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A veteran entrepreneur with a passion for innovation, Christian Hunter runs a venture capital and management agency dedicated to aiding companies offering novel products and services to consumers. Christian Hunter’s firm currently boasts a portfolio of five businesses operating in the technology sector. By providing support to these up-and-coming businesses, Christian Hunter fuels growth and groundbreaking developments.

One of Christian Hunter’s client companies is Televets, an online database of medical information regarding pets. Another business Christian Hunter’s firm works with is Fotofix, a digital photo enhancement and correction service. Additionally, Christian Hunter manages venture capital for MyNipTuck, a service that evaluates users’ submitted images to determine potential outcomes of desired cosmetic surgery procedures.

Since 2007, Christian Hunter has also been acting as Chief Executive Officer of an Austin-based agency dedicated to helping clients create, develop, and establish self-run businesses. Christian Hunter’s target base is people who have recently become unemployed and need assistance getting back on their feet. In the same vein, Christian Hunter provides management services for, an Internet unemployment insurance advisory agency.

Christian Hunter’s first businesses include Bargain Network, Inc. and TouchCommerce. Christian Hunter belongs to Inbound Marketers, an organization for marketing professionals. Presently residing in Austin, Texas, Christian Hunter enjoys participating in leisurely activities, such as online gaming, snowboarding, and reading. Finishing an average of five books a month, Christian Hunter frequently reviews books on Amazon, where he is a top reviewer. 

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Founder, CEO

Merchant National



"Hands-on" University in California