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Good communication is essential to journalism. Especially with Features and sensitive topics, it is vital to make people feel comfortable and welcome when they are being interviewed, so they feel like they can talk to you honestly without judgement or risk of harming their reputation. 
As Features editor, it has been my job to check my staff's articles for grammar, accuracy, and writing. I have a much better knowledge of grammar and AP style, along with the ability to make sure the work of others is their best without editing out their voice or their own words. 
Being a reporter and editor for the Dragon Press, I have improved tremendously as a writer. I know how to communicate effectively and accurately, tell a story, and apply grammar and AP style. 


1. Roots & Shoots 

I volunteer with the environmental  service organization Roots & Shoots, doing clean-ups at local parks and beaches and volunteering at the Ojai Raptor Center. 

2. Violin

I have played the violin for 6 years and perform in recitals twice a year. 


I think that integrity is the most important quality to have as a journalist. Writing and other skills can be taught and improved, but a publication will not succeed or receive respect without integrity. It builds community and loyalty, and it's what makes journalism so important in any society or culture. Journalists are meant to hold people and the government accountable, which is impossible if the journalists are not holding themselves accountable as well. I have always worked hard to make sure that I and my staff report honestly and ethically for the Dragon Press. I think the time when that was really put to the test for me was when I worked on the slut-shaming article because it is a topic that I am very passionate about and I had to make sure that I removed my own opinions from my reporting, especially when interviewing people I didn't agree with. 

Work experience

Jun 2014Present

Recreation Leader

City of Ventura, Recreation Department

I am employed by the City of Ventura as a camp counselor at Camp Ventura. I work primarily during the summer months 

Aug 2011Jun 2014

Features Editor and Writer

Foothill Dragon Press

Served as News and Features reporter for three years, Features Editor for two years