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Work experience

Animal Hospital

Arrowhead animal Hospital

I was only there for one night but i think that it is a nice place to get into if you like to be busy and love to take care of animals cause there is diffinently a lot of things that you can do including just cleaning the keenels, cleaning the floors, cleaning vomitt not fun but you have to be ready to be able to do the dirty jobs to it helps them out a lot. Also you can take out the trash which means that you have to go into every room and empty the trash out they don't change the bag they just dump it into a bigger garbage can then after that gets full then take it to the dumpster. That is about it that i really know about this one though cause like I said I was only there for one night so I just know that it gets a lot more business than the other one that I was at.

Animal Hospital

Road Runner Hospital

I am currently working in this animal hospital there is a lot of exspectations at the Animal hospital I was making sure that I was doing everything right and there are certain things that you can not use on the areas where the animals where getting surgery and then there is just rooms for them and the owners to come in and get a checkup then they more than likely would ask the owner if they wanted to get there updates on the vaccsinations. Then they would take blood if they had sumthing wrong with them that they needed to see through the blood test, or normally they would just have to do xray's on the animal to find more serious things wrong with the animal.


My Career Choice is to become a veternarian i dont know which feild in the veternarian office i would want to be in but i think that i would want to be one that takes care of little animals such as dogs, cats, rabbits, ect.. that position is called a Small animal veternarian office, they need to be able to handle exotic animals and go to a veternairian school, for example i am going to go to a college called Kaplan that school helps you get into that career and began as soon as possible it I think would be a good thing for me to be doing I enjoy helping them you have. You need 4 years to obtainan undergraduate degree before applying to the school. Your GPA has to be ecleast a 3.5 that is the entracnce requirments for Veternarian schools. then you got to take another additional 4 years handling exotic animals and small animals so you defenetly need a lot of schooling to do in order to be a vet. I have been working in a Vets office at roadrunner animal hospital already and it is a good start for me it is looking like sumthing that I will be wanting to do for sure in my future and they said that i could possibly get a job at another animal hopital i am excited and am looking forward to doing things that I really enjoy.



The objective of this career is that you have to be able to take seeing things such as dealing with animals getting put down and then also just the fact of seeing other people all sad, also just making sure that you know what you are doing at all times cause your hands are in these animals arms so you need to make sure you do not mess up anyway such as on measurements making the certain medicines then there is measuring your needles or surenges with the right amount of vaccinations for those animals so just know that it is not all that easy but you have to be able to do and have certain skills for this feild this is the objective of this career it is not as easy as you think it might be. But with a little pratice and help from a college you should be good and ready to go take all the right classes and you can become the manager of your own place or just be in charge and be able to perform any types of surgery on them.


responsibilty,communication skills
there is a lot of responsibilty to becoming a vet you have to understand that what ever you do to the owners pets rather you make everything good or you just mess up a little you are responsible. You also have to have responsible for your stuff that you have to do that day or just to make sure that everything is up to date. You have to be prepared to do lots of hands on work at the animal hospital no matter where you go to work at you can not sit around and exspect that you don't have to do anything cause you do such as: you have to be able to do the jobs that aren't that bad to the ones that are kind of gross like cleaning the kennels that could be a good job or nasty depending what is going on with that animal, second you will have to be prepared for sick patient to come in also they may need to give them pills to make them throw up till they get the things out that they needed to get out. Then you also have to make sure that you keep up with the garbage and make sure that don't get to full so you have to check those then if they end up being to full you would take the can then dump it into a larger can in the back room, they don't ever change the bags unless there is hazardous things in there such as blood, vomitt, urine, poop, things like that other wise just keep the bag. Also you have to make sure to put everything back in the places that you found them then you will be good otherwise if you dont then you will take a chance of the other people working there picking up the bottle of medicine that you put in the wrong place then you would be in trouble or get a warning then if you was to do it again then you could get fired.