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My name is Michael James Dreyer and I am an Alumnus of the University of Arizona. During my four years at the U of A I explored many majors and ultimately decided to design my own major through the Interdisciplinary Studies program. I chose the disciplines of Computer Science, Creative Writing, and Business for my Bachelor of Arts degree. My passion for problem solving, computers, and video games in general sparked my excitement for Computer Science; I truly enjoy a good challenge, a challenge the CS department was more than happy to provide. Writing has always been a critical skill of mine, one that has provided me with a fundamental understanding of explicit communication as well as the importance of innovation in everyday thought. I chose Business as my third discipline to better understand the corporate world we live in, which in turn required understanding the importance of international cultures as they pertain to global business. By designing my own course work I am confident in the foundations on which I build my daily expanding knowledge of computers, people, and of course video game development.

            I've had a thriving passion for video games ever since I got my first Sega Handheld all those years ago. Video games along with technology have advanced exponentially since then and it would be my dream to be a part of this ever-evolving industry. With my academic knowledge and experience developing video games during my summer internship with Frontline Studios, I'm certain I have the competence to do my job accurately while bringing character to the work team. With my experience founding Zeta Beta Tau at the University of Arizona, growing it from nine founding fathers to over forty members, I understand the importance of social skills in influencing a team to work effectively and efficiently. Thank you for your time in reading my nutshell.


  • I'm a huge sports fan, particularly of ice hockey (go Ducks!) and lacrosse.
  • A good story; the ability to tell a good story is what separates us from the animals!
  • Hiking, especially here in Arizona.
  • And many, many more...


In the never-ending pursuit of a truly great, unique, thought-provoking story it is my objective to combine my programming and writing talents to become a video game designer. There are many ways to accomplish this objective and I look forward to exploring these opportunities.


Manuel Menoz

Manuel was my advanced fiction professor during my senior year at the University of Arizona.

Krzysztof Malinski

I worked directly under Krzysztof during my Internship at Frontline Studios.

Andrew Wilds

Andrew was my fraternity adviser during my education at the University of Arizona.

Work experience

Dec 2010Present

Software Developer

Berico Technologies

As a software developer for Berico Technologies I use many tools and languages to find accurate, swift, and simple solutions for the complex demands of web-based application design. Microsoft Visual Studio houses our code that consists of multiple software languages; primarily C# for the back-end, with JavaScript, CSS, ASP and AJAX for the front-end, while Microsoft's SQL Server Studio is used for all our database management needs.

May 2009Aug 2009


Frontline Studios

Summer Intern at Game Development Studio

  • Tracked and recorded bugs using Mantis Bug-tracking System and Nitro-Capture
  • Scripted Levels for character movement using 3D Studio Max
  • Used Nintendo and Playstation developer kits to learn and help with code in the C and C++ languages
  • Game Credits:
    • [DS] Duke Nukem: Critical Mass – QA Tester
    • [WII/DS] Chicken Blaster – Scripter/QA Tester
    • [DS] Pet Pals 2 - QA Tester
May 2008Feb 2009

Customer Service Representative


Sales/Cashier/Overall Store and Customer maintenance


Aug 2006Aug 2010

Bachelor's Degree

University of Arizona


CSS is one of many tools I use daily at my current job
Used daily at current job.
Used daily at current job.
C# Programming
After accumulating an understanding of Java, C, and C++, C# was the next logical step in my acquirement of critical languages. C# has now become the language I am most comfortable with as I use it every day at my current job as a software developer.
I consider myself a social person. I founded the Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity with 7 others at the University of Arizona my sophomore year which not only taught me a great deal about managing a large group of people, but also taught me the importance of social skills in regards to working with a team and getting it done.
I've held a part-time job since sophomore year of high school, providing me with a thorough understanding of the nuances in a professional environment and, most importantly, what it means to work with others in a team.
Writing is my creative outlet and passion.  I began writing creatively in Jr. High which influenced my decision to choose Creative Writing as a course of study at the University of Arizona.
Math: Calculus
Calculus was the highest math course I completed at the University of Arizona (Grade: B).
German Language
I began studying the German language in high school and continued studying the language during my first two years at the University of Arizona, and took a summer refresher course in the summer of 2010.
ProLog was also taught to us by the University of Arizona's CS department to expose us to different types of languages and test our critical thinking skills.
Assembly Language
An assembly language class was required of us by the University of Arizona's CS department so that we understand what's happening at the lowest levels of abstraction.
After finishing my degree at the University of Arizona I taught myself C++ with a little help from my internship at Frontline Studios.
C was the next critical language taught to us by the University of Arizona's Computer Science Department.
Java was the first programming language I learned as it was taught at the University of Arizona during the first 2 years of the Computer Science program. I have used it intermittently since then, and I attribute my understanding of Object-Oriented languages to my Java studies.