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SmartBoard Use
I have experience using both SmartBoards and Promethean Boards.  I have used both in several different classroom settings.
eDoctrina Trained
I have been trained in the use of the eDoctrina website which is a database that allows teachers to create assessments, lessons, and SLOs.  


Jan 2013Present

Masters of Science

SUNY Albany
Aug 2008May 2012

Bachelor of Arts

SUNY Geneseo


Educational Philosophy

Education is changing and therefore, my philosophy of education is always changing along with it.  It is my responsibility to offer my students every opportunity available and to do that, I will constantly be altering the way I teach in order to meet their needs.  

However, there are some aspects of my teaching that will never change.  First and foremost is being respectful and sensitive to every type of student.  Each student is an individual who learns differently and has different strengths.  It is important to differentiate instruction in order to meet the needs of these diverse learners.   Something else that will never change is my goal of integrating technology into my classroom in order to help differentiate the learning.  By using technology in a beneficial way, it will enhance my lessons and enhance what the students are learning.   It will also help them in the future by exposing them to a variety of techniques that are used to solve a problem.

One of the main qualities a teacher needs is adaptability because they need to use their surroundings to their advantage.  So although, I may not have a set philosophy of education, my beliefs about using technology and catering to the needs of my students will never change.  The students will be the ones who determine the way in which I run my classroom.  

Courses Taught

- During student teaching I taught 6th grade math as well as 11th grade geometry.

- As a long term substitute teacher, I am teaching 2 sections of inclusion geometry as well as two sections of Algebra 2, which is the first half of Algebra 2 Trig.

-  I also teach in an AIS class 2-3 times a week and work with students in Algebra.


NYS initial certification in Mathematics Adolescence Education (7-12)

Effective September 1, 2012- August 31, 2017