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Work experience


Deputy Chief, Synchronization & Integration Branch, Joint Combat Capability Developer, J8

United States Joint Forces Command
  • Lead technical integration of legacy command & control systems as well as integration of emergent technologies to enhance executive decision-making.. Serve as subject matter expert on human-machine interface and human factors implications within a web service virtual environment in highly complex-adaptive environments.

Acting Chief, Synchronization & Integration Branch, Joint Combat Capability Developer, J8

United States Joint Forces Command
  • Led initial formal synchronization of legacy systems as well as technical integration of emergent technologies to enhance command & control decision-making by senior military leaders and their staffs. Served as operational integrator for an asynchronous collaborative environment to improve globally dispersed team decision-making through shared awareness in highly complex adaptive environments.

Deputy Chief, Development Branch, Joint Combat Capability Developer, J8

United States Joint Forces Command
  • Led operational analysis of command & control systems from disparate stand-alone programs for migration into a service-oriented architecture framework through analysis of cross-functional commonalities in “stove-piped” systems throughout the Defense Department in a $1B re-engineering acquisition reform project.

Lead, Effects-Based Ops Functional Improvement Team, Joint Futures Lab, J9

  • Led analysis and advocacy for an integration of software tools created for effect-based operations analysis from research and development, coalition, specialized operations into a web service deployment through a re-direction of current budgetary acquisition plans, saving $134M of R&D funded projects from extinction.

Deputy Director, Joint Deployment Process Owner, J9

United States Joint Forces Command
  • Served as operational manager of a $28M advanced concept technology demonstration seeking to improve joint force projection analysis through service-oriented architecture innovation as well as leading a $2.4M operational experiment proving that a 120-day “extreme programming” method of rapid software development could be accomplished through agile project management using a virtual team process in a Wiki collaborative technology, harnessing commercial software and academic research expertise.

Operations Analyst, Joint Center for Operational Analysis, J7

United States Joint Forces Command
  • Led effort to create pro-active public information known as strategic communication for the Department through active engagement with media. Served as first public affairs analyst on team that deployed to combat areas (Kuwait, Iraq, Qatar) for 90-day embedded analysis in order to provide senior leaders with actionable analysis. Deployed to Kuwait at start of Operation Iraqi Freedom with initial satellite-based mobile videoteleconferencing equipment to provide commanders with real-time coverage of combat. Taught 150 national media representative on joint operations at “media boot camp” prior to their being embedded with combat forces.

Account Manager, Air Force Press Desk, Headquarters Air Force, Pentagon

Headquarters, United States Air Force, Pentagon, Virginia
  • Served as spokesperson on national defense issues during and following the September 11, 2001 attack on the Pentagon. Developed and led public relations campaign plans for the civilian version of the C-17, rebasing of B-1 bombers and KC-135 tankers, the restructuring of base support due to civilianization stemming from A-76 actions at Lackland and Maxwell AFBs.

Founder & CEO

Quadratik Learning Corporation, Reston, VA
  • Commercialized patent-pending invention:“Apparatus for Reusable Learning Object Design and Delivery;” from successful design used for construction of first-ever personalized on-line learning management system, AmeriSchool produced by Graduate School, USDA

Chief Learning Officer

Graduate School, USDA, Washington, D.C.
  • National spokesperson for on-line learning initiatives within the Department of Agriculture for conferences held by both government and civilian organizations including American Society of Training and Development (two years), Government Learning Technology Symposium serving on Vice-President Gore’s “Access America” governmental internet project.

Director, Technology-Enabled Learning Division

  • Created start-up division within organization by securing $2 million in strategic reserves to implement on-line learning environment training system; managed team of seven staff and 20 contractors for computer-generated and Internet-based learning courses for seven clients over a two year period;
  • Led $1 million grant project for first-ever prototype learning system for Vice President Gore’s National Performance Review with National Laboratory support [NCSA and Los Alamos]; resulted in 12 courses being created on it with the state of Oregon providing content.

Founder & Principal


Created a training and technological integration consulting services company that utilized a just-in-time developmental model for content and analysis to governmental agencies. Provided software competency, technology understanding for managers and staff so that organizations could smoothly transform their processes and culture from a paper-based bureaucracy into a customer-centric, agile environment. Integrated the first automated inter-agency training program for farm loan management between the Treasurey and Agriculture departments.


Jun 2003Present


Capella University

The Harold Abel School of Social and Behavioral Sciences aspires to establish high quality learning communities within each of its departments and across the School as a whole. We promote the scholarship and professional achievement of our learners and graduates, via competency based education and training through innovative programming, in order to improve social systems and individuals. 

Our programs at the doctoral, master's and certificate levels allow learners to specialize in a variety of fields including Clinical Psychology, Educational Psychology, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, as well as Child and Adolescent Development, Counseling and Sports Psychology.



Andrews University

The Master of Divinity degree program provides basic post-graduate professional preparation for ministry with a broad exposure to all fields of theological study. The program applies biblical, historical, linguistic, theological, philosophical, ethical, missiological, pastoral, and evangelistic instruction to the practical work of the Christian church within a Seventh-day Adventist framework. Practical field experience is a vital part of this program.



Washington Adventist University

WAU is a Christ-centered institution of higher education that supports a culture of excellence where all feel valued. Our vision as an Adventist university is to produce graduates who bring moral leadership and competence to their communities.

The Department of Religion at Washington Adventist University continues the rich heritage of this institution by training its students for Christian mission and ministry. As the Seventh-day Adventist Church considers the opportunities and challenges of the 21st Century, our department provides an Adventist community of learning and preparation where people discover and embrace anew the biblical witness of both the Old and New Testaments. Scripture is central as students follow Israel’s hope and fulfillment in the redeeming and reconciling life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.


Michael Cochrane

Dr. Cochrane served as my immediate supervisor in my current duties.

Randall Holm

Colonel Holm served as my team leader when deployed to Kuwait at the start of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Ruffin Aphin

Dr. Aphin is Senior Pastor for the one thousand plus member Westminster Reformed Presbyterian Church.


Project manager/analyst within a catalytic change organizational development setting providing human-machine integration for improved performance and effectiveness.

Security Clearance: Cleared for Top Secret information and granted access to Sensitive Compartmented Information based upon an Single Scope Background Investigation completed on May 14, 2009.



  • Dystopian science fiction - Gibson, Stephenson, Sterling
  • Blues and gospel stand-up bass ensemble
  • Chorister and male quartet sacred music
  • Christian and arcance mysticism
  • Association Memberships:

    • American Psychological Association
    • Association for Psychological Science
    • Human Factors & Ergonomics Society


Hard-charging professional seeking organizational minefields and managerial nightmares to exhibit seasoned skills in catalyzing change by delivering understanding through collaborative, integrative system processes between humans and their machines.



Accredited in Public Relations

Public Relations Society of America

Level I - Program Management

Defense Acquisition University

Top Secret/SCI