Fabienne Bertrand

Fabienne Bertrand

Work experience

Work experience
Aug 2008 - Jun 2010

Graduate Research Fellow

Iowa Institute of Hydraulic Research, University of Iowa

  • Studied fluvial erosion and developed real-time bank erosion data using sensors in Clear Creek Watershed (CCW) in Iowa.
  • Designed and implemented field-based bank erosion studies.
  • Used statistical methods to analyze large scale data sets and quantified sediment loading due to stream banks erosion in CCW.
  • Prepared reports on the CCW project, meeting agendas and gave progress presentations.
Jul 2007 - Mar 2008

Procurement Specialist

Unité de Coordination du Programme de Formation Professionnelle (Vocational Education Project in Haiti, Inter-American Development Bank Funds)

  • Prepared standard procurement documents for works, goods and consulting services based on terms of reference and technical specifications provided by IDB.
  • Assisted the building contractors on the civil engineering projects.
  • Managed the procurement procedures, evaluation, and contract terms.
  • Prepared reports on the CCW project, meeting agendas and gave progress presentations.
Dec 2004 - Jun 2007

Civil Engineer

Centrale Autonome Métropolitaine d'Eau Potable, CAMEP (Port-au-Prince Public Water Authority)

Oct 2004 - Dec 2004

Project Engineer Contractor

Travaux Publics Transport et Communication, TPTC (Haitian Department of Public Works)
  • Oversaw the construction of a street improvement project including stormwater collection systems.
  • Participated in meetings, prepared daily report progress and submitted to the Project Manager.
  • Provided on-site management and quality control to ensure projects met time and budget requirements.
Jul 2004 - Sep 2004

Field Engineer Contractor

Multicorp Engineering SA (MESA)

  • Planned, scheduled, and directed all construction phases of a UNICEF sponsored drainage project at a Maternity Hospital in Port-au-Prince.
Jun 2001 - Sep 2001


Bureau d'Etudes Jacqueline Volel, BEJV SA

  • Worked in the rebuilding and the reinforcement of the water supply system in the upper section of Haiti (Project BEJV-CAMEP)





Microsoft Project


Technical Writing


French speaker

Calibration and Installation of instruments

Fieldwork Design


Microsoft Office




Civil engineer with a specialization in environmental hydraulics and water resources. Seeking to grow in a company conducting complex environmental projects by learning new skills and inspiring others.


  • Study Abroad Grant: International Perspective in Water Resources Science and Management : "Living with floods", held in The Netherlands and the UK, University of Iowa (2010)
  • Fulbright Scholarship - LASPAU Grantee (2008-2010)


Professional: Hydrodynamic, Sediment Transport, and Water Quality modeling, Stream Restoration, Bank Erosion Control, Water and Sanitation Projects.Personal: Photography, Running, and Travelling.