 2008 - Present


JCJC The Radionian

I began writing for The Radionian in my freshman year of college. In my third year at JCJC, I was appointed as the Editor of Entertainment for the 2010-2011 school year. My duties included writing regular articles for the monthly newspaper, as well as writing weekly e-newsletter articles for the online edition of the paper. I was in charge of the Entertainment writers and it was my responsibility to make sure everyone did his or her job correctly.

Aug 2011 - Present

Personal Assistant

eBay and Amazon

I assist my boss in her eBay and Amazon business by listing items online, shopping for items, packing, shipping, any heavy lifting, running errands, cleaning, organizing and pretty much anything she asks of me.

May 2012 - Mar 2013


Sonic Drive-In
As a carhop, I was in charge of taking orders, cleaning, stocking, cleaning floors, making drinks, making ice cream, putting away truck orders, employ tactful customer service, fill temp log and help close the store.
Jan 2012 - Apr 2012


International House of Pancakes

I seated guests and attended their every needs, serving food, clearing plates, sweeping, stocking, putting in orders, preparing appetizers, refilling drinks, etc...

Jan 2011 - Aug 2011


Minit Mart #34 Exxon

I assisted customers, clean, sweep, mop, stock, run the register, do nightly paperwork, assist the Subway workers when need be and all other duties of a cashier.

May 2010 - Jun 2010


Fast Trac #19

I ran the cash register, cooked, cleaned the shelves, swept and mopped the floors, took the trash out, assisted customers, stocked the coolers and shelves and did the end of shift paperwork.

Sep 2007 - Feb 2008


Hudson's Dirt Cheap

I ran the cash register, assisted customers, patrolled the aisles and picked up merchandise from the floor, worked in the softlines, swept, mopped, dusted, cleaned, did end of shift paperwork and helped closing.

Apr 2006 - Jun 2007


Country Kwik Stop

I ran the cash register, swept, mopped, took out the trash, assisted customers, served customers, cooked the dinner, sliced deli emat, stocked the shelves and the coolers, did inventory and orders, ran the gas pumps, washed dishes and did the nightly paperwork.


Aug 2007 - Dec 2010


Jones County Junior College
Jan 2004 - May 2008

High School Diploma

Richton High School



Computer Proficient

I'm well versed in computers, including computer programs such as Excel and Word. I know how to create spreadsheets and use a computer to organize files.


I have been doing house painting for over ten years with my family.


English is a very strong point of mine. I am the Editor of Entertainment for my campus's newspaper, The Radionian. I've always been naturally skilled with my writing and grammar, as well as punctuation and spelling.



Caitlin Love

Caitlin and I have known each other for over ten years. She was my friend in school, as well as a great influence on me. She drove me to work hard and never give up.

Lindsay Manning

Lindsay is a close family friend whom I have known my whole life. She knows me best and has always been a great source of encouragement.