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Please visit my Web Site for more information, including resume and samples of my work.

Toy Story 2 * Monsters Inc * Finding Nemo * Incredibles * A Christmas Carol * Jingle All the Way

Pixar * Imagemovers Digital * Academy of Art * Bent Image Labs * Secret Level * Stormfront


Traditional Animation Priniclples:Eight years creating keyframe character animation at Pixar.Hero shots and subtle acting as well as crowds.CG and stop motion.

Maya Expertise: Six years experience quickly learning new pipelines, including FX, games, and feature films.

Team Dynamics:Worked with riggers to enhance efficency of controls and pickers.Adapted to a variety of work environments from large studios to fully self-motivated positions.

Technical Challenges: Contributed to technically challenging crowd shots for A Christmas Carol and Finding Nemo.Created methods for creating foliage animation for the Incredibles.

Efficency:Developed reputation at Pixar for keeping projects on time and on budget, as well as rapid turnaround on direction.Delivered 66 shots for Mars Needs Moms.

Realistic Animation:Developed methods for adding believability and subtlty to motion capture data, including low-gravity effect in Mars Needs Moms.

Creature Animation:Created a set of creature animation assets for console game Golden Axe.

Storytelling:Created freelance animated shorts and documentaries.