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Work experience

Jun 2003Present

Intern Architect, Graphics Manager

J Davis Architects

Work ethic was paramount in my position.  On a weekly and often daily basis, projects and assignments were given at a moments notice to get completioin.  Most of the time, an additional tsk was give by another supervisor and both had to be completed on an "emergency" deadline.  Multi-tasking and a positive attitude was displayed on a daily basis.  While at J Davis, I created and managed the Graphics department.  As head of the graphics department, I lead 3 other designers as well as holding training sessions on graphic software.

Mar 1998Present



As a self-motivated individual, I was responsible for obtaining jobs, coordinating workflow, and meeting deadlines on a regular basis.  I was able to keep the client pleased, the project on budget and on schedule.  The objective of was to provide superb grahics for an array of needs, including web graphics, company identification, illustrations, architectural imagery, physical models, and many other types of design needs.

Feb 2005Jul 2008


Lemonade Books

Lemonade Books was a publishing company started in order to promote children's books and similar genres to the local and national markets.  An understanding of the publishing industry and working with book sellers has been invaluable in seeing this local publishing company grow.

Jun 2000Jun 2003

Intern Architect, Design Team

Davis Carter Scott Architects

Integral team member on design team.  Produced presentations on a weekly basis for high-profile clients.  Oversaw the work of other members on the design team.


Dec 2009Present

Masters Degree

Western Governors University


Graphics Manager
As Graphics Manager of J Davis Architects, I have had a wide range of responsibilities.  The number one responsibility has been to produce high end visualizations for clients and projects of all sizes.  Specifically, my responsiblities have included scheduling and managing between 1 and 5 people to accomplish our tasks.  I have been responsible for training team members in software and corporate standards.  I have reviewed and corrected work that has been done by team members.  Other duties have included keeping up to date with software and hardware related to graphics
concept designer
writer, poet, illustrator
woodworking, cabinetry
I work in a number of mediums with my art work.  Currently, most of my work is digital, using a variety of 3d software and photoshop.  I also do work with pencil, pen, acrylic and wood.


History - I love learning, reading, researching world history, especially ancient history and archeology.

Reading - I have a passion for reading and I do it as often as possible.  Half the time I am found reading 

      novels, the other half are non-fiction research books. 

Designing - I find myself designing all the time.  Designs range from my most recent furniture project to

      artwork to home improvement.

Teaching - Whether I am teaching my children or church classes or my neighbor in woodworking, I enjoy

      sharing knowledge and watching others become build their skill levels in numerous areas.

Listening - I believe it is very important to be able to listen.  So much can be learned just by listening to those

      around you.  Listening shows you are willing to learn from others and that you have patience to let

      another share their ideas.  I continually learn from everyone around me, including adults and children

      alike, just by listening

Camping - Since I was very young, camping and the outdoors have been a part of my life.  Growing up in

      Wyoming, I camped very often with family and scouts thru all types of weather.  Countless experiences

      were gained while camping.

Learning - I love to learn.  Most of the books I buy are for learning more than entertainment.  I have listened to

      over 40 college courses on disc covering a wide range of subjects from history to economics to

      business to genetics.  There is so much out there to learn, just not enough time.

Building - At any given time, I have two or three projects I am working on.  In the past I have built over 10

      finish pieces of furniture.  Currently, I have been remodeling our bathroom and tileing our kitchen.  I am

      about to start another piece of furniture this fall.  Building is a great skill to have and has brought me

      much satisfaction and enjoyment.