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Business owner Victor Boski has worked in the industrial supply industry for more than 10 years. A member of the Engineer's Club, Victor Boski manages National Industrial Supply, LLC as partial owner, consulting the company in its business operations. In 10 years with National Industrial Supply, LLC Victor Boski has assisted the group in expanding into three states and 25 employees. In 1979, Victor Boski utilized his experience and training in engineering to serve as an instrumental figure in the meltdown prevention efforts during the Three Mile Island nuclear reactor incident near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Over the course of his career, Victor Boski has divided his time between professional endeavors and humanitarian contributions. Victor Boski remains an active supporter of numerous charities, including the World Challenge, CrossWorld, and Sudan Interior Missions, which work to spread the word of God in impoverished areas around the globe. Victor Boski contributes to local nonprofit organizations in his home state of New Jersey, including the Tewksbury Family Assistance Fund and numerous fire and rescue groups. In previous years, Victor Boski has taught bible classes and headed the Parent Teacher Fellowship of the Crossroads Christian Academy in Clinton.

Most recently, Victor Boski transferred his share of the National Industrial Supply, LLC ownership into a trust fund for his grandchildren. Victor Boski spends his free time golfing, skiing, reading, and boating.

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